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April 2005 articles

April 28, 2005

Survey says... it's a girl, we think

We just got back from our first ultrasound with the bean. As far as we could tell, and as much as the tech could tell us, everything looks like it's in the proper place and doing what it's supposed to. As for the baby's position, he or she is tucked in right by my bladder, which makes sense with how often I must visit the restroom these days. The tech tried for many minutes to coax the little one from its position near my bladder - needless to say, our child was having none of it. The tech said her best guess was that it was a girl, however, usually boys are much more stubborn than girls. I said, "Yes, but this will be my daughter." And Paul said, "You don't know my sister."

We are very happy to know that our baby, who weighed in at 10 ounces with a new due date of 9/22, is doing well. It was amazing to see "her" little face, she already has big eyes and pointed a finger at us like "I see you, leave me alone." All in all it has been a good morning, the best morning because we saw our first glimpse of our first kiddo. Hope you enjoy the photo - we did.


Photo Details: This front view of "Daisy" shows her eyes and head clearly visible. You can see her right arm propped behind her head with her left-arm just to the side of her left-eye. The torso and right leg, which is slightly curled up, are present just below her head. We call this her "karate kid" stance aka crane technique.

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April 25, 2005

New section - Baby fund auctions

This post falls into the "sorta-kinda" baby news in that it is related to the fact we are having a baby, but in no way is directly related to the baby. Make sense? Don't worry, it will here soon. Just hear me out on this one...

I've added a new section to the right-hand navigation called "baby fund auctions." The information/links contained within it will be any current eBay auctions myself or Sam have running. All of the proceeds from these auctions will go towards a car seat, stroller, diapers and whatever else the rugrat is going to need. Plus, it's an oddball way to see all the pop culture related items we've acquired over the years. For example, I'm currently selling a Mr. T action figure from 1984! Pretty awesome, eh? You know you want it, FOOL!

As for actual baby news, the ultrasound is scheduled for Thursday. We're jus t hoping everything goes OK and that Bean is willing to cooperate for us and the technician. Who knows, we might even share a few pics as well. We'll see.

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April 22, 2005

Paul's shoe fetish

As Sam can attest to, I've really been into shoes (kickz) lately - no not in that way either - geez Jennifer! Over the past two years or so I've constantly been complaining to Sam about the lack of unique styles that are available to men in a sneaker. For example, you always see great designs and unique features on women's sneakers, but guys tend to get the shaft when it comes to anything other than a basic swoosh.

Well, in my world, that has changed big time. I've latched onto my latest collection craze with a mad fury - sneaker collecting. These aren't you're everyday shoes either. Some of the "holy grails" have limited production runs of 25 or less and can exceed 1k on the secondary market. Most of the time, these shoes are produced for special events or anniversaries - NBA All-Star game, Charity Events, Adidas 35th, or contests even. Getting your hands on a pair can be as difficult as hunting down an elusive liger (props to ND).

I've only recently started my own collection, with the help of Jennifer in Denver, I've acquired three pairs from the Adidas 35th anniversary series (Boston, New York and Roc-a-fella), the latest LeBron style and more recently, picked up the Adidas 1 smart shoe which comes embedded with a microchip aimed at meeting your needs based on walking/jogging habits and terrain. This is a pair I'll definitely give a work out too, unless I sell them first on eBay.

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April 14, 2005

Baby proofing our lives

While the birth of our newborn is still months away, both Sam and I are already knee deep in the nesting process. Of course for us, it's not your traditional nesting that's taking place. For example, the great debate as to what to do with the dogs continues. We bought a fake Target (plug, plug) baby over the weekend to see how they would react in hopes that it would help make the decision easier, which of course it didn't. Harmon spent most of his time wanting to either lick or sniff the baby, while Audrey fell asleep. Who would have thought our dogs would differentiate between a fake squirrel that squeaks and a fake baby that giggles. I for one was impressed to say the least.

Secondly, next on our list is selling the Acura sports car. Poor Sam is gearing up to be a soccer mom sooner then we expected. We're leaning towards a Buick *eck* I can't believe I even said that. Granted, it is a great car with lower payments, better gas mileage, more seating, blah, blah, blah. We both know and understand in the long run we'd be much happier with a 4-door anything.

Last but not least, I am slowly liquidating my collection of pop culture collectibles. The last two months alone I've sold everything from 5-foot tall Nightmare before Christmas dolls to a vintage Atari 2600 still in its original box on Ebay. Now before anybody screams "what are you keeping for the kid?!" trust me, I'm holding onto plenty of goodies including old comics, toys and dolls to hand down.

About this post... If you notice I practiced guerilla marketing in this post by including a brand/company in each paragraph above: Target, Acura and Ebay. Not too shabby, eh?

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April 08, 2005

The NCAA tournament champ

Just taking this opportunity to gloat for a moment... Today, I was awarded the traveling "Bracket Buster" trophy for winning our NCAA tournament company pool! Finally, after roughly 15 years of bitter defeat I came out on top. The cash haul was pretty decent considering we had over 100 participants. I also set a new all-time tournament record for overall points. My final four did not contain Michigan State, but I did have the other three - Illinois, Louisville and North Carolina with the Tar Heels winning the big dance.

Sam held her own up until the last week, as for the first two saw her hanging out in the top-10. She eventually lost her dark horse in Kentucky and fell about 20 spots - tough loss. Hopefully next year it will be her turn to buck the odds and become the NEW record holder.

Baby update: Both Sam and baby are doing well as we groove into week 17.

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April 04, 2005

The hits keep on coming

First off, yes, we're back from our Wyoming vacation and have both begun the re-hydration process and have already unpacked in record time. It was a great trip out west that saw not only one, but two baby shower parties come to fruition. Mad thanks to everybody that was involved in pulling that off! It was all, very much appreciated. Now, onto the update...

March was quite a busy month for janneyfamily.com as we registered 38,600 hits. Granted, these numbers aren't for unique visitors, but it's still a pretty cool number when you consider the fact the site went live only two months ago. I think for all of February we had only 2,000. The site has also received feedback from one Civil War author and two profs of Civil War history. It's even forced my parents to be online more. Sorry pops for taking time away from the Drudge report.

As for what's next, Sam and I hope to stick with the site updates at least through the baby's due date and I for one, will try to get some more pics online and maybe some new features as well. As with anything, it all comes down to time and resources.

Thanks for the support!

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