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March 2005 articles

March 30, 2005

Janney Fam is on VACATION!

Howdy-do from the equality state, W-Y-O! Paul and I arrived safely Saturday evening after flying out of Milwaukee, which was actually quite painless except for finding parking in the strange circular garage -but hey, we did it. Now if we can just remember the color, number and letter we're parked in. :)

Easter Sunday was sunny and gorgeous, we went to breakfast with Paul's grandparents then on to church. Jenna and Connie were kind enough to throw me a baby shower that afternoon - it was great! We received many nice things for the baby - gotta love that JUMPEROO!- plus I had a chance to visit with relatives I don't see that often. They served yummy orange sherbet punch and angel food cake with the MOST beautiful strawberries I think I've ever seen.

Monday the high here was 68; we were able to play softball with Jenna and be outside for most of the day. Being in Wisco we had forgotten that A) the sun does shine and B) it doesn't have to snow every other day of the week.

Tuesday we headed down to Denver for the day, and did some shopping. We went to Park Meadows, where Paul found a pair of tennies he's been looking for for ages, then we cruised our old Littleton 'hood. We drove down Broadway and looked at the many many many car lots (who knew there were this many cars for sale in the world), then headed to Cherry Creek where I found the most perfect bag for baby. Afterwards we met the fabulous Miss Jenna at her apt and the three of us had dinner at the Saucy Noodle which was AWESOME! Great food, wonderful service with a "Lady and the Tramp" atmosphere. If you're ever in the Denver area I highly recommend this lil hole in the wall with great marinara.

Today is Wednesday and we are just starting to get around. That's the beauty of being on vacation, being able to take your time to get around. :) We're going to try and visit more family today and just enjoy being out west. We will update you lovely readers when we return to Wisco.

As always, thank you for reading our Janney family blog. OH, by the way, we are officially 15 weeks along today - only 25 more to go until Janney Bean will be here! YAY!

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March 22, 2005

Name the baby?

Update - March 23, 2005

It appears the auction has been taken offline. Last I saw there were two hours left and the bidding was up to $5,000. If hear or see what happened I'll post it here. Lastly, since the auction was pulled I removed the link as well since it's no longer valid.

Ok, now I've seen everything... Name the Baby auction on Ebay. Sam's only response when seeing this auction was, "wow, two grand would really be nice!"

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POW - Sam and her baby tee

knocked up: This is what happens when you combine the creative forces of myself, Sam and the unborn Bean - a pink t-shirt that only a mother could love. This clever, somewhat off-color creation is courtesy of a design Sam and I put together and had printed up by the fine folks at cafepress (what a service). Anyway, Sam wanted something that announced to the world she was with child, but was somewhat unique, and in-line with her sense of humor and voila! The outcome is shown above. Not shown is the back of the shirt where we had the due date printed. Who knows what will be in store for Auntie Jenna and the first-time grandparents as the possibilities are endless.

design background: The font used is Walt Disney Script (nice, eh?), while the animal is from a font family called Garanimals.

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March 21, 2005

Photo section removed

If anybody wondered where the photo section went to, I've temporarily taken it "offline" for a redesign. I've been reading a couple of tutorials on how to customize my blogger tool to handle a photo album experience. So until then, no photo section. Bummer.

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March 19, 2005

Picture of the Week (POW)

About the Picture of the Week Feature:

Yes, it's another JanneyFamily.com enhancement to keep readers coming back for more - the POW! As best Sam and I can, we'll be posting an image a week about whatever strikes our fancy. This week it is an exciting pic of my PC-hardware setup found in the dungeon of our house. I purchased the Dell system a few weeks ago after my old PC blew a fuse - literally.

Trust me, the POW feature can only improve from here on out so stay tuned.

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March 18, 2005

Bean has fingerprints!

The human body is an amazing thing. I have always known this on some level, but being pregnant has brought whole new meaning to the word amazing for me. I am now a little over 13 weeks along, and I read that right now the little Janney bean is able to dance around (bending arms and fingers, open and closing eyes, since it is Paul's child we know he or she is in there just a boogying-away) PLUS bean has fingerprints! That blows me away. The whole process blows me away, but the fact that our unborn baby already has his or her own set of unique fingerprints literally astounds me.

Apparently bean already has certain personality traits that he or she inherited from Paul and I at conception. So this means that bean will be opinionated, funny, stubborn, intelligent and creative. That adds up to one handful of Janney baby for Paul and I, and we can hardly wait!

As for my health, I am doing much better. The morning sickness seems to have gone away (knock wood, plastic, metal, concrete - whatever I need to knock to keep it away!) and now it appears that the only baby symptoms I'm having are a slowly but surely thickening waist, sleepiness and WOW, am I a hungry chickie. I've been trying to stick to granola bars, fruits, veggies, crackers, yogurt - but every once in a while bean wants a ding dong. What can I say? The kid has a sweet tooth (and so does mom!).

I know Paul has been very good about keeping you all in the loop, and as things "truck right along" I'll try and post more often. Paul will be very pleased me thinks. :) Thank you all for caring enough about us and our little bundle of janney joy to read these updates. :)

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March 16, 2005

It's a girl...sorta

According to the Ancient Chinese Birth Chart, found on the Internet, we've determined the sex of the baby to be a girl. Don't believe us? Check out the chart yourself and see the conclusive evidence. Just use 31 and December. This chart is great, as it saves us from the hassle involved with getting an ultrasound. Or, and this is really old fashioned, waiting until the child is born.

ed note: This site is not responsible for any medical claims or statements made regarding the scientific nature of Chinese Birth Charts. So there.

