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November 2005 articles

November 29, 2005

Daisy's first Christmas gift - Norwegian booties

Leave it Daisy's 2nd cousin once removed, Ryn in the UK, to be granted the distinction of having given Daisy her first ever Christmas present! What an honor to say the least. I'm sure auntie Edie will be jealous :) Even Sam and I are little shocked that we were beaten to the punch on this one, especially when you consider that were notorious early openers ourselves. Hey, what's wrong with Dec. 13 anyway?

So what did Ms. Daisy receive as her first present? Why a pair of warm and fluffy Norwegian booties of course. These nifty ped protectors are pretty snazzy, with soles made of Elk leather known for its ability to be soft, strong and resistant to water. There's even growing room allotted for her as they are sized for 6-12 months. Granted, if Daisy has the Janney feet gene, she'll outgrow these in about two months. The little Buddha is already creeping past 10lbs and when stretched out, reaches 23".

norwegian booties

Way to go Ryn and thank you for the very special gift. Lastly, thanks also go out to Edie as well, for the relationship clarification between Ryn and Daisy. And yes, in case you're wondering, Edie is muy jealous but happy for little-D!

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November 27, 2005

Girlie giggles

When we first brought Daisy home and she didn't want to sleep at night I scoffed when folks told me to cherish this time because they grow up so quickly. I thought to myself that time was going by so slowly, especially at 2 in the morning when my eyes burned from lack of sleep. Little did I know how right everyone was - she is growing up so fast!

Daisy decided to dazzle us last night and produced her very first giggle! I was very flattered because she giggled while I was making faces at her - I wonder what that says about my mug?

She has also started to grab at toys and she loves to play with the strings on daddy's sweatshirts. While she sits in her swing she likes to stare at the fishies above which Paul has named Jennifer, Lorraine, Samantha and Christine. We're amazed by just how aware of her surroundings she has become.

Her nights are really going well, she sleeps from 10-3, gets up for some chow then back to sleep, usually until 6-7. Daddy was able to get her to sleep in big time on Thanksgiving, until 8!

It's been such a wonderful journey and each day brings even more firsts for our little girl. Time is flying by, I wonder how I can get it to slow down a little.

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November 26, 2005

Tukey day at Janney manor

First off - Go BRONCOS! What a win on Thursday, eh? I for one always enjoy an extra helping of stress on Thanksgiving and for the second time in the history of Denver football, they more than provided it with an OT victory over Dallas. Both the Mrs., and I donned our Bronco jerseys on Thursday morning, usually a sure fire jinx in the world of sports, but all was well at the end of OT following Elam's chippie from the five. The Orange Crush come away atop the AFC at 9-2. Now we get to kick back and watch the rest of the AFC West play catch-up.

As for dinner, it was sad not having the folks in town, but changes in schedules led to the late minute scratch from the list of attendees. Sam, Daisy and I pressed on and made the best of it with a full Thanksgiving dinner including grandma Eileen's famous red & white salad, sweet potatoes, upside down turkey and the ever popular pumpkin pie topped with Sam's homeade whip topping. What a feast!

As for Daisy, her Turkey day meal consisted of 3-ounces of Infamil Lipil formula with iron. I swear, somedays you can hear that kid growing. On Friday she took her first big girl bath in her tub. Big girl is code for no more baby swing needed to support her when bathing due to her size now. I'll just step aside and let the pic do the talking. Stay classy San Diego.


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November 23, 2005

Good news and bad news about the site

First the bad news, I somehow blew away the photos folder from the web site. This, on top of having to rebuild the hard drive, was really the icing on the cake. Sam and I only have what's left on Shutterfly now for photos from the past 6 months - very depressing.

The good news is we can always take more pictures! Also, on the geek side of things, in conjuntion with our intern at work, I was able to get cruft free URLs working for the site. There are some practical applications for doing this, but I won't bore anyone to tears. Lastly, I converted the site from SHTML to PHP! Anyway, happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the first of many new pics to come of baby Daisy and the rest of the family.


