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July 05, 2007

Janney family update and photos

Sam and Caleb arrived home yesterday afternoon. Both are doing great and Caleb has already proven himself in true Janney fashion as an eating machine. Also, as promised, included are a few more photos of Caleb, mom, grandma and Daisy. Unlike the puppies, which we had to giveaway in Wisconsin when Daisy was born, Little Dilly did not try and attack the newborn or eyeball him like a chew toy (yeah, gross, but totally funny).

Speaking of our monster eater, she celebrated her second birthday on Tuesday and is officially now a two year old. We plan on having a more formal get together soon, as Tuesday was a bit of whirlwind although she did get her favorite lunch served to her including: Grape soda, cheese crumbles, Taco John's potato ole's and green beans. Please don't send social services a knocking :)

sam janney caleb janney newborn

daisy connie caleb and sam janney

caleb janney

daisy janney birthday

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