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March 15, 2005

Baby update, site stats and WYO

It's been a little slow in the Janney household the last few days so there hasn't been much to write about. Both Sam and I have been very busy at work and when we get home she's usually ready to have dinner and then take her evening "nap," while I head into our dungeon and tinker with the site or post an item for sale on Ebay. FYI - it's called collection downsizing (CD) in preparation for a baby.

Speaking of baby and Sam, her next doctor visit is on Monday. It's still too early for an ultra sound, but they will listen to the heart again. Sam has promised a posting following her visit. As for her "evening" sickness it seems to have retreated a bit and we hope the worst is behind us.

As for the site, we're only a little past the half-way point in March and you, the users, have put up some BIG numbers - some of which are worth sharing. As of March 15, JanneyFamily.com has registered over 26k page hits (hits don't equal unique visitors, but that's a different story) with the highest day being March 9 at 4882 visitors. I THINK March 9 was the day the Harmon Hubbard section was listed on a major Civil War web site, which would explain the spike in traffic. Also, for the morbid, or just plain curious, I recently posted an image of Harmon's headstone from the Galena Cemetery in Kansas.

Last, but not least, Sam and I will be spending time in 'ol YO the last full week in March. We're totally looking forward to a nice break and being treated to a home cooked meal in mom and dad's new kitchen. I'll be sure to take pictures for the site.

Yes, I know, enough already...later.

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March 13, 2005

Janney Family site updates

Over the past week I've made some updates to the site from both a functionality and editorial standpoint that are noteworthy.

On the functionality side of things, I've added a font size control, which now appears in the header navigation, an XML feed option in the right-hand nav and streamlined the footer URIs and primary CSS file.

As for new editorial content, I've made a number of additions to the site including an entirely new "about us" section (still very rough), an image of Harmon's headstone in Kansas, portfolio pieces to my resume, a site map and of course, a few links to some of my favorite CSS sites AKA PJ Time Killers.

My hope is the next editorial update will be of the baby kind from Sam.

Pups gone wild: Almost forgot this fine piece of new content, here's a video of our dogs "playing" with a toy (2.2mb). This was taken with a new digital camera. Not too shabby, eh?

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March 11, 2005

Harmon Hubbard section getting noticed

Over the last few days I've really seen a spike in traffic on the web site. Most of this can be attributed to the posting of JanneyFamily.com, the Harmon Hubbard material specifically, on various Civil War sites found online and Google.

One of the more interesting responses I've had re: the H. R. material, came via e-mail last night. Author Jerry Frey of "Grandpa's Gone" dropped me a line noting he really enjoyed the "reminiscences," and could have used the Ft. Blakely material when writing his book. I let him know I appreciated the nice comments and that we could talk if he ever writes a second.

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March 10, 2005

Number one no more

Well, the top ranking in Google only lasted through the morning. Hence my post below. Searching on "Harmon Hubbard" on Google no longer brings up my site as the top site. Instead it's some obit from 1998 about a Harmon Hubbard. Well, all is not lost, I still have another idea on how to improve the ranking. Only time will tell.

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H. R. number one on Google

Just noticed this last night, but if you Google for Harmon Hubbard this site is now listed first. Very cool considering one of my design goals since the beginning was to achieve a top ranking on Google for "Harmon Hubbard" and "Janney". The latter is going to take a little more time, but I think I can pull it off by flexing my Search Engine Optimization muscle some more. And to think, some companies pay consultants big bucks to achieve SEO ;)

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March 07, 2005

In the womb

On Sunday night, Sam and I watched National Geographic's original presentation In the Womb. I have to admit, after they got to week 14, end of the first hour, we both petered out and ended up watching anything but, National Geographic. There's only so much science the two of us can take, but it was pretty amazing to see 3D and 4D visuals of babies as young as 8-weeks. Yes, 8-weeks if you can believe that? One of the more interesting concepts discussed was the interaction between twins (don't get any thoughts, Connie) as being in such close quarters advances their ability to sense their surroundings earlier than a lone baby.

For us, Sam's first ultrasound is slated for Monday, the 21st. I've heard they can give you a copy of the picture. If that happens we'll be sure to share.

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March 02, 2005

A big thank you

It's pretty amazing what one little web site can do! I've heard from more Janney relatives in the last 24 hours than I have in 30 years. Both Sam and I just wanted to thank everyone for the recent, kind words of encouragement. This is an exciting time for both of us and we're happy to share our experiences with everyone - even overseas if need be :)

Today is Week 11

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March 01, 2005

/.'ed again!

Yes, I am king of my "uber-geek" buddies, again. For the second time in less than a month I had an article I submitted to /. posted! This act has sort of become a running contest among my UI peers at work. Unlike my last post, which I posted as "anonymous," I created a handle so I had proof this time around.

slashdot article

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A little heartbeat

Last Thursday Paul and I went to see my OB for our first prenatal visit; at that point I was 10 weeks and 1 day along.

The appointment went very well, my weight was good, blood pressure was perfect and all of my bloodwork came back normal. YAY! After doing the other not-so-fun parts of the exam, doc said that I am doing great and that everything looked "perfect."

Here's the best part - WE HEARD THE HEARTBEAT!!! It was just a chugging away. When she first found it, I did an all over body giggle-teary sort of thing, so my belly moved and she lost it but was able to find it again right away. Paul's face lit up, I don't know that I've ever seen him smile so big. Well, maybe on our wedding day or when he opened up his new computer last week and saw the monitor...

She said that only every other family is able to hear the heartbeat so early in the pregnancy and that it was a great sign - it was beating at 160 beats per minute. I can't tell you how it felt to really connect with the little life growing inside of me. It's like, you know you're pregnant, your doctor has told you, you feel like crud and you're constantly having to use the restroom (wow, I had no idea my kidneys worked this well) but there is something very real and very special about hearing your child's heartbeat for the first time. It was one of the most precious moment of my life. :)

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