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November 22, 2005

So thankful for...

In roughly 48 hours I will be working feverishly on our Thanksgiving meal, just the three of us this year. I love saying that, the THREE of us. Granted, Daisy can't have any of my sweet potatoes or punkin pie, but she can sit at the table with us and give thanks in her own way (which will probably be cooing at the ceiling fan and passing gas).

In roughly 48 hours I will be working feverishly on our Thanksgiving meal, just the three of us this year. I love saying that, the THREE of us. Granted, Daisy can't have any of my sweet potatoes or punkin pie, but she can sit at the table with us and give thanks in her own way (which will probably be cooing at the ceiling fan and passing gas).

I am simply blown away by the blessings that have been bestowed upon me this year, what I think of as the hardest year of my life. Hardest and yet most rewarding:

My daughter is a smiley, healthy, happy (for the most part), pink-cheeked, blue-eyed baby doll who grins when she sees me first thing in the morning, and coos at her dad when he comes home from work. She is our miracle, a shining example of what life really means. What an accomplishment, to bring a little spirit into this world, to share MY life with her.

If there was a superhero called SuperDad & Husband it would be my Paul. My partner in crime, my shoulder to cry on, the love of my life. This year especially he has proven what an amazing person he is, hugging me when I found out we were pregnant, going to all of my doc's appts with me, getting me to the hospital, making all of the hard phone calls, sitting with me watching bad TV, helping me through labor when no doctor or nurse was available, being first to see our daughter and doing all of this with such strength, such unbeilievable resolve. I often tell Daisy how lucky she is to have the daddy she does.

And where would I be without YOU my dear friends, my support, my family. I wish I could pull up a chair for each and every one of you (as long as you were healthy, heehee!) and serve you some punkin pie and homemade whipped cream. Then I could take you by the hand and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for everything you've meant to me, and my family. Of course, we'd expect you all to stay and watch the Broncos after dessert, but that's another story.

I am just brimming with love and happiness today, feeling like there may be more hurdles for us along this path called life, but knowing deep down that there is nothing that can't be accomplished, there is nothing that can hold us back but ourselves.

(Wow, that was deep. I should write something about Daisy's gas really quick - WHAT A HOOT! She sounds like an old truck driver who's been eating at greasy spoons his whole life. )

Anyway,there actually is a point to all of this rambling and it is this - Thanksgiving 2005 means more to me than all of the other Thanksgivings put together because not only do I get to share it with my daughter for the first time, but I truly know what it means to be thankful.

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November 19, 2005

Nike shoes + Star Wars + lunchboxes on Ebay - oh my!

A rant dedicated to just the plain curious. Listed below are my latest ebay auctions I have up and running. I posted these four today and plan on having 8-10 up and running before the weekend is over. I've been slacking lately and this was my way to get back into the swing of things. Take a peek and see if there's anything you like - who knows, maybe I'll cut you deal.

The items include rare and collectible Nike shoes, vintage metal lunchboxes, including a 1967 Superman and 1965 Peanuts (w/ thermos), and more recently some hard to find Star Wars Revenge of the Sith action figures. Overall, just some really great stuff to unload on Ebay.

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November 17, 2005

Happy as a Daisy

Sam happened to snap this photo yesterday of Miss Daisy grinnin' away and we just had to share it.


We also received more good news on her health the other day as well, as she was semi-graduated from her birth-to-3 class already. Both her Social Worker and Physical Therapist thought she was right were she needed to be for her adjusted age of two months. Needless to say we were, and still are, some mighty proud parents. You go Daisy.

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November 15, 2005

Being Aware of Prematurity

A year ago I didn't even know that Prematurity Awareness Day existed and now here I sit, with my precious baby girl resting in my lap making goos, gaas and oogahs at me with her sweet little mouth. I look into her big blue eyes and I can say that I have witnessed a miracle.

I remember when my biggest worry was how many calories I would eat that day and whether or not my new pants in the smaller size would fit. It was all about me. My problems, my worries, what -I- would be doing today, tomorrow, next week. How certain events would effect my life, and what I wanted to accomplish. It was all about me me me.

