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May 22, 2006

Daisy's full house

This past weekend Papa and Nana Janney came out to California for a visit. They arrived on Thursday evening, right in the middle of Daisy's dinner of sweet potatoes and mango. Daisy warmed right up to them both and seemed very excited that they were here.

Friday, Paul and Rod went to dinner with a friend in Berkley while Connie and I took Miss Daisy to downtown Pleasanton for lunch. Daisy very politely ate squash in her stroller while we wolfed down yummy Mexican food. Then us girls went walking and shopping - it was a great day!

Nana, Papa and Daisy

Saturday, Nana and Papa insisted that Paul and I get away for a bit, so we went to San Jose for lunch at Kirk's Steakburgers (which was awesome) and then we ventured to the Winchester Mystery House. Although the house was a bit strange neither Paul nor I felt like it was scary, perhaps because we own a house that is just about as old as the mansion. Sure, it had oddities, but most "Painted Ladies" are a bit odd, that's what makes them priceless.

Sam and Daisy

Sunday, Daisy's Great Aunt Lynn and Uncle Randy came for lunch, they brought her some beautiful outfits for the summer. It was so much fun to watch Daisy "mingle" and get to know a small portion of her family. Daisy also got to try Sherbet for the very first time. I'm not sure she was too crazy about it, but it was great fun watching Paul give her a taste. Last night we hung out together as a family, ate Chinese food and watched the Mets beat the Yankees.

Daisy and Sherbet

Nana and Papa left this morning and we miss them already. It was so nice having family here in California, Daisy seemed to really love it. I know I sure did!

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