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March 07, 2005

In the womb

On Sunday night, Sam and I watched National Geographic's original presentation In the Womb. I have to admit, after they got to week 14, end of the first hour, we both petered out and ended up watching anything but, National Geographic. There's only so much science the two of us can take, but it was pretty amazing to see 3D and 4D visuals of babies as young as 8-weeks. Yes, 8-weeks if you can believe that? One of the more interesting concepts discussed was the interaction between twins (don't get any thoughts, Connie) as being in such close quarters advances their ability to sense their surroundings earlier than a lone baby.

For us, Sam's first ultrasound is slated for Monday, the 21st. I've heard they can give you a copy of the picture. If that happens we'll be sure to share.

Posted by paul at March 7, 2005 01:13 PM in Daisy rant

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