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May 2005 articles

May 22, 2005

Content added to About Us section

Both Sam and I have had a couple of requests for an expansion to the "About Us" section including a photo showing the two of us together so here you go! The pic was taken at a friend's house earlier in the year during a wedding party for one of Sam's co-workers/buddy's. Lastly, we added a few additional "about us" paragraphs as well to the page, but nothing too revealing.

On a side note, we saw Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith today in nearby Platteville. Being a Star Wars dork myself since '77, I'd have to say overall the movie was surprisingly decent. My Jedi brethren seem to agree as well - see for yourself at IMDB. Just my two cents, but if you can survive the first 15-minutes of corny droid dialogue (includes everyone's favorites "roger! roger!") you're in for a 2 1/2-hour treat! Yes, a pre-trailer pee break is a must.

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May 16, 2005

Search function added to site

I finally added one of the "must have" pieces of functionality to the Janney Family web site today - search. This nifty little tool is provided by Google and is free. At this point, it's only present on the blog related posts as I'm still trying to figure out what the best location is for it across the site. Try it out and enjoy!

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May 14, 2005

POW - Sam rocks her Nike Air Force 1s

How to get more oohs and ahhs than the 4th of July...

A pair of sweetheart shoes for my sweetheart. Besides MY shoe fetish, Sam has one as well, which is a nice compliment to her purse and handbag obsession. Here are Sam's feet, along with our evil dog, showing off her latest kicks - the Nike Air Force 1 Valentine edition from Feb. 14, 2005. On Saturday alone, she received 3-4 complements on these bad boyz from complete strangers. Up next on her list are the Easter pair from earlier this year. Hey, at least it's not a crack habit.

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May 13, 2005

Our Own Little 'Flip-Flopper'

It happened Sunday night. I was sitting on the couch with a rotten dog snoring on each side of me. Iron Chef America was on the tube, and I was enjoying watching Bobby Flay lose to a challenger (hey, I've always had a thing against Flay) with my feet up being fairly lazy in general. Suddenly I felt this movement right below my belly button. It was a "rolling" sensation from the inside out. At first I thought I was imagining it, then came another, and another. It literally felt like my body was being moved around, and I wasn't doing the moving!

Then it hit me, our bean was doing an acrobatic show in my belly and I was the audience! I had been reading a lot about when I will feel the baby move, but it hadn't occurred to me that I was just about that far along. What an amazing, wonderful yet odd feeling! I've known there is a sweet, living Janney in there all along, but it really hit home when I felt the lil booger roll around.

We go for our fourth doc appt on Monday, and it sounds like the doctor will be doing an informal ultrasound so maybe, just maybe, we can see if there's a Daisy or a Charlie in there doing summersaults. As soon as we know, or don't know, we will post! Thanks as always for reading our blog and take care!

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May 10, 2005

I've still got game - sorta

Over the past two weeks I've delved back into a pastime I hold near and dear to my heart. What is this pastime I've drudged up you ask? Why it's basketball - aka roundball, hoops, suicide, call it whatever you want, but to me, getting back into the flow was a big deal. Following substantial weight loss (about 50lbs) and rehabbing through multiple back injuries, I've been pretty fortunate to even have an opportunity to bang with the big boys during lunch.

Now here's where things start to get interesting...you quickly realize what it now takes to push your body for 40-50 minutes up the floor following a six-year hiatus. A helluva a lot.

Game 1- twisted ankle that flared up and kept my hobbled for one Saturday. Game 2 - burning lungs, followed by coughing episodes every time I laughed hard, which is often. Game 3 - finally score some points and only slacked up court on three or four plays. Game 4 - no points, but kept pace with everyone and played solid D. Game 5 - points plus kept pace for all games - it's the small victories that count.

Needless to say, the games have been very competitive and the work out tremendous - Coach Forsythe would be proud.

Queen of victory - pray for me.

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May 03, 2005

Ultrasound update

Just received word today from the doc that everything on the ultrasound looked a'ok! This of course was good news for both Sam and I as you always worry until you get the offical word.

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