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July 11, 2006

Daisy Eileen 201

A while back I wrote a "Daisy 101" blog where friends and family could learn more about our sweet turnip, Dilly D. Well as most babies do, she is growing up and therefore I have an advanced lesson for you all called Daisy Eileen 201.

Daisy's vocabulary is growing like crazy. She now says: hi, hey, dad, dada, daddy, mama, go, oh boy, thank you and butt (my personal favorite).

Daisy can play her "toy" piano with one finger on each hand and sings while she plays her music. She does not bang on the keyboard like you would expect, she is extremely exact with which key she hits and when she hits it.

Piano Girl

Daisy is enrolled in a music class through Gymboree and she is the only baby in this class who sings along with the songs and claps her hands.

She has started to curl up on her side when she sleeps at night. I know this because most nights, after around 4am she is curled up asleep on my side of the bed.

Daisy loves to stand and is able to pull herself up holding on to our hands.

Daisy has started eating more solid foods including ginger snaps, apples, plums, crackers, ice cream (twist no less), yogurt, Naan (Indian bread) and the good old stand-bys veggie puffs and wagon wheels.

Daisy has two teeth on the bottom in front and three more are popping in up front on top. She is starting to look like a little Dracula.

Curious Daisy

She loves to go for car rides and sings along (in Daisy babble) with Johnny Cash, Ella Fitzgerald, Madonna, Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson, almost anything Motown and many many more.

Daisy is not a huge fan of sand.

Daisy's nicknames include: D, Little D, Dilly, Deedle, Dilly D, DD, Daze, Daz-i-leen, Stinker, Turkey, Turnip, Sweet Potato, Chicken... basically anything that pops out of our mouths can become a nickname.

Daisy's hair is officially long enough to put tiny tiny tiny barrettes and clips in - WHOOHOO!

Daisy is wearing mostly sz 12 month clothing, which is a big deal considering that she is "developmentally" only 9 1/2 months old. She is long and lean, just like her daddy.

Most importantly, Daisy is a happy, healthy, ROBUST (our peds word!), sensitive, loving little girl who enjoys just being with her family and exploring the world around her. I continue to be amazed by her fire, her heart and her sweet spirit.

Cutie Pie

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