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February 2006 articles

February 28, 2006

New digs for the Janney's

The time has finally come for us to move into our new home in Pleasanton, CA - can I get a whoohoo? Don't get me wrong, they have taken very good care of us here in San Jose but I am SO READY to live in a place where I can find parking when I go to the grocery store.

The new "Janney Manor" is in a super neighborhood that is within walking distance of the old downtown. Basically Pleasanton feels like our old town on steroids. It will be a great place to raise our little turnip.

Speaking of Miss Daisy, she is SUCH a chitty chatty little girl! Paul and I will often sit and laugh at her as she rambles on to her worm, horsie or star because it sounds like she is telling them about her day and they'd better listen. She has also started eating more solids; peaches are okay, bananas are evil and she loves squash. It's the one baby food that she eats more of than she wears.

We are all doing well and getting very excited about the big move. We're extra excited because Grandma Connie is coming out to help with the move and to spend some time with Daisy. :)

In closing, if you would like our new address in Pleasanton just click the "Contact Us" link at the end of this post and I'll make sure you get it.

Thank you dear reader for caring enough to read about our life in California. Hope you're doing well!

Daisy Boston Hat

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February 22, 2006

Daisy sporting her new baby Nike's

Like father like daughter. Over the weekend, I couldn't resist picking up Daisy's first pair of kix at the Nike Outlet in the Milpitas Great Mall. These particular shoes are a size 2, a little big, but that allows for some needed growing room. Speaking of growing room, Daisy blew past 13lbs and is a lengthy 25-inches now. Her new Dr., her third one in two months, even commented that she is really starting to catch up with her full-term brethen. Give 'em hell Daisy. Enjoy the pic.

Daisy and Nike shoes

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February 18, 2006

The Janney's hit Santana Row

Today was a big day for Miss Daisy as she finally got her first taste of shopping with a trip to San Jose's Santana Row. First and foremost, this is an outdoor shopping district and secondly, we walked it early Saturday morning and only window shopped - no in-store fun was had. Sam used our cell phone to snap a quick pic of me 'n Daisy so everyone could enjoy a momento of this historic occasion.

Daisy and Paul Janney Santana Row

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February 17, 2006

You are only as good as your last state

Anybody that knows Sam and I are aware of our nomadic lifestyle. In the past seven years we've lived in four different states including: Wyoming, Colorado, Wisconsin and most recently California. During this time something funny happens when you relocate and start to socialize with your new counterparts.

What you quickly realize is that you're associated and known for the last state you lived in. For example, now that we're in California, I've been asked if I'm a Packers fan, no, am I fan of the Badgers, yes, or Marquette, no, and last, but not least, can I get bring some curds in, maybe? And when I lived in Wisconsin, I was constantly harassed about the Broncos, having never been privy to a real winter, which never occurred in Wisconsin either, and amazed at the fact I'd never had or heard of a curd - so it goes. Most people in Wisconsin had never heard of a Jackalope or Rocky Mountain Oysters either.

Now the real kicker is that I'm a Wyoming native and Sam is from the Show Me State of Missouri. Not that anybody cares as this is secondary to the last state you lived in.

It's gotten so bad, I'm actually contemplating making up a new "formerly lived in state" every time I meet somebody new. It might be kind of fun to hail from Vermont or Kansas next time just to here "do you know Ben or Jerry?" Or, "What's it like living where Dorothy is from?"

Oh well, just had to post about this odd social behavior I'm noticing. This, coupled with the fact my sister found this reaction from people pretty hysterical, made this an easy subject to waste 10-minutes on.

A few other shout outs before I log off.

1. Happy belated Birthday to this site! 1-year-old yesterday. Read Sam's first post that day.

2. Get well soon (great) Grandma Wilson!

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February 15, 2006

Living the life of Daisy

Do you find yourself wondering what a day in the life of Daisy and Sam is like? If so then THIS is the blog for you!

As Daisy continues to grow each day becomes a bit more interesting with this "Stay at Home Mom" gig. Most days we are up and at 'em by 7 a.m., she eats at least 5 ouces of formula then we're off to take a nap... the both of us! I really don't sleep, but I lay with her and relax while she snoozes like an old man.

Daisy and Sam Before

Daisy and Sam After

As Daisy continues to grow each day becomes a bit more interesting with this "Stay at Home Mom" gig. Most days we are up and at 'em by 7 a.m., she eats at least 5 ouces of formula then we're off to take a nap... the both of us! I really don't sleep, but I lay with her and relax while she snoozes like an old man.

After the diva decides to wake up, usually around 8:45 or so, we venture to the living room for some teletubbies and breakfast for mom. Daisy sits on the couch reading her Elmo or Peek a Boo book while I eat my Rice Krispies. Of course she spends a lot of time eyeballing my cereal and I remind her that she's not quite ready for this type of rice cereal just yet.

Around 9:30 I make her some rice cereal and add a little sweet potatoe to it, she will then eat about a tablespoon or so (while wearing another tablespoon on her face) and then she'll scarf down another 5 ounce bottle of formula. Once she has eaten we break out the baby gym and she exercises, hitting her blocks which makes the star play a song... over and over again. She also spends a great deal of time making raspberries at me and drooling everywhere.

(I won't mention the dozen or so times I change her diaper during the day, or what evils may lay within those diapers, just know we go through a LOT of diapers these days.)

