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November 06, 2005

Halloween at Janney manor + Daisy photo

It's been awhile since either Sam or I have posted, so there a few things to catch up on.

First off, Halloween and what went down at our infamous corner home. Good stuff...

Ma 'n Pa Janney made the trek from out west for the weekend, which freed us up to decorate in the same fashion we've become known for the last 3 years - pumpkin tree, strobes and of course a lot of tombstones and pumpkins in the yard. The new addition to the display was a full-size skeleton hanging from the front porch. I was a little worried about smaller kids would react, but I don't think they even noticed. It's funny, but most of the kids react to the strobes more than anything else. In fact, every year it seems like, one or two of them swear to Sam that we have ghosts on our second floor.

After it was all said and done we had gone through almost 20 bags of candy and close to 250 trick'er treat'rs! It was the most successful night we've had since moving to Mineral Point. It also helps we live on a high-traffic corner.

Now for your Daisy fix...

As for Little-D Janney, she continues to chug along the road of life and grow, grow, grow. We'll have an official weight and height on Tuesday following her home-health nurse visit. Other than that, she's started to react to both Sam and I on a regular basis by tracking us visually and letting out little smiles here and there. Her feedings have also gone well as every now and then she chugs down 90cc's (3 ounces). She's also cut us some slack at night, but sleeping anywhere from 5-6 hours at a time. I know mom is very thankful for that. Enjoy the latest pic of Daisy doing what she does best!

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