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August 2006 articles

August 27, 2006

Couch potato no more

I don't know if you've ever seen the Huggies commercial where this HUGE super baby crawls, pulls up and effortlessly walks around. I used to resent this child... yes, I know that's terrible, but I DID. He makes it all look so easy- while he's strutting around this voice in the background talks about how his "couch potato days are over, he thinks he'll get a yoga instructor and just get ripped."

Now I watch my daughter CRAWLING around my living room and think to myself, "ha ha, HER couch potato days are over too!" Sure, she's still not motoring quickly, but she is easily twice as fast as she was and going three and four times as far.

Stripe Dress 1

Today she got to a TV tray before me and pulled the whole thing over. I picked her up, said "no no, no tray" and set her down in the middle of the rug. She looked at me and started to BAWL. You'd have thought I was pulling her finger nails out one at a time. She sort of gestured towards the tray and I said, "Dilly (we call her Dilly sometimes), sweety, the tray is too big for you to play with just yet. Let's play with your table."

Eventually I was able to distract her with a book, her table, the "Moon Moon Moon" song by Laurie Berkner (me singing, not Laurie) and a little dance that she likes. Paul looked at me and said, "Wow, she is acting like a little kid."

We've also decided that she may have a future in hardcore wrestling. She will stand at her table, do this weird flip in mid-air and fall on the ground. I panic, run to her, check her and she just laughs. She also bonked her head a good three times today crawling into things, falling over things... I swear, she has these little red marks on her head. In my opinion she is proud of these marks, they make her "hardcore."

Daisy's couch potato days are over. :)

Super Daisy

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August 18, 2006

My little girl

This morning while Daisy and I were rolling around on the floor like maniacs, playing with her toys and watching Angelina Ballerina (I hate that mouse) I caught a glimpse of the little girl that Daisy is going to be. There was just something about the way she was sitting, looking at me. She's amazing. Simply, completely and totally amazing. Just when I think I've figured out this whole mommy thing, a knowing glance from my daughter makes me realize there is SO much more to know.

Daisy our Little Girl

As fall gets closer (wow, I can't believe how fast the summer is going by) I start to think about the years ahead, and how she'll be going to school one day soon. My sweet little two-pounder is going to be in school in about two years... TWO YEARS. We'll be going out to get her a backpack (I'll want pink, she'll want orange), she'll get her bangs trimmed because I know they're going to be unruly like mine, and I'll cry. She'll be ready, I know it. I won't be.

Each day it's like she's less preemie and more little girl. Somehow she sort of bypassed the whole baby thing - she's always seemed wiser to me, like she knows more than we think she does. I look up now and there is my little girl making faces at me and playing with her elephant. One day I'll look up and there she'll be, graduating high school, going off to college, getting hitched and eventually making me a grandmother. YIKES. Too much to think about for a Friday.

Cherish the time, it goes by fast.


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August 03, 2006

Big money

A good friend pointed out that I had not followed up on Paul's mentioning of our Powerball winnings. So, drum roll please....

WE WON $3! Whoohoo! We matched the power ball number, and that's it. Hey, we made two bucks on the deal, right?

Rod will be sending it in for us so he can hang the check on his bulletin board with the other 30 or so checks he's won over the last 10 years.

I can't post witout putting up a picture of Daisy, check out her FIVE chompers!

Chomping Daisy

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August 01, 2006

Ball games, parades, baptisms and family family family!

We are home safe and sound in California where luckily the heat has broken. We missed the "death heat" out here that claimed 139 lives. It was warm in Wyoming but not nearly the extreme heat out here.

Our trip was great! Traveling by plane is always eventful...

On the trip out we were delayed for two hours, so for our first experience in an airport we spent four hours wringing our hands because every where we looked someone was sneezing, coughing or blowing their nose. I was so jumpy, and of course Daisy was cranky because we had to stay in one place for such a long period of time. She also decided not to eat a whole lot that day, so there we were, in a cruddy airport with a screaming baby who wouldn't eat and yet we hung in there! We only toyed with going home and forgetting the whole trip once or twice - yes, we actually considered it and were definitely going to bail if the plane was any later.

Happy Girl

Luckily it wasn't and we boarded fairly quickly. I was worried that Daisy would freak out during take off, but all she did was look at me like "What the heck?" and when I said "wheeeee!" she smiled and went back to looking out the window. On the trip home we didn't get a window so she got a little bored, but overall she loved the plane rides. No fits, no fuss, no muss. She is a great traveler, much better than me.

While in Wyoming she met SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many people! Of course when all 3 great aunts came in to meet her and were oohing and awwwwing a bit loudly she sort of got nervous, but for the most part she was my little social butterfly.

On Saturday we took Daisy to her first parade - she loved the bands. The Frontier Days parade is full of horsies and cowboys, she loved it. Paul put her on his shoulders so she could see everything, she made all kinds of noise when the bands would march by.

Sunday was a family reunion and birthday party for Paul's grandma - we made an appearance at this event but only stayed for a bit.

Monday we took her to a luncheon with the "ladies" in the family, there were about 25 in attendance. Everyone had to comment on how "substantial" Daisy felt and how "you'd never know she was so early." I just smiled and nodded and thanked them, she IS substantial these days.

Tuesday we took her to watch the Thunderbirds practice - they are a troop of amazing pilots that fly plans like daredevils. We had great seats out in the middle of nowhere and just watched the planes fly overhead. Daisy wasn't overly impressed, but her daddy had a great time. Afterwards we took her to her first Chinese buffet where she feasted on soft-serve and pudding (only after she ate her sweet potatoes and peas though). We also went to Super WalMart and picked up some toys for granny's house.

Wednesday Paul and I went to the Rockies game down in Denver, and only freaked out a little that we had left Daisy for the afternoon. We couldn't have left her with anyone better, and still we worry. Of course she didn't eat very well that day, seems I am the only one who can get a bottle in her, but for the most part she did great.

Thursday there was some business we had to take care of - I can't mention anything just yet but if said business could work out we would all be VERY happy!!! I will update if this comes to pass.

Friday was Daisy's baptism. What an amazing day. Fr. Kevin, the coolest, sweetest most awesome priest in the world (and the man who married us in '99) made the trip to Cheyenne to baptise her. We actually had the baptism in the house Paul grew up in. I cried, Daisy didn't, even when he put the cool water on her head. There were about 13 ppl who came, including her Godfather Brian - she had so much fun with him! We hate croissant sandwiches and ambrosia and celebrated our sweet miracle. Funny how when they offered the baptism in the hospital it felt like such a sad thing, and yet there we were, with our 18 lb little miracle, celebrating it instead.

Daisy Baptism

Saturday we went to ANOTHER parade and then just hung out with family relaxing because we knew Sunday would be a long day.

It was such a great trip, not only was it a nice vacation but I learned a few things:

1. Babies will NOT starve themselves.
2. Daisy is a lot tougher than I give her credit for.
3. I've got to let people help when it comes to Daisy - I can't be the only one to watch her in this world.
4. Just because someone sneezes behind you doesn't mean your kid is going to get sick.
5. It's okay to take a deep breath, smile and relax. Daisy's made it.

Sorry for the novel - if you're still with me you're a trooper. Thanks as always for keeping up with the Janney's!

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