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January 19, 2006

Family photos and Daisy update

Yes, it's been awhile between posts again, wonder why? Anyway, we finally got around to downloading photos taken over the past month or so and couldn't wait to get them posted online. Not only did we visit grandma and grandpa Janney in Cheyenne over the holidays, but I also heard from some old high school classmates who enjoyed seeing what the Janney clan had been up to. So without further delay, enjoy the photos. As for the Daisy update, she went to the Dr.'s today, never fun, but her weight was 11.12lbs, only 4 ounces shy of the big one two. Way to go Daisy!

Sam and Daisy Janney

Mom and daughter lounging around at grandma and grandpa's.

Connie and Daisy Janney

Grandma is already preparing Daisy to take over her role at St. Mary's. Keep up the good work Little-D.

Paul and Daisy Janney

Dad and daughter cheer on their beloved Denver Broncos to victory over the former Super Bowl champs in San Jose - go Broncos! Yes, those are matching outfits.

Daisy shows off her head control

Last, but certainly not least, Daisy strikes a pose and shows everyone how high she can lift her head. What a cutie!

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