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December 16, 2007

Christmas Countdown

We're in the homestretch now - only nine days 'til Christmas! I think Paul and I are more excited than the kiddies, although Daisy seems to understand that something cool is going on. I suppose if I could actually put some of her presents under the tree she MIGHT understand it even more, however, if I put any wrapped gifts under said tree they will not stay wrapped.

She is definitely in the de-construct and conquer stage of being two. Our poor tree is evidence of that.

Daisy Tree

We have been watching Christmas movies like crazy, drinking hot cocoa, shopping, singing carols (Dilly likes to sing Jingle Bells) and feeling fairly merry. Caleb is such a happy little boy, we call him, "Smiley Happy Boy." His other nickname is "Jumbo Janney" because ladies and gentlemen, he is HUGE. See, he's trying to eat a Care Bear! ;)

CJ Bear

Paul's new gig at home is going well - he seems to really be enjoying it. Of course I think he's enjoying letting his hair grow even more... he has a goal of a set time to let it grow, we'll see if he makes it. Hey, at least he clipped his toenails. ;)

I have been busy at work and at home; of course I am behind on most things Christmas related but if I was actually ahead of the game I would probably just confuse myself anyway. :)

All in all, everything is extremely "merry and bright" here in the Janney household. I hope you're Christmas season is treating you merrily, and as always, thank you for spending time with the Janneys.

Partners In Crime

Merry Christmas Early!

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