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March 30, 2005

Janney Fam is on VACATION!

Howdy-do from the equality state, W-Y-O! Paul and I arrived safely Saturday evening after flying out of Milwaukee, which was actually quite painless except for finding parking in the strange circular garage -but hey, we did it. Now if we can just remember the color, number and letter we're parked in. :)

Easter Sunday was sunny and gorgeous, we went to breakfast with Paul's grandparents then on to church. Jenna and Connie were kind enough to throw me a baby shower that afternoon - it was great! We received many nice things for the baby - gotta love that JUMPEROO!- plus I had a chance to visit with relatives I don't see that often. They served yummy orange sherbet punch and angel food cake with the MOST beautiful strawberries I think I've ever seen.

Monday the high here was 68; we were able to play softball with Jenna and be outside for most of the day. Being in Wisco we had forgotten that A) the sun does shine and B) it doesn't have to snow every other day of the week.

Tuesday we headed down to Denver for the day, and did some shopping. We went to Park Meadows, where Paul found a pair of tennies he's been looking for for ages, then we cruised our old Littleton 'hood. We drove down Broadway and looked at the many many many car lots (who knew there were this many cars for sale in the world), then headed to Cherry Creek where I found the most perfect bag for baby. Afterwards we met the fabulous Miss Jenna at her apt and the three of us had dinner at the Saucy Noodle which was AWESOME! Great food, wonderful service with a "Lady and the Tramp" atmosphere. If you're ever in the Denver area I highly recommend this lil hole in the wall with great marinara.

Today is Wednesday and we are just starting to get around. That's the beauty of being on vacation, being able to take your time to get around. :) We're going to try and visit more family today and just enjoy being out west. We will update you lovely readers when we return to Wisco.

As always, thank you for reading our Janney family blog. OH, by the way, we are officially 15 weeks along today - only 25 more to go until Janney Bean will be here! YAY!

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