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November 07, 2005

Just Me N' Daisy

[Ed. Note: Yet another installment from my blog on the March of Dimes web site. I wrote this post on Aug. 31 right after Grandma Connie, Aunt Jena and Great Aunt Edie came out for a visit. Hope you enjoy!]

Yesterday was just wonderful. They let us "unplug" Daisy and head to a family room for her 2:30 "second lunch." Daddy fed her and she took a whole 54 cc's (after having taken 50 cc's at her prior feeding). Then grandma held her for a bit because it was almost time for her to catch her cab to the hospital.

Finally, grammy handed me lil Daisy and she and Paul went down so Connie could catch her cab. For about 20 minutes it was just me and Daisy, no nurse, no monitor, just me and my sweet lil flower. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. I wasn't afraid to touch and hold her, and I kept talking to her quietly, telling how absolutely and tremendously proud of her mommy and daddy are, how lovely she is, how brilliant she is and will be, and that she didn't need to worry about anything, that was my job. She curled up and slept, grunting, groaning and stretching every once in a while. I had the most amazing sense of being her mother... finally. What love you have for your children, just when you think it can't get much deeper and truer, it hits you again and again.

The physical therapist came into the family room to meet with us, so I was able to hold Daisy during that meeting as well. She said that her side preference has really improved and that she's not overly concerned about it. She also doesn't need to see Daisy for six months, she said that if she felt that there was an evident problem we'd meet much sooner, so we felt really good. The PT was so reassuring and supportive - she brought up a "Birth to 3" class with us, and we said ABSOLUTELY. Anything Daisy might need to grow and become the sweet lil diva she is meant to be. It sounds like in our state the team will actually come to your home, especially during the winter months so you don't have to bring your little one out into the nasty cold/flu season.

Today is our big "care conference," I keep trying to think of everything I need to ask about her care at home. I hope we don't forget something important - sounds like we might get a tentative "homecoming date" in this meeting - we'll see. Neither of us want to rush Daisy, we just want her to be healthy. But ya know, I've gotta admit, I REALLY MISS HER.

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