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August 18, 2006

My little girl

This morning while Daisy and I were rolling around on the floor like maniacs, playing with her toys and watching Angelina Ballerina (I hate that mouse) I caught a glimpse of the little girl that Daisy is going to be. There was just something about the way she was sitting, looking at me. She's amazing. Simply, completely and totally amazing. Just when I think I've figured out this whole mommy thing, a knowing glance from my daughter makes me realize there is SO much more to know.

Daisy our Little Girl

As fall gets closer (wow, I can't believe how fast the summer is going by) I start to think about the years ahead, and how she'll be going to school one day soon. My sweet little two-pounder is going to be in school in about two years... TWO YEARS. We'll be going out to get her a backpack (I'll want pink, she'll want orange), she'll get her bangs trimmed because I know they're going to be unruly like mine, and I'll cry. She'll be ready, I know it. I won't be.

Each day it's like she's less preemie and more little girl. Somehow she sort of bypassed the whole baby thing - she's always seemed wiser to me, like she knows more than we think she does. I look up now and there is my little girl making faces at me and playing with her elephant. One day I'll look up and there she'll be, graduating high school, going off to college, getting hitched and eventually making me a grandmother. YIKES. Too much to think about for a Friday.

Cherish the time, it goes by fast.


Posted by sam at August 18, 2006 08:57 AM in Sam rant

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