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December 30, 2008

A WHOA kind of Christmas


That was the first word out of Caleb's mouth on Christmas morning as he raced into the living room and saw the pile of presents under his arch nemesis, the Christmas tree. In fact there were three of them, "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" Daisy followed suit, but was much more focused as she looked at the packages, discerning which might belong to her... I think she decided they all did.

Christmas Morning

Luckily, Santa had left two, gigantic coloring books unwrapped under the tree, so the children immediately zeroed in on them while mom and dad got their bearings and tried to get organized. The build up was just about over, weeks and weeks of Daisy talking about Santa, his sleigh, toys and presents and Caleb pulling on as many branches of the tree as he could manage. How many times did he try to unscrew the lights or pull off ornaments? Countless.

Caleb the Tree Destroyer

Finally, it was time to unwrap. And upwrap they did! Well, Daisy did at least, Caleb was more interested in playing with the goodies inside of the boxes than tearing apart the pretty paper. Lots of Thomas and Elmo under our tree, Santa was good to the kids this year - they must have been nicer than we first suspected.

Daisy Present

After all of the presents were unwrapped and played with sufficiently, we headed over to Papa and Nonnie's house for breakfast and MORE presents! Plus, the fabulous Aunt Jenna was in town visiting from New York City, so the entire family could be together. More presents, more unwrapping... there were even donuts and scrambled eggs thanks to Papa.

That evening, we all went back to Nonnie's house for Christmas dinner and Great Grandpa Gene and Great Grandma Fran joined us as well. When we got home, the kiddos were happy to play with their new toys and Paul and I both agreed that it had definitely been a whoa kind of Christmas.

Here's wishing you all a peaceful and happy New Year! See you in 2009...
-Sam :)

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