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November 11, 2006

Give us land, lots of land

We have big news to share and YIPPEE, we can finally share it with Daisy's adoring public.

Next month we are moving back to Wyoming! Yes, you read it here first (HA HA Enquirer, beat ya' to it!), the nomadic side of the Janney family is getting ready to settle down in Paul's hometown, Cheyenne, Wyo. We are all so excited, especially Daisy because now she'll have plenty of time to play with Grandma and Grandpa Janney - oh yeah, and her crazy Aunt Jenna.

Paul and I will both begin work at Sierra Trading Post, he as their Sr. Web Designer and me as a Media/Retail Marketing Specialist. Since I will be going back to work Daisy will be spending her weekdays with her grandparents. It will be a big change for Daisy and I, honestly I think it will be harder on me than on her, BUT it will be so good for our family.

Last month we flew out to Cheyenne to 1) celebrate Halloween, 2) celebrate our 7th anniversary and 3) find a house. Luckily all three went very well! We will be closing on our new house on December 4 - it's a brand new home in a neighborhood called Western Hills. It has three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a great kitchen, formal dining, open floor plan and best of all... a fenced back yard fit for a princess.

This is our new house:

Home Sweet Home

The movers come and pack us on December 14, load us on the 15th and then we hit the road for Cheyenne on the 16. We will be camping out at Grandpa and Grandma's for a week or so while our "stuff" gets moved across country, hopefully we'll start moving in by the end of December.

We told Daisy about the big move earlier in the week during her nightly fudge bar consumption. At first she was shocked when we told her the good news, but as you can see she was quite happy when it sunk in.



Of course that crazy grin could be a sugar high resulting from her fudge bar but I'd like to think she's smiling because she realizes that our new house has a big fenced back yard and she might have a"doggie" someday soon. Who knows? :)

Well that's the big news on our family's home front for now - thank you for checking in with us dear reader.

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