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April 07, 2006

Exceptional 6-month update

Some facts about our developmental appointment today...

According to our new developmental pediatrician, who rocks, Daisy's cognitive, neurological and vocal abilities are exceptional.

Daisy was able to do things that most 8/9-month-old children have just started doing, like picking a peg out of a peg board and banging small blocks together.

The doctor commented on how nicely Daisy's head was shaped, and she also thought that Daisy's CLD was nonexistent!

They actually had a growth chart for preemies, which I have never seen, and if Daisy was in a room full of other babies born at her gestation and weight she would be taller than 90% of them, heavier than 55% of them and her head would be bigger than 75% of them. Our kiddo is BIG for a preemie.

Our doc is not sure the state of California will allow Daisy to be enrolled in the birth-3 program here because she really has no delay, but she would like a PT to monitor her for a while. She noted a bit of stiffness in her legs (nothing to be concerned about) and a hesitancy to sit on her own, again, normal. She basically said the same thing they said in Wisco, they just want to make sure she continues to develop so strongly.

Daisy officially does not have CP.

There were some things Daisy wouldn't do with the doctor because quote the doc, "she's just too observant, I can't trick her."

She estimated that her developmental age, with all things considered, is more along the lines of a 7 month old than a 6 month old. SHE'S CATCHING UP!

My goodness we are blessed.

Giggle Box Daisy

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