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September 29, 2006

Broncos and Pokes and Badgers - oh my!

It's been awhile my friends. My last post was sometime in July and even that was just a teaser. I've pretty much declared this site Sam and Daisy's domain. I'm even considering changing the web address to something more fitting - i.e. daisyjanney.com or samanddaisyjanney.com, both of which seem more appropriate these days.

Now that Daisy is more mobile, Sam and I spend most of our time chasing her down. I haven't spent this much time crawling around since I hurt my back a few years ago. She does motor! She's also starting to learn the word "no" due to her fascination with the fireplace, anything sharp and electrical cords. Yes, our little girl is growing up. We're convinced Daisy's stubborness is either from Aunt Jenna or mommy dearest *evil grin*

With Sam being a key member of the Share community, Daisy little miss independent, I'm getting a chance to enjoy America's new pastime football. For my b-day, Sam hooked me up with ESPN's Gameplan (yes, she rules). With Gameplan, we've (yes, Daisy enjoys football, but only in HD) been able to watch the Badgers on a pretty regular basis along with the rest of the Big-10. Since we're back in AFC West territory we also get a good dose of Broncos and the rest of the AFC, which is a nice departure from the NFC Central. Sorry uncle Brian and our friends at Lands' End, the Vikings and Packers just didn't cut it for us. As for Wyoming, well, they are still Wyoming and we love them no matter what. We're just hoping they sneak out a win or two within the conference.

Where are the Janney's? Connie and Jennifer just returned from a fabulous, and memorable trip to Italy. Mom and dad will be out for a visit to P-town in early October, while Sam, Daisy and I will return the favor over Halloween.

See ya in another month or two ;)

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