Then I got pregnant, and at first it was still all about me because I was sick, and swollen, and emotional. The baby growing inside of me was more of a side effect of being pregnant, not the reality of my growing belly and ankles, my constant craving for blueberries or the tears that would flow each and every time a sappy long song came on the radio.

However, reality came crashing in on me when my water broke at 26 1/2 weeks - when I woke up covered in fluid that I could only hope was a bladder infection gone terribly wrong. And then seeing the worry in the nurses' faces as I entered the emergency room, the concern of the doctors as they told me I would spend the rest of my pregnancy in the hospital and that they hoped that I wouldn't go into labor in the next 12 hours. THAT my friends and family was reality.

Suddenly it was all about this little life inside of me, making sure she had a chance to live, giving her every opportunity to shine like the sweet spirit she is. Lots of crocheting, Gameshow Network (bless Richard Dawson!), phone calls and long talks with Paul and loads of tears got me through two weeks, and then here she was, this PERFECT, wonderous being and she was part me, part daddy and part miracle.

She has taught me so much about life, love and myself. I am truly blessed to be where I am in this life, and would trade it for NOTHING. I am so proud of my daughter and can't wait to tell the world about prematurity, remind them that not all mothers get to hold their babies right after they are born, and bring to light that the fight goes on each and every day.

We are blessed, each and every parent of a premature baby. Something a kind woman on the March of Dimes board said to me the day I first posted on their blog has resonated with me, that God chooses the parents of preemies very carefully.

Thank you for sharing in our little girl's life.

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November 14, 2005

The Janney's are back online

One new hard drive later and we're back on cyberspace (i love that word). I'm still not convinced it wasn't a basic software problem that required a simple fix, but oh well. We only lost all photos and music in the Dell debacle of '06. On the bright side, I was able to do a complete, fresh install of Xp Pro - minus all the bloatware that Dell tacks on before shipping it out. It now runs like a champ and is very quiet. Goodbye Outlook Express and AOL! Ugh, now back to those photos.

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November 13, 2005

Janney.tv domain name purchased

In an effort to ensure the Janney name is kept safe and spam free in the online world, I went ahead and purchased janney.tv the other day. No exciting content underneath the URL just yet, as its current function is simply re-directing to this site. Who knows what I'll put there someday - maybe just a media library of janney family clips and movies.

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November 11, 2005

Not alone in my Dell debacle

I guess I can take some solace in the fact that others are/have gone through what I'm now experiencing with Dell unsupport. Check out the following Sept. 30 article from Business Week detailing issues with Dell customer service.

Also, my buddy Matt Cleveland sent me a news article last night of a known issue Dell is having with capacitors in their PCs currently as well. Thanks Matt!

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November 10, 2005

My failed Dell hard drive

Some very sad news to report from the janney family computer home front. Last night, I experienced a complete hard drive failure on my less than eight-month-old Dell computer. What makes the situation even worse, is that following four hours of getting bounced around Dell's Hell of a customer service experience, I quickly realized I potentially won't be able to salvage anything off of it - including photographs. This is extremely disheartening considering what Sam and I managed to capture over the summer. On the bright side, the best of the best photos, including hi-rez images, are posted on Shutterfly where they are safe and sound.

I'll keep everyone posted on this continuing saga. P.S. my parents faced this same issue with their Dell laptop. Eventually, they wrote Michael Dell personally asking for a refund. Go figure.

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November 08, 2005

Going Pink! Prematurity Awareness Day, November 15

Thanks to the March of Dimes, November 15th has been designated Prematurity Awareness Day.

November 15th will be a day that we both hold very near and dear to our hearts because we owe so much to the March of Dimes and the research they have conducted, which has played a huge part in the saving of our daughter Daisy's life. Like many of you, we were ignorant of the facts of prematurity, that 1 in every 8 births is due to prematurity and of those born early, roughly 80% survive.