She'll eat lunch around 12 then we watch an hour of "I Love Lucy," during which time she usually will drift off and sleep for about an hour. She has lots of horsie rides on my lap and her tummy gets gobbled up quite a bit during the afternoon, in the middle of bottles and diaper changes. Daddy comes home around 5:30 and Daisy is in for even more playing with him.

During the evening she spends a lot of time with daddy, which gives me a bit of a break. Then bedtime comes along and we spend time holding and rocking the princess until she is ready for bed. She drifts to sleep in her crib and dreams sweet baby dreams which in my opinion include giant bottles, ponies and being able to drive the Yukon.

Just a typical day in the life of Daisy doodle. :)

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February 11, 2006

Heritage to auction Civil War items and rare books

Not all Janney Family posts can be about Daisy, right? Anyway, this site receives a good number of Civil War enthusiasts to the Harmon Hubbard section and this is finally a post for them.

On February 20-21 Heritage Galleries will be holding a two-day auction at their Dallas, Texas headquarters that will include the only known copy of Union Major General George Meade's (1815-1872) first report of victory at Gettysburg. Also included is a metal bust of Lincoln measuring 53" high. The style of sculpting was popular during the last years of the Civil War. Heritage accepts bids via online and phone as well. View the complete catalog and details

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February 08, 2006

What I've learned

Today as I was sitting in the bath tub making my hair into horns so my kid would laugh and coo at me while she sat in her swing, I realized that in the last 7 months I have learned quite a bit about being a mom. I have a LOT to learn, but I can't believe the things I know now that 8 months ago I had no clue about.

I learned...

That I would do anything for this little girl. If the neonatologist had come into my room after Daisy was born and told me that she would be fine, breathe on her own, have no complications and could go home in two days if only I'd cut my right arm off, I'd have volunteered.

Daisy Janney rag head

That there is no sweeter sound than a baby cooing and giggling at you for no apparent reason.

That even on the most tired of days one smile and twinkle from Daisy and I wake right up.

That the amount of sleep you get as a parent is irrelevant.

That even when Daisy sleeps through the night I do not because I'm worried that for one reason or another she's not up. Isn't she hungry? Wet? Doesn't she need her mom?

That there is comfort in knowing Daisy has a great dad, and ultimately will end up as Daddy's Little Girl.

That the best sleep I ever have is when I know daddy is up with our little girl, that she is being well taken care of.

That no matter how many doctors and nurses tell me that although shots are painful they're good for her I STILL and probably always will cry when they poke her.

That there is nothing harder to watch then big tears travel down Daisy's cheek, and not being able to make her feel better instantly. Better yet, keep her from ever having to cry.

Most of all I have learned that there is no harder job in this world, and that there is no greater reward than knowing deep down that her daddy and I brought her into this life and that we will hold her hand as she travels through it.

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February 07, 2006

Our favorite beach hosts surfing contest

Unbeknownst to me and Sam, one of the most dangerous surfing contests in the world is held at the only beach we've frequented as a family, since we've moved here. Apparently, the annual contest held at Half Moon Bay is one of the most dangerous on the circuit given the following hazards: Sharks frequent the area, waves crest at 25 feet, and a ridge of jagged rocks lies between the participants and land. Who woulda thought, the place we take Daisy to on the weekends is so deadly? Guess we won't be swimming there anytime soon. View pictures of the event held today.

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February 06, 2006

Daisy takes up reading

Mom snapped the following pic of Daisy 'reading' her book the other day, while she sat up on the couch. She's able to stay put for a good 5-10 mins., between the seat cushions and seems to have a blast doing so. She's already reading more than dad.

Daisy reading book

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February 05, 2006

Nearly a month into our California life

In four days we'll have officially been in California for one whole month. Can that already be? Is that really possible? I can already see me re-visiting this post in eleven months thinking "has it already been a year?" Since leaving Wisconsin, for the most part, it's been a relativly smooth transistion for all three of us. Daisy was able to get her synagis shot on time and Sam has already memorized her way around the northern part of San Jose, Santa Clara and Milpitas. She's even ventured into Sunnyvale whether she realizes it or not. There's really no way to tell way city your in most of the time.

Even after 30-days into it, we're both surprised by what we see out here on almost daily basis. For example, yesterday, we had our first encounter with in-road flares set-up to alert traffic to a closed lane ahead. It's amazing to see people going 70 mph dodge what look like sparklers sitting in the road. We've also visited the western edge of the United States (Pacific Ocean) on two seperate occasions in a nearby town called Half Moon Bay (pics coming soon). This has become one of our favorite things to do as a family since there's no concern about Daisy being closed in with card-carrying influenza members of society.

As for the new job at PayPal, I'm slowly catching on to things and am learning my way around our product line. As was the case with Lands' End, it's always educational and surprising to learn how complex the business rules are behind a web site. I guess that just speaks volumes about the simplicity of the customer-experience itself.

Up next for the Janney clan is our big March 1, move to a more permanent residence in Pleasanton. We're all looking forward to getting our items out of storage and back into our hands. Grandma Connie is flying out to give us a hand unpacking, or, to babysit Daisy while the two of us unload boxes and sort thing outs. Getting this major undertaking out of the way will be a huge load off our minds.

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