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February 05, 2006

Nearly a month into our California life

In four days we'll have officially been in California for one whole month. Can that already be? Is that really possible? I can already see me re-visiting this post in eleven months thinking "has it already been a year?" Since leaving Wisconsin, for the most part, it's been a relativly smooth transistion for all three of us. Daisy was able to get her synagis shot on time and Sam has already memorized her way around the northern part of San Jose, Santa Clara and Milpitas. She's even ventured into Sunnyvale whether she realizes it or not. There's really no way to tell way city your in most of the time.

Even after 30-days into it, we're both surprised by what we see out here on almost daily basis. For example, yesterday, we had our first encounter with in-road flares set-up to alert traffic to a closed lane ahead. It's amazing to see people going 70 mph dodge what look like sparklers sitting in the road. We've also visited the western edge of the United States (Pacific Ocean) on two seperate occasions in a nearby town called Half Moon Bay (pics coming soon). This has become one of our favorite things to do as a family since there's no concern about Daisy being closed in with card-carrying influenza members of society.

As for the new job at PayPal, I'm slowly catching on to things and am learning my way around our product line. As was the case with Lands' End, it's always educational and surprising to learn how complex the business rules are behind a web site. I guess that just speaks volumes about the simplicity of the customer-experience itself.

Up next for the Janney clan is our big March 1, move to a more permanent residence in Pleasanton. We're all looking forward to getting our items out of storage and back into our hands. Grandma Connie is flying out to give us a hand unpacking, or, to babysit Daisy while the two of us unload boxes and sort thing outs. Getting this major undertaking out of the way will be a huge load off our minds.

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