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March 2006 articles

March 28, 2006

Daisy's Top 10

10) Carrots
Yes, they are orange and slimey but "mmm-mmm good." We've tried green beans, sweet peas, sweet potatoes and squash and the number one veggie is a carrot! She seems to like peaches and pears, but HATES bananas.

9) Shrieking
Loud, long, high-pitched and pointless. Good for all occassions, especially when mommy and daddy are trying to watch a movie or pay attention to anything BUT Daisy.

8) Kill Bill Vol 1
Just kidding, sort of. For some reason we always catch this movie at a certain scene which fortunately isn't violent and she is mesmerized by it. Of course, it could be that HBO only plays about 5 movies each month and this is one of the five for March - who knows.

7) Car Rides
Any car ride, except to the doctor's office, is fun for the little chicken. She has started to sing to herself in the back seat, and what a lovely voice she has.

6) Wormie
She loves this toy. It crinkles, makes squeaky noises and is easy to throw around and lift above her head, even one-handed!

Take THAT Wormie

5) Destroying Napkins
For some reason our sweet little baby has an issue with napkins. Any time she can get a hold of one it's history - so this has to be one of her favorite things.

4) Chewing on Everything and Anything
Books, toys, furniture, bedding, mom's arms, hands, knuckles - if she can get it in her mouth she's going to chew on it by gum! Get it, gum? She is of course teething so this may drop out of the top ten in a few months - we shall see.

3) PBS
Teletubbies, Sesame Street, Caillou (the whiniest cartoon I've ever seen), Angelina Ballerina, Sagwa, Kipper... wow, there are a lot of shows on PBS and she really seems to enjoy them all. I think the tubbies are her favorite because they sort of look like crazy little babies in wild outfits plus they eat that custard stuff which looks a lot like her rice cereal.

2) Clothes
I think this comes from the Janney women on Paul's side of the family. She is already picking out what she wants to wear, and once we start getting her dressed she must touch it all and smiles like crazy. What a little fashion-forward diva she is.

1) Her Mommy and Daddy
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Okay, so I had to put this at number 1 because hey, we're her parents and I know she likes us better than carrots.

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March 21, 2006

Reflections of a Daisy

Today is Daisy's six month "developmental" birthday. It is the day Daisy would have turned six months old had she not decided to enter this world a bit early.

Our daughter really has two birthdays we celebrate. One is the day she was actually born, the other is the day she was scheduled to be born. So often when people ask me how old she is I have to debate in my mind which age to give them. Most of the time I say she's six months old but on the rare ocassions I say that she's almost nine months old I spend a great deal of time explaining prematurity to the person who asked. Probably more info than they want, but it's important that we tell people that this does happen, it's not just something you see on "Babies Special Delivery."

I was just as guilty before Daisy came along, I skipped the entire section on prematurity in all of my pregnancy books. I was taking really good care of myself, seeing my doc regularly, watching what I ate, exercising moderately, getting rest... of course it wouldn't happen to ME. It only happens to mothers who don't take care of themselves...

Ignorance can be bliss.

However, looking back I wouldn't change a single thing about how Daisy came into this world. We have been incredibly blessed, although I am not sure incredibly is a big enough word to truly describe how blessed we are. Each day when I wake up I thank God and every single guardian angel I believe she has for her sweet smile, her big blue eyes and for that fact that she is HERE.

My mother told me recently that she felt like I had quite literally pulled Daisy into this world, and had fought to keep her here. I hadn't really thought about that, but it is a fight, and these little babies are the best fighters around. They make the parents seem like amateurs.

She will be nine months old on April 3... nine months. She's been home with us from the hospital for six months and two weeks - she came home the day after labor day. Awwww, what a TERRIFYING time that was, and yet we made it. She made it.

Right now this little miracle is sitting in my lap playing with the strings on my sweatshirt, making noises and watching me type. If she was just a bit longer I think she would be blogging with me. Then again, every time I write, she is with me. And when you read this, when you share her story, she is with you.

I am truly blessed.

And to Daisy, I am so proud of you munchkin. Happy "six months" turnip.


Then and Now

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March 12, 2006

Weekends with Paul and Daisy

Have I mentioned how much I love my little family these days? I have? Well, let me say it again...


Currently my 14+ pound daughter is sitting in my lap and Paul is watching a basketball documentary (in HD of course) and everything feels very cozy and comfortable. Paul hung up a lot of our pictures over the weekend and it's beginning to feel more and more like home. Who'd have thought that any place in California would ever feel like home to me, but this house truly does.

As I look out of one of the many windows in this place I see pink trees, loads of bushes and green grass and even though it's only March somehow this feels okay to me. I know Daisy and Paul are enjoying it, yesterday we went for a stroller ride downtown and even though it was windy and nippy, the sun was out and it was a great outing for the whole family. For once Daisy and one of us wasn't sitting in the car waiting for the other.

It's strange to think that our days of isolation are soon coming to an end and we'll be able to take Daisy out and about. Look out world! It's not going to know what hit it.

Life is good. :)

Pretty Daisy Girl

Daisy Janney styling in her sweater

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March 09, 2006

Yikes! A five minute filler

Here's a quick pass on what I can construct and spew out in only 5 minutes

Daisy is doing well. She's getting bigger and stronger everyday.

We've moved into our new digs in Pleasanton. Super nice and we love it! My commute is OK, but it does piss me off sometimes.

A monster big thank YOU to Connie (Mom) for helping us move over the weekend. We could not have done it without you.

Work is insane right now and my brain is slowly turning to mush.

I was interviewed by LCCC's Wingspan for their big 30th Anniversary issue coming out this spring.

Sam is doing well. She loves being able to take Daisy for walks again.


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