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January 26, 2008

Caleb Jon Boy

I would like to spend some time talking about our son - Caleb Jon. Most of you have gotten to know a lot about Daisy, aka "White Lightning," so it's only fair that we share our amazing little boy, BBass, as well.

Caleb was born on July 2 - a day before his sister turned two. He weighed 7 1/2 pounds and was 20 1/2 oz long. As you can imagine, having had a preemie the first time around, he seemed HUGE. At first, he grunted a little while the nurses were cleaning him up and checking his vitals - but once they put him on my chest he calmed down and his breathing became normal.

He was then, and still is, an incredibly peaceful, happy little boy.


He'll be seven months old this coming week, and I can hardly believe it. At this time, he is 19 pounds and 28" long. He can almost sit up on his own and has started to give us an indication that he wants to crawl when we put him on his belly. Bbass loves to say "Da" and laughs so easily. Did I mention he already has two teeth?!


I'd like to share Caleb's first top ten favorites list with you - I hope you enjoy.

10. Biter Biscuits
Wow, can this boy make a mess with a biter biscuit! He can't seem to get enough of the gooey mess in his mouth fast enough - somehow I forgot how messy these things can be. We just put a bib on him, hand the biscuit over and keep our fingers out of the way... he does the rest.

9. Belly "Getters"
Paul is such a great "belly getter," and Caleb can't get enough of it. He almost seems to enjoy the anticipation of his dad getting him more than the actual getting of his belly. He squeals and giggles the whole time, and of course beats on his dad's head.

8. Sprout
It's official, BBass likes his Sprout just like his sister. Barney, Sesame Street and Thomas the Tank Engine all hold his attention. He is not a big Tubbie fan just yet, but I can already sense that it's coming. Tubbies have a way of sneaking into your home.

7. His Baba
Caleb likes a good bottle - preferrably six oz, warmed just a bit, thank you very much mom. Sometimes he'll even down seven ounces - this boy can eat!

6. Nonnie and PaPa
Nonnie and PawPaw keep both Daisy and Caleb during the day Monday through Friday, and boy oh boy, do they love their grandparents. Caleb is especially fond of his PaPa - they spend a lot of time napping together and watching the news. :)

5. Basketball, Football and Hockey
Do I even need to put this on the list since he is Paul's son? And Rod's grandson. He likes sports - he is a Janney man. ;)

4. Carrots, Peaches, Bananas, Sweet Potatoes, Squash...
And the kitchen sink! Did I mention this boy likes to eat? Man, solids are a good thing - we've moved up to Stage 2 already.

3. Magic Bankie
Caleb has a blue and white checked blanket that we call his "magic bankie" because no matter what or where, if you lay this particular bankie on him, he soon falls asleep. Sure, he may chew on it and grumble a bit, but eventually he gives in to the power of the bankie.

2. Mom and Dad
Okay, so you knew I'd put us on his list - c'mon, we're his folks!

1. Daisy
Paul and I have come to terms with the fact that Daisy is Caleb's favorite in this family, and in the world in general. He can't seem to get enough of her, somehow, some way, she always makes him laugh and smile. Luckily, she seems to really dig him too, so it works out nicely. She brings him toys, hugs him (a little "tight," but it's still sweet!), pats him and says, "don't cry," sings to him, shows him how to do stuff... she is the epitome of a great big sister. I know that down the road she'll probably get really sick of him, and he'll try to cut her hair off or something, but right now, they are the best of friends.

Happy Siblings

I hope you've enjoyed the BBass Top Ten list.

Thank you as always dear reader for checking in with the Janneys!

ox - Sam

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