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March 13, 2005

Janney Family site updates

Over the past week I've made some updates to the site from both a functionality and editorial standpoint that are noteworthy.

On the functionality side of things, I've added a font size control, which now appears in the header navigation, an XML feed option in the right-hand nav and streamlined the footer URIs and primary CSS file.

As for new editorial content, I've made a number of additions to the site including an entirely new "about us" section (still very rough), an image of Harmon's headstone in Kansas, portfolio pieces to my resume, a site map and of course, a few links to some of my favorite CSS sites AKA PJ Time Killers.

My hope is the next editorial update will be of the baby kind from Sam.

Pups gone wild: Almost forgot this fine piece of new content, here's a video of our dogs "playing" with a toy (2.2mb). This was taken with a new digital camera. Not too shabby, eh?

Posted by paul at March 13, 2005 04:41 PM in Paul rant

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