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August 27, 2006

Couch potato no more

I don't know if you've ever seen the Huggies commercial where this HUGE super baby crawls, pulls up and effortlessly walks around. I used to resent this child... yes, I know that's terrible, but I DID. He makes it all look so easy- while he's strutting around this voice in the background talks about how his "couch potato days are over, he thinks he'll get a yoga instructor and just get ripped."

Now I watch my daughter CRAWLING around my living room and think to myself, "ha ha, HER couch potato days are over too!" Sure, she's still not motoring quickly, but she is easily twice as fast as she was and going three and four times as far.

Stripe Dress 1

Today she got to a TV tray before me and pulled the whole thing over. I picked her up, said "no no, no tray" and set her down in the middle of the rug. She looked at me and started to BAWL. You'd have thought I was pulling her finger nails out one at a time. She sort of gestured towards the tray and I said, "Dilly (we call her Dilly sometimes), sweety, the tray is too big for you to play with just yet. Let's play with your table."

Eventually I was able to distract her with a book, her table, the "Moon Moon Moon" song by Laurie Berkner (me singing, not Laurie) and a little dance that she likes. Paul looked at me and said, "Wow, she is acting like a little kid."

We've also decided that she may have a future in hardcore wrestling. She will stand at her table, do this weird flip in mid-air and fall on the ground. I panic, run to her, check her and she just laughs. She also bonked her head a good three times today crawling into things, falling over things... I swear, she has these little red marks on her head. In my opinion she is proud of these marks, they make her "hardcore."

Daisy's couch potato days are over. :)

Super Daisy

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