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February 2005 articles

February 25, 2005

The monitor fizzle

Finally up and running again... albiet on a brand new PC. On Sunday I awoke to a monitor on the fritz - literally. All it kept doing was making this weird buzzing sound. This continued to occur following all the standard "Mr. Fix-It" approaches I could think of including: Turning it on and off, unplugging and plugging it back in, and last but not least, hit every button on the front panel including degauss (sp?). Hell, I even think I smacked the thing a few times, but all my efforts were to no avail. :(

So what did I end up doing?

What any sane man would do, he let his wife talk him into buying a new, screaming computer!! Monster power + monster monitor (20" LCD 16x9) made for a very happy boy again. This was just a smart buy, considering the former, 7-year-old PC was running on life support and was going to peter out at any minute. The application it seemed to enjoy running was the infamous 'blue screen of death.'

All I can say is let the good times roll!

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February 18, 2005

Keeping up with Harmon Hubbard

The Harmon Hubbard section continues to grow! Discovered two additional obits in Daisy's Mark Twain scrapbook tonight and was able to post one of them. My hope is to have the other up tomorrow night if I have time. I also provided additional context to the H.R. article pulldown menu. This should provide a much better scent to new users ;)

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February 17, 2005

Janney Family up and running

The site is finally taking shape with new additions added to the Harmon Hubbard section including his obit and discharge paper. Both sources provide additional background information on Harmon, and what he did post-Civil War.

Besides keepin Harmon in check, I also added the contact us form and cleaned up the footer links a bit.

All-in-all putting this site together has been a great experience. Although I think my wife would disagree with the amount time I've devoted to making sure it kicks ass. But even she is starting to agree it's really come together.

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February 16, 2005

Bananas, chocolate milk and yogurt

I am sitting at my desk eating my second "small meal" of the day and thinking to myself, "Self, you should start entering your blog because Paul has worked so hard to get it put together PLUS he'll keep nagging you until you start." So with banana in hand I begin my first entry.

Writing a blog is not an easy thing because technically it is free thinking and what if I write something that I think is pretty clever and cool for now, but in say two months I read back through the archives and feel like a total moron for what I wrote. I suppose that's the risk you take when you're a blogger.

Today has been fairly uneventful - I rewrote a phone script, made Paul a bagel, have avoided the nausea for the most part (man, Eggos rule) and was able to get my new haircut to cooperate. So, uneventful, but a good day thus far. I am hoping that I'll be able to get a little walk in this afternoon - if not, maybe Paul and I can take Harmon for a walk this evening. Wow, I hope if you're reading this blog that you're not totally bored hearing about my daily life. Not always the most exciting but stick around, the next few months should be riveting to say the least.

Well, I am done eating my nana, so I suppose I should wrap this up. Plus I want to see how my new post looks on the site! Ciao.

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