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July 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Daisy Doodle!

It has come to pass, the infant formerly known as Daisy Eileen is now a soon-to-be toddling one-year-old. My daughter, my little two and a half pound baby is now an 18lb little girl. What a difference a year makes.

Look Who's 1

She woke up at 6 this morning after sleeping through most of the night so I brought her to bed with us in hopes that she might sleep a bit longer. She curled up on her side and slept next to me until 7 when she decided to punch daddy in the nose. So Daisy and I got up, I quietly sang "Happy Birthday" to her as I changed her diaper, then she ate her bottle. Soon after daddy came downstairs and it was time to decorate! Now believe it or not, I get a little snippy sometimes when I'm working, but Paul hung in there and we created an extremely "girlie girl" b-day room fit for a queen.

Afterwards we all got cleaned up and headed to the park. She played in the swings and daddy took her down the slide a couple of times. We sat in the grass under beautiful blue skies and then Paul gave her a horsie ride around the park.

Dad Daisy Slide

We came home (taking the long way so we could get a ride in) and Daisy snoozed a bit. When she woke up we decided it was present time! She wasn't too sure about tearing into the presents, but with some help from mom and dad she managed just fine. She made out like a bandit! Clothes, toys, DVD's, books... she definitely cleaned up.

Present Time

Paul put her new learning table together then we all sat on the couch to watch some baseball and relax. Daisy soon fell asleep and Paul and I decided we wanted Indian food for dinner. When Paul came home with the food Daisy woke up and was SO crabby, wow! I kept wondering where my happy baby had gone.

It took some time to get her to calm down and start smiling again, but after her solids at dinner she was in a much better mood. She ate well so it was time to bring out the cake! Originally I was going to make the cake, but the more I read about babies not really eating said cake I decided to buy a small one from the bakery. We weren't going to eat any so we decided to let her at it! At first she wasn't sure about the cake either, slowly but surely she started to pick at it, then eventually she tore into it like crazy!


It was EVERYWHERE, and she was having a ball. We gave her a little frosting, which seemed to be okay, and she even fed herself a big ol' hand full of cake - which made her gag and she spit up a bit. After she was done decimating the cake I whisked her away to the bath tub where she and I played with her fishies and cleaned the cake out from between her fingers, from behind her ears... it was such fun.

Now she is sitting with daddy, playing quietly with her new toys watching more baseball. SHEW! What a day! What a wonderful day. I am so proud of my little one-year-old. She has come so far, I can't wait to see where we are headed next.

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