In honor of Prematurity Awareness Day, we have turned the background of the Janney family Web site pink and placed a banner in the lower right-side nav to honor the pink and blue. Feel free to click on the banner, or links in this post, to learn more about Prematurity Awareness Day and what you can do on Nov. 15 to raise public awareness.

This is our way of thanking the March of Dimes for their endless quest to help save the lives of these tiny babies, and for teaching us what love, medicine and hope can accomplish.


     11.08.05 / Daisy Janney / born 07.03.05 / 2lbs-8oz / Samantha Janney

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November 07, 2005

Just Me N' Daisy

[Ed. Note: Yet another installment from my blog on the March of Dimes web site. I wrote this post on Aug. 31 right after Grandma Connie, Aunt Jena and Great Aunt Edie came out for a visit. Hope you enjoy!]

Yesterday was just wonderful. They let us "unplug" Daisy and head to a family room for her 2:30 "second lunch." Daddy fed her and she took a whole 54 cc's (after having taken 50 cc's at her prior feeding). Then grandma held her for a bit because it was almost time for her to catch her cab to the hospital.

Finally, grammy handed me lil Daisy and she and Paul went down so Connie could catch her cab. For about 20 minutes it was just me and Daisy, no nurse, no monitor, just me and my sweet lil flower. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. I wasn't afraid to touch and hold her, and I kept talking to her quietly, telling how absolutely and tremendously proud of her mommy and daddy are, how lovely she is, how brilliant she is and will be, and that she didn't need to worry about anything, that was my job. She curled up and slept, grunting, groaning and stretching every once in a while. I had the most amazing sense of being her mother... finally. What love you have for your children, just when you think it can't get much deeper and truer, it hits you again and again.

The physical therapist came into the family room to meet with us, so I was able to hold Daisy during that meeting as well. She said that her side preference has really improved and that she's not overly concerned about it. She also doesn't need to see Daisy for six months, she said that if she felt that there was an evident problem we'd meet much sooner, so we felt really good. The PT was so reassuring and supportive - she brought up a "Birth to 3" class with us, and we said ABSOLUTELY. Anything Daisy might need to grow and become the sweet lil diva she is meant to be. It sounds like in our state the team will actually come to your home, especially during the winter months so you don't have to bring your little one out into the nasty cold/flu season.

Today is our big "care conference," I keep trying to think of everything I need to ask about her care at home. I hope we don't forget something important - sounds like we might get a tentative "homecoming date" in this meeting - we'll see. Neither of us want to rush Daisy, we just want her to be healthy. But ya know, I've gotta admit, I REALLY MISS HER.

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November 06, 2005

Halloween at Janney manor + Daisy photo

It's been awhile since either Sam or I have posted, so there a few things to catch up on.

First off, Halloween and what went down at our infamous corner home. Good stuff...

Ma 'n Pa Janney made the trek from out west for the weekend, which freed us up to decorate in the same fashion we've become known for the last 3 years - pumpkin tree, strobes and of course a lot of tombstones and pumpkins in the yard. The new addition to the display was a full-size skeleton hanging from the front porch. I was a little worried about smaller kids would react, but I don't think they even noticed. It's funny, but most of the kids react to the strobes more than anything else. In fact, every year it seems like, one or two of them swear to Sam that we have ghosts on our second floor.

After it was all said and done we had gone through almost 20 bags of candy and close to 250 trick'er treat'rs! It was the most successful night we've had since moving to Mineral Point. It also helps we live on a high-traffic corner.

Now for your Daisy fix...

As for Little-D Janney, she continues to chug along the road of life and grow, grow, grow. We'll have an official weight and height on Tuesday following her home-health nurse visit. Other than that, she's started to react to both Sam and I on a regular basis by tracking us visually and letting out little smiles here and there. Her feedings have also gone well as every now and then she chugs down 90cc's (3 ounces). She's also cut us some slack at night, but sleeping anywhere from 5-6 hours at a time. I know mom is very thankful for that. Enjoy the latest pic of Daisy doing what she does best!

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