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January 27, 2006

Bottles and Nuk Nuks

On Tuesday I braved California traffic (for a whopping 4 miles) to take Daisy to her six-month check-up. Yes, she is SIX MONTHS OLD. Seems like only yesterday I was sitting next to her Isolette watching her tiny little hands grip my pinky finger, and yet here she is, a 12 pound, 25 inch miracle sitting in her bumbo playing with daddy and her worm.

At her check-up she was, as I said, 12 pounds and 25 inches long. The doc was very pleased with her progress and said that since she has been eating between 28-32+ ounces consistently each day we could start her on solids! So we've been giving her a little cereal and although she's not crazy about it, as with everything else, she comes through like a trooper. Next we will try veggies, probably starting with sweet potatos or carrots.

She also had more shots - that makes four in the last week and a half with her first flu shot and synagis last week. I still think I cry more than she does when they poke her, however my tears aren't quite as dramatic. If it was acceptable for a grown woman to cry like Daisy does I could probably give her a run for her money.

As I come to the end of this blog she is now sitting in one of her favorite places, her daddy's lap, doing one of her favorite things, eating. ;) I am so proud of our not-so-little flower, she's getting to be so big! What they say is true, they grow up fast, next thing I know she'll be asking to borrow the keys to the truck and I'll be missing these days of bottles and nuk nuks.

Daisy Janney Bumbo

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