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May 2006 articles

May 30, 2006

Daisy's baby blues are A-OK

When Daisy was in the NICU, about a month before she came home she was seen by a Pediatric Opthamologist who specializes in the conditions that can affect a premature babies eyes. Two things they look for are the eyes crossing or early on-set near sightedness. In August Daisy had neither of these, in fact the doctor was wowed by her baby blues and said they were mature and just to follow up in the coming year.

So this morning Daisy and I made the wild trek through Califnornia traffic to San Ramon to visit with a specialist who is the main doctor in the East Bay to look at and treat children with the eye problems Daisy could be affected with. After a short exam, with no dilation (whoohoo) he said that everything looks great and that the extent of her eye care will be done at her ped's office from now on! Yay! As nice as he was it was very exciting to know that we never have to see him again. :)

We have truly been blessed on this journey, she is doing so well. Thank you for all your warm thoughts and wishes for our little girl.

Daisy Rest

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May 25, 2006

Daisy blooms outside

Hello! I just wanted to post some pictures taken of Daisy yesterday. I suppose like all flowers she blooms beautifully outside.

Smiling Daisy

Outside With Daisy

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May 22, 2006

Daisy's full house

This past weekend Papa and Nana Janney came out to California for a visit. They arrived on Thursday evening, right in the middle of Daisy's dinner of sweet potatoes and mango. Daisy warmed right up to them both and seemed very excited that they were here.

Friday, Paul and Rod went to dinner with a friend in Berkley while Connie and I took Miss Daisy to downtown Pleasanton for lunch. Daisy very politely ate squash in her stroller while we wolfed down yummy Mexican food. Then us girls went walking and shopping - it was a great day!

Nana, Papa and Daisy

Saturday, Nana and Papa insisted that Paul and I get away for a bit, so we went to San Jose for lunch at Kirk's Steakburgers (which was awesome) and then we ventured to the Winchester Mystery House. Although the house was a bit strange neither Paul nor I felt like it was scary, perhaps because we own a house that is just about as old as the mansion. Sure, it had oddities, but most "Painted Ladies" are a bit odd, that's what makes them priceless.

Sam and Daisy

Sunday, Daisy's Great Aunt Lynn and Uncle Randy came for lunch, they brought her some beautiful outfits for the summer. It was so much fun to watch Daisy "mingle" and get to know a small portion of her family. Daisy also got to try Sherbet for the very first time. I'm not sure she was too crazy about it, but it was great fun watching Paul give her a taste. Last night we hung out together as a family, ate Chinese food and watched the Mets beat the Yankees.

Daisy and Sherbet

Nana and Papa left this morning and we miss them already. It was so nice having family here in California, Daisy seemed to really love it. I know I sure did!

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May 16, 2006

Daisy enjoys a yummy apple - photo powered by flickr

Our daughter Daisy enjoying an apple.

For the last few days I've been toying with the idea of using flickr to handle the heavy lifting of hosting some images for Janney Family. For those of you unfamiliar with flickr, it is a web site that allows you to store, search and share you photos across the web. What it also allows is direct posting of an image to your blog, like the one to the right. This post is my first attempt at using the service and so far it's pretty easy to do.

There was some work involved in getting the generated code just right. But otherwise, there was little effort on my part other than uploading the photos, giving flickr access to my blog and creating some copy. I'll be experimenting with this approach over the coming weeks - maybe Sam will too.

Last, but not least, click on the photo to learn more about my virgin flickr profile and see what the site is all about if you're not familiar with it.

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May 13, 2006

Less Daisy more metrics about Janney Family

First off, thank you Sam for keeping the updates and new posts coming on Janney Family over the last few weeks. Also, thank you to everyone that has responded to the posts about Daisy and our northern California exploits. It's made our transition out here that much easier and allowed us to keep in touch with friends from coast-to-coast.

For awhile now, since about the time this site turned a year old, I've been wanting to share some insight into JanneyFamily.com and the type of information we know about our visitors - muwhahahaha. Really, it's not as evil as it sounds, and for a site like this, it's more of a general curiousity. So, without further delay on to the stats, which, unless specified, are from Jan. 1 through today courtesy of Google Analytics.

1. According to Alexa, our site ranks 1,006,711 in total internet traffic.

2. Since Jan 1, 2006 we've had 2,655 visitors and 7,415 page views

3. The homepage is the most popular page of the site with 1,194 entrances

4. The Harmon Hubbard section is number two with a mere 526

5. The most visited individual post has been the one about Sam's Nike shoes

6. Outside of the US, the site has had visitors from Germany, India, Italy, Sweden and France to name a few

7. From the US, California tops the list for visitors' origin follwed by Wisconsin, Wyoming and Oklahoma. Colorado is fifth - thanks Jennifer. :)

8. Direct request (743 visits) is the top referring source with MSN at number two (300)

9. Internet Explorer is the top browser followed by Firefox and Safari

10. Some of the search terms people have used to find the site: Ultrasound Girl, Andersonville hospital, Mineral Point, Jumperoo and my personal favorite baby thug

Hope you enjoyed the glimpse into the site. Who knows what the next year will hold?

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May 09, 2006

Adventurer Daisy

The weather here has been beautiful and I have been struggling with keeping her inside, especially now that we've been given the green light to introduce her to the world. So today I put her in a FABULOUS short outfit (her first time in shorts), a pair of sandals (first time in sandals) and we headed to the park!

When we got there NO one was around, so it was perfect. I whipped out my handy dandy disinfectant wipes and scrubbed the baby swing down inside and out. In fact when we first arrived I thought the swing was grey, turns out it was a light blue, it was just really funky dirty.

As I was cleaning the swing other mommies and kiddos started to show up, but by now I was determined that she would get a chance to swing. Luckily these kiddos were older and wanted to climb on the jungle gym instead of swing, so I didn't have too much to worry about. Daisy of course couldn't get enough of them, she kept watching and looking at me like "look mama, big ones!"

After going through several wipes I figured the swing was as clean as it was going to get and I put Miss Doodle in. At first she wasn't too hip on it, but then I started to push her just a little. I held on to the swing because although it was little, she was littler. She smiled and started to dig it, which was definitely worth the 5 minutes I spent scrubbing the swing.

We were able to stay about 20 minutes before the other kids came too close for my comfort and of course even though she had sunblock on I worried about her fair skin. Overall it was a great first visit to the park.

When we got home she had a bottle and then we changed her out of the fabulous short outfit into her home/play clothes. She played with her sandals for a while and just now passed out on the couch for her afternoon nap.

What a special day with my special girl. Life is good. :)

Daisy Park 1

Daisy Park 2

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