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June 10, 2008

Birthdays, Bananas and Belches

It will soon be birthday central 'round these here parts. Daisy turns three on July 3, and Caleb turns 1 on July 2 so we're throwing a par-tay on July 4 with cake, presents, a jumper castle thingie (hope there's no weight limit) and maybe even a pony.

Hey, this is Wyoming - there are people in the family who own ponies ya' know. Of course Paul is allergic to horses and most likely, his eyes would swell shut and he wouldn't be able to breathe if we have a pony, but aren't you supposed to make sacrifices for your children? ;)

We are inviting close to 50 people... thank goodness this bash will be held mostly outdoors. In addition, we've planned a small party each day for the Janney kids so they each will still get their own special day. I can't wait to see Caleb devour his first birthday cake. Daisy wasn't crazy about her first cake, we had to sort of encourage her to get in there and play... I think Caleb will be ready to rock and roll.

I can't believe how fast time flies.

Last night, I was laying with Daisy watching Elmo (how I have grown to dislike that furry, red muppet) and I started thinking about everything she went through in the beginning. As she sat and laughed with Elmo about sharing bananas with Dorothy the fish (apparently bananas are a large portion of a gold fishes' diet) I remembered back to that tiny, little baby in her isolette wearing "scuba gear," aka cpap. I thought about how she used to softly yawn, her big eyeballs in that sweet face and the day we finally brought her home, sitting on our couch in the living room and thinking, "holy crap, now what?"

What an AMAZING little girl we have, ladies and gentleman. Breath taking, spectacular and literally death-defying.

Just as I was tearing up a little thinking back, Daisy looked at me and belched. Not burped, belched. She had been sucking down a HUGE glass of "appa juice" through a straw and apparently she sucked down a bunch of air as well.

Life is funny like that I guess. Just when you're ready to cry about the hard stuff, your three year old belches in your face and you realize, it's all good.

Baby Daisy

Caleb is equally amazing and stupendous - I love my big boy. He's SO funny and sweet and honestly, everything you could want in a little boy. When I think about his beginning I am equally as moved, remembering how much he and I went through while he was in my belly. The endless stress tests, the bed rest, the blood work, that stinkin' orange jug, the heart burn, the vomiting, the swelling and the endless prayers said that please God, he not come early.

Baby Caleb

I think back and I smile because you know what, it's all worth it. Every last bit of it... worth it. Of course if you had asked me if it was worth it while I was throwing up every morning and I was crazy and pregnant I most likely would have kicked you, but really, it is.

I wasn't sure where this blog was going to go today - I am feeling very reflective and mushy as my childrens' birthdays come closer and my own birthday comes to pass next week. I'm going to be 35!!! Wow, when I was little I thought 30 seemed SOOOOOOOOOOOOO old.

Thanks for checking in with the Janney's!

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