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March 24, 2008

Happy Bunny Day!

Easter was officially the first holiday where Daisy seemed to "get it." We colored eggs on Saturday night - she was AMAZING and didn't get any color on anything that wasn't egg-related. We both put "SesaStweet" stickers all over the eggs (man, I am starting to really dislike that little, red, furry monster) and then put them in the refrigerator to give to Nana and Pawpaw the next day.


Mr. Easter Bunny and I decided to hide plastic eggs filled with goodies this year instead of the real deal - I can just see myself finding a missing egg six months from now... yeeesh.

Easter morning Daisy spotted one plastic egg right away, but didn't seem to think anything of it. Then her dad started telling her to keep looking - she would squeal with delight every time she found an egg. Said egg would then make its way to a pile of other "found eggs." Once she and her daddy were done hunting, she proceeded to break into the eggs, scarfing down all the chocolate goodies inside.

Caleb wasn't entirely sure what was going on, but he was pretty sure he didn't like his sister stealing from his basket...


Afterward, we all got cleaned up and went to church with Nana. Caleb got out of it this year, but like his dad said, "Enjoy it buddy, this is your one get-outta-church free card." Well, during mass, Nana noticed that there weren't enough folks to handle communion, so she hopped up to help out. DAISY FREAKED. Started crying, screaming, "Nana, nana, nana..."

I tried to make my way through all of the other good Catholics with my screaming two year old, some moved, some got moved. Eventually we made it outside where Daisy and I spent the rest of mass sitting in the truck reading a library book.

Finally, last night we had a big turkey dinner - I actually made a pretty awesome bird if I do say so myself. Of course Daisy preferred to eat gold fish and chocolate (we'll be lucky if she ever poops again) but at least Paul and Caleb enjoyed it. Bbass loved the sweet taters and seemed to enjoy the mashed taters although the texture was a bit strange.


All in all, it was a bunny-rific Easter!

I hope you and yours had just as much fun... minus the screaming in the midst of people visiting God.

Thanks as always for checking in with the Janneys!

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