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November 29, 2005

Daisy's first Christmas gift - Norwegian booties

Leave it Daisy's 2nd cousin once removed, Ryn in the UK, to be granted the distinction of having given Daisy her first ever Christmas present! What an honor to say the least. I'm sure auntie Edie will be jealous :) Even Sam and I are little shocked that we were beaten to the punch on this one, especially when you consider that were notorious early openers ourselves. Hey, what's wrong with Dec. 13 anyway?

So what did Ms. Daisy receive as her first present? Why a pair of warm and fluffy Norwegian booties of course. These nifty ped protectors are pretty snazzy, with soles made of Elk leather known for its ability to be soft, strong and resistant to water. There's even growing room allotted for her as they are sized for 6-12 months. Granted, if Daisy has the Janney feet gene, she'll outgrow these in about two months. The little Buddha is already creeping past 10lbs and when stretched out, reaches 23".

norwegian booties

Way to go Ryn and thank you for the very special gift. Lastly, thanks also go out to Edie as well, for the relationship clarification between Ryn and Daisy. And yes, in case you're wondering, Edie is muy jealous but happy for little-D!

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