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About Us — Paul, Sam, Daisy and Caleb Janney

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I know only trouble will come from a cliché "about us" section, but my wife dared me to venture into egocentric introspection so here it goes. A quick background on "US." Sam and I met online over seven years ago and have been inseperable ever since — I"ll leave those details for Sam, below. Together, we've survived one blizzard, a tornado, a gall bladder removal, a trip to Lincoln Nebraska and multiple Rockies' games. Pretty amazing stuff, eh?

All things considered, we're very lucky to have each other and the opportunity to share our lives, a little bit of family history, and the addition of a new family member with both family and friends.

Please keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times it's going to get bumpy.

Photo of Paul Janney
Yours truly sporting a blowout in '75!

Paul Janney "jpj"

When not transcribing the "reminiscences" of distant relatives, or spamming current ones, I devote the other 20-hours in a day to work, where I'm a web designer for Lands' End, sleep and most importantly, my caring and loving wife Sam who tolerates my incessant adolescent behavior. Believe it or not, but there's even a moment or two annually where she encourages it. At heart, I'm a Wyoming native who was born, bred and fed a steady diet of rodeo, country music, huntin' and fightin'. Wait a minute, that's a whole different set of relatives whom I love and adore. For me, my birthright entitled me to a different upbringing. One that encompassed everything a growing boy needed: religion, sports, culture, asthma, allergies and at the core of it all — family. I'm sure my sister would have a slightly different list, but this is meant to be a family friendly site.

While there's plenty more to share, I'm trying to save a few nuggets of personal experience for future blog ramblings including: How my major picked me! You met your wife how? And, this is just my Nostradamus tendencies speaking; My baby put "x" in their nose. This could get real interesting...

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Photo of Sam Janney
Sweet B in her pretty Easter dress, '75.

Samantha Janney "scj"

Hello! I’ve decided that my bio has said, “coming soon” long enough, and it’s time to write about me! I’m Sam. Sam Janney to be exact. I was born in 1973 (wow, that seems like a long time ago) on Father’s Day in Carthage, a small town in the armpit of southwest Missouri. My mother was at Safeway buying my grandpa a Father’s Day card; at first she thought I was Mexican food seeking revenge from the night before, but she soon figured out that Samantha Christine was ready to greet the world.

I grew up in several small cities and towns in both Missouri and Kansas. Paul is a big fan of Kansas; you’ll have to ask him why. Anyway, somewhere in between being a five-year-old with silver teeth (freak tree accident) and a grown woman with far too many purses (then again, can you have too many?) I figured out that I hate onions, dogs are cool, I don’t really have a favorite color, I love to cook, I really can’t crochet although I think I can and driving a manual transmission is hard and much, much more that would probably bore you to tears.

Let’s fast forward a bit, I only have so much room on this here web page. I met Paul online in 1996 – at first I thought he was this weird old guy, but that’s a different story. In 1997 he asked me if I ever “shut up,” which I don’t, and from there on out I was in love. I moved to Denver in ’98 and we were married on October 30 the following year.

Since then we have lived in Denver, Cheyenne, Littleton, Colo., and now in Wisconsin. In fact, we moved to Wisconsin in 2001 as a “package deal” at a popular Midwestern retailer. I am a Sr. Communications Coordinator in charge of special events, corporate communication and company-wide recognition. As of September I will take on a new role, and it’s called “mommy.”

There is much more to tell, but like Paul, I will save that for future blogs. Stay tuned!

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