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February 14, 2007


That's Daisy's new favorite word, "wow!" Last night we ordered pizza (aww, the joys of being pregnant) and when I opened the box she goes, "wooooooooooow." She then proceeded to wolf down almost one whole piece of pizza on her own, the girls likes her pizza.


She's a walking maniac as well - there is something incredibly surreal about watching a little girl who weighed about as much as a large drink at McDonalds at birth walk down the hallway towards you. It's actually wonderful as well. She's to a point where she chases you if you run from her; when Paul comes home from work she chases him all over the house. It's sort of like a Benny Hill episode, big tall daddy running down the hall, little lanky girl chasing him - you can almost hear the music.

I have unfortunately had a fairly nasty cold for the past five days or so, I am hopeful that I am almost over it. Luckily besides my nose and sneezing/coughing like an old woman everything else with my bod is doing fine - lil booger bear continues to grow and chill out in his "house." I go in every two weeks for an ultrasound so they can measure my cervix, so far so good - we're over 18 weeks now!

Everything else 'round these here parts is pretty status quo, Paul works very hard at his new role and is handling new challenges well, of course. When I'm not sick I am also actually enjoying being back to work, although I do miss Wonder Daisy. She is doing great with grandma and grandpa - oh yes, and of course with Cosette their "doggie." She has doggie fever, but since her brother is on the way we're going to wait a while before we get a dog. Besides, once he arrives she'll be more interested in baby than in doggie.

She's so wonderful, she wows us. :)

Thanks as always for checking in with us dear friends and family, I hope you are all well. - Sam

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