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June 2006 articles

June 23, 2006

Preemie Antics at the Grocery Store

It's hot here in California.


When you look outside you can see heat steaming off the sidewalks. Even the bugs look like they are sweating. I tell ya, it's smokin'.

So to avoid the truly hot weather later this afternoon Daisy and I decided (yes, we sat down and actually talked this over) to get our errands done early. We ran to the bank and then headed over to our favorite grocery store. It's our favorite because it has great produce (you should SEE the watermelons!), a wonderful butcher, open airy aisles and they empty your cart AND bag for you. It's awesome.

We were in the meat section and Daisy was busy chewing on the seat belt of her floppy when a little old lady came down the way. She stopped and smiled at Daisy who in turn smiled right back. Then this little old lady started to dance around, this sort of polka move and and of course Daisy laughed and started to do her baby bounce dance. But then this sweet old lady made a mistake, she sort of zoomed in like an airplane and got in Daisy's face. WHACK. Daisy whacked her right on the nose.

I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing hysterically. She seemed shocked, and of course I started to apologize but then she laughed and said that everyone, even babies, has personal space. By this time Daisy had gone back to chewing on her belt and the sweet old lady was forgotten.

As we continued to wander the store and buy things I probably didn't need (but that 20 pack of paper towel was on SALE!!!) people, especially women, kept stopping to talk to me about my beautiful baby, my gorgeous baby. I smiled and nodded, saying thank you and trying to keep them away from the cart as much as I could without being too rude.

Finally we got to the checkout, and the cashier asked me how old Daisy is. I pondered for just a moment as to whether or not to tell her the long version, or the short. Well, since I bought everything in the store I decided to go for the long version, I said, "Actually she'll be 1 in a little over a week."

Here's the rest of the conversation:

Cashier: "Wow, she's actually pretty small eh?"

Me: (smiling) "Yep, she's come a long way. She was a little early."

Cashier: "Oh yeah, how early?"

Me: "About three months."

Cashier (gasping): "That's more than a little early. How much did she weigh?"

Me: "2 and a half pounds."

Cashier: "And what does she weigh now?"

Me: "About 17 1/2."

Cashier: "She's AMAZING."

Me: (beaming, smiling, proud mama) "I know."

Cashier: "My first daughter was born 7 weeks early. She was only 4 lbs and spent a month in the hospital. She just graduated tops in her college class and is brilliant."

Me: "That's awesome. Congrats!"

I had a moment with this cashier - we bonded over prematurity. It happens in the strangest places sometimes. As terrible and scary as prematurity is, it sure brings out the best in people, their strength, their compassion and their love.

Dressed Up Daisy

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June 19, 2006

Daisy loves her daddy

Hello! I just wanted to post a picture of Daisy sporting her new, favorite pajamas.

I love Dad

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June 15, 2006

Random notes and musings from the Valley to PTown

My recent track record here stinks. P-U, I say! I've definitely been shirking my responsibilities to the site and our devoted Janney Family readers. Or, is everyone just here for the latest Harmon Hubbard updates or Daisy photos? My guess is it's the latter. Where is the love for Paul or Sam rants? No problem, I'm totally cool with that. In fact, it has come up on more than one occasion that I should build a spin-off site for Sam to offer preemie-related parental advice alongside Little-D updates.

First off, congrats to our friends Matt and Cindy who are not only having their second child, you go Matt, but what I consider even bigger news is the fact they bought a new car! I know Matt's ghetto mentality on new vehicles so this was definitely a big step for them. Nice choice too, we loved our 'ol yellar XTerra.

Secondly, I, alongside a friend of mine, have been working on a side project web site that is geared toward the general public and is seasonally relevant. For those of you who know me, you can pretty much guess what season that is. The site is a good idea and provides a better online experience then what is out there today. It's also been a nice design break from my day-to-day responsibilities. Nothing like getting the opportunity to design, build and deploy your own idea. This can be very fulfilling or masochist depending on your point of view. My hope is to having something to share within the next few weeks so stay tuned.

In addition to a second site, and recent family visits, there's also been external interest in the Harmon Hubbard section of the site. Again, can't say much on this yet, but my hope is I can share more, later this summer. It's been exciting working on the details of this to say the least.

In wrapping things up, how 'bout them Colorado Rockies? Gotcha! You thought this was going to be about Daisy. There are like a million posts about her. Sheesh. Anyway, I have to admit, thank the baseball gods for the Washington Nationals. Today capped off a 4-game sweep, on the road mind you, of the Nationals. It's a nice rebound from the fiasco we saw on their west coast swing, followed by a nasty skid at home. Even with the rough May, early June, they're only two games out of first. Not bad considering we're nearing the All-Star break in about a month. Speaking of All-Star game, we'll kick-off our All-Star Petition for Matt Holliday now. Everyone team gets at least one player on the roster. Might as well be Holliday.

Thanks for tuning in.

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June 12, 2006

What a crab!

I have often heard that Daisy is always smiley in her pictures, that she doesn't take a bad picture - AHA! She does on a Monday morning. I present three pictures of our grub-bub for your enjoyment, she doesn't appear to be a morning person in any of them.

She looks like she smelled something funky in the last shot...




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June 04, 2006

Our little drummer girl

About a month ago I bought Daisy a toy drum. When I brought it home she looked at me like I was nuts so I put it aside. Lately though, Daisy has figured out that pounding on things and making noise is fun fun fun, so the drum has become one of her favorite things. It counts and goes through the alphabet as she drums away, smiling, babbling and giggling.

She's our 11-month-old drummer girl.

Little Drummer Girl

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