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April 14, 2005

Baby proofing our lives

While the birth of our newborn is still months away, both Sam and I are already knee deep in the nesting process. Of course for us, it's not your traditional nesting that's taking place. For example, the great debate as to what to do with the dogs continues. We bought a fake Target (plug, plug) baby over the weekend to see how they would react in hopes that it would help make the decision easier, which of course it didn't. Harmon spent most of his time wanting to either lick or sniff the baby, while Audrey fell asleep. Who would have thought our dogs would differentiate between a fake squirrel that squeaks and a fake baby that giggles. I for one was impressed to say the least.

Secondly, next on our list is selling the Acura sports car. Poor Sam is gearing up to be a soccer mom sooner then we expected. We're leaning towards a Buick *eck* I can't believe I even said that. Granted, it is a great car with lower payments, better gas mileage, more seating, blah, blah, blah. We both know and understand in the long run we'd be much happier with a 4-door anything.

Last but not least, I am slowly liquidating my collection of pop culture collectibles. The last two months alone I've sold everything from 5-foot tall Nightmare before Christmas dolls to a vintage Atari 2600 still in its original box on Ebay. Now before anybody screams "what are you keeping for the kid?!" trust me, I'm holding onto plenty of goodies including old comics, toys and dolls to hand down.

About this post... If you notice I practiced guerilla marketing in this post by including a brand/company in each paragraph above: Target, Acura and Ebay. Not too shabby, eh?

Posted by paul at April 14, 2005 06:37 PM in Daisy rant

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