My tattoo

Paul's Tattoo

Of course I have a tattoo. Besides my wife, name one person who was born in the 70s, graduated college from a private art school, and remained ink free? Not easy is it? Semi-conformist, semi-Jesse James (the bike builder, not the cowboy) inspired, I had my tat virginity removed in the Summer of '04 by Steve's Tattoo in Madison, Wisconsin. The artist, Dave, did a super clean job that healed in a few short days and still retains a vibrant color palette close to a year later.

There is quite a bit of meaning behind the piece which I'll explain. The Good Girl Art (GGA) is by noted Golden-age comic artist Bob Lubbers. The original piece was published for the cover of Wings #90, which I own two copies of. Bob's work is some of the most treasured among Golden Age Collectors and it's easy to see why. He always knew how to draw a damsel in distress. Now for the meaning behind the piece. The color of her dress, green, is for my Irish heritage on my mom's side (McFadden). The banner draped around the bottom of her right leg includes the following: 18 SweetB 64. The 1864 represents the year my great-great grandfather Harmon Hubbard spent in Andersonville prison, while SweetB is my wife's nickname. As for size, body locale and effort, it's roughly 6-inches tall by 3-inches wide, sits on the inside of my right calf and took three hours to complete.

On a side note... Wow! My leg is really hairy. How come no one ever told me?

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