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May 13, 2006

Less Daisy more metrics about Janney Family

First off, thank you Sam for keeping the updates and new posts coming on Janney Family over the last few weeks. Also, thank you to everyone that has responded to the posts about Daisy and our northern California exploits. It's made our transition out here that much easier and allowed us to keep in touch with friends from coast-to-coast.

For awhile now, since about the time this site turned a year old, I've been wanting to share some insight into JanneyFamily.com and the type of information we know about our visitors - muwhahahaha. Really, it's not as evil as it sounds, and for a site like this, it's more of a general curiousity. So, without further delay on to the stats, which, unless specified, are from Jan. 1 through today courtesy of Google Analytics.

1. According to Alexa, our site ranks 1,006,711 in total internet traffic.

2. Since Jan 1, 2006 we've had 2,655 visitors and 7,415 page views

3. The homepage is the most popular page of the site with 1,194 entrances

4. The Harmon Hubbard section is number two with a mere 526

5. The most visited individual post has been the one about Sam's Nike shoes

6. Outside of the US, the site has had visitors from Germany, India, Italy, Sweden and France to name a few

7. From the US, California tops the list for visitors' origin follwed by Wisconsin, Wyoming and Oklahoma. Colorado is fifth - thanks Jennifer. :)

8. Direct request (743 visits) is the top referring source with MSN at number two (300)

9. Internet Explorer is the top browser followed by Firefox and Safari

10. Some of the search terms people have used to find the site: Ultrasound Girl, Andersonville hospital, Mineral Point, Jumperoo and my personal favorite baby thug

Hope you enjoyed the glimpse into the site. Who knows what the next year will hold?

Posted by paul at May 13, 2006 02:27 PM in Paul rant

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