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September 10, 2006

Daisy the incredible toddler

In the NICU I knew my daughter was going to be independent. Firey. Headstrong. Stubborn. I was thrilled about it, used to whisper to her "atta girl" when the nurses told me she kept pulling her "sunglasses" off and wires out. I would secretly smile inside when I'd show up at the NICU and the nurses would seem worn out, they'd ask me "did she move around that much in your belly?"

Aww yes, my firestarter. My fighter.

So you think I'd be prepared for Daisy the incredible toddler yes?

Not even close.

Crabby Girl

Perhaps I was in denial, thinking that my sweet turnip, my lovely flower, would always do as I wished, because -I- am her mommy. HA! If she could make full sentences just yet she would say, "Silly mommy, DUH! Now get outta my way, I need to change the channel back to Dragon Tales."

There are so many things that are wonderful and yet... making me crazy. Wonderful because I love to see her grow, develop, be her amazing self. But making me nuts.

Crazy. Certifiable. Going bananas. You get the picture.

For instance...

Daisy has started to boycott sleep.

Not sure why, you'd think that sleeping for as long as you like, every day of your life, would be a (thanks Martha) "good thing." Someone to rock you, feed you, change you, kiss your head and sing to you... again, a "good thing." Warm jammies, nice nightlight, comfy crib... yet again, a "good thing."

Where do I sign up?

But noooooooooooooooooooooooo. Not the amazing, incredible toddler Daisy. She would rather stay up late crawling all over the place, wake up at 3am trying to crawl, wake up at 5am trying to crawl - finally getting mom to drag her tired hiney out of bed... so she can crawl.

Okay, so yes, I worried, complained, cried, prayed that she would crawl, that she would move. And in my heart I am so incredibly thankful, so grateful, so proud of my turnip... but my dry, gritty eyes, my sleepy brain... they're not so sure about this whole mobility thing.

Not even bringing her to bed with me is working these days, used to she wouldn't try to get up, she would just curl up next to me and drift off to sweet slumber. Yesterday morning I felt her sort of moving about, next thing I know she's sitting up, hitting me on the butt, like get up mama. In fact, with every "bap" she was saying "mama mama mama mama."

There is definitely some "independence switch" that has been flipped since she figured out she doesn't need me to move her around. You can sense her thinking, "hmmmm, this is all about me. I can do what I want, when I want. And really, that mommy person with the crazy hair can't do a whole lot to stop me. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Another wonderful challenge is feeding.

Bottles are going to the wayside, yet she won't take a cup. She pushes away spoonfuls of baby food and yet she won't eat a ton of table food. She makes the funniest face when I try to give her a bite to eat, she pushes the spoon away and looks like she's smelled something terrible. The nose squishes, the lips turn downward. Again, if she could talk she would say, "Silly mommy. Where's my Cheerios and cheese sticks?"

I think I'm going to wake up one day and she'll have changed into a Cheerio or a butter cracker, for the most part that's about all she wants to eat. Well, except for frozen yogurt and mandarin oranges. She spits out veggies, most fruit, meat and in addition is only eating maybe 16-20 oz of formula a day. With all of this crawling, pulling to stand and rolling around you'd think she'd be hungrier... right?

And finally, there is our fireplace. The evil, ominous fireplace. The thing they warn you about the most (besides the stairs) when your baby starts to move around.

No matter what I do, Daisy finds a way to the fireplace. I'm getting a ton of exercise, up and up I bounce, picking her up, moving her away from the fireplace. I realized this morning that I am truly getting a bit exhausted as I TRIED TO REASON with her about the fireplace. There I was, holding her in my lap, explaining the pros and cons of being near the fireplace. She kept laughing, pulling her NUK out of her mouth, and bapping me on the nose with it.

Cranky Playard

You know though, even as I sit here whining about these things, I smile. I can't help it! I am whipped, a bit frustrated and of course concerned that she isn't eating or sleeping enough - or that she'll figure out how to open the fireplace before I get to her because I'll have passed out from lack of sleep, but in my heart I am so happy. My goodness, if you had told me last summer that I'd be able to complain about these typical things that babies do, not sure I'd have believed you.

No matter how tired I get, I know that there are many scarier things that could keep me up at night. I'll take a fiery, sweet, funny little girl hitting me on the butt over that any time.

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