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March 15, 2005

Baby update, site stats and WYO

It's been a little slow in the Janney household the last few days so there hasn't been much to write about. Both Sam and I have been very busy at work and when we get home she's usually ready to have dinner and then take her evening "nap," while I head into our dungeon and tinker with the site or post an item for sale on Ebay. FYI - it's called collection downsizing (CD) in preparation for a baby.

Speaking of baby and Sam, her next doctor visit is on Monday. It's still too early for an ultra sound, but they will listen to the heart again. Sam has promised a posting following her visit. As for her "evening" sickness it seems to have retreated a bit and we hope the worst is behind us.

As for the site, we're only a little past the half-way point in March and you, the users, have put up some BIG numbers - some of which are worth sharing. As of March 15, JanneyFamily.com has registered over 26k page hits (hits don't equal unique visitors, but that's a different story) with the highest day being March 9 at 4882 visitors. I THINK March 9 was the day the Harmon Hubbard section was listed on a major Civil War web site, which would explain the spike in traffic. Also, for the morbid, or just plain curious, I recently posted an image of Harmon's headstone from the Galena Cemetery in Kansas.

Last, but not least, Sam and I will be spending time in 'ol YO the last full week in March. We're totally looking forward to a nice break and being treated to a home cooked meal in mom and dad's new kitchen. I'll be sure to take pictures for the site.

Yes, I know, enough already...later.

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