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June 2005 articles

June 12, 2005

The rojo baby wagon and summer flowers

Yes, Paul and Sam have been slacking again on updates to the 'ol site. But, this week was a busy one with both of us finally recovering from a serious case of the flu. Sam was eventually diagnosed with bronchitis (yes, I spelled that right the first time), while I hacked and sputtered my way through the week as well. Neither one of us are 100% still, but we were able to find time to get a new "baby-safe" vehicle, which was a major task we wanted to wrap-up. The end result of a 3-month search was a used red Saturn - pictured below.

And it's been so far so good as this vehicle has been a great buy and met our expectations from a comfort and power standpoint. It was bittersweet for both Sam and I having to part with the Acura RSX, but we knew it wasn't going to be baby friendly and was pretty rough on my old man back. The VUE on the other hand, meets all of our baby requirements including latches in the center seat for added safety and easy access to those inevitable runny 'Janney' noses. Nothing like being a two SUV family! You can see the blank tank in the garage.

I also wanted to share an image from one of our gardens. Below is a pic from one of the many Japanese bushes along the side of our house. These popped a few days ago and really sprang to life this week from all the rain and humidity. Enjoy.

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June 04, 2005

Memorial Day Photos

Just a poor man's update this week. I've been a little under the weather *cough* lately, so new posts and/or site updates are few and far between. Over the holiday, I finally got around to using the digital camera for something other than Ebay auctions or photos of the dogs, family photos. Here are some pics I snapped over the Memorial Day weekend - which saw beautiful weather! In fact, we finally topped 70 and had no wind. Of course this prompted mass hysteria including Rod and I cooking out for Connie and Sam. Crazy. Enjoy the pics.

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