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February 26, 2009

No. Mine.

How many times can we get away with saying, "Hey, sorry no blog, we've been busy?" Well, it's true - we've been busy! When you have two kids under the age of four in the same house and they both want the same toys at the same time all of the time, plus a good dose of chocolate milk, goldfish and noodles, it's tough to sit down and write.

Right now, sharing is a big initiative for the Janney children. Daisy has it down, to a point; Caleb, not so much. Of course Daisy is the big sister, the head honcho in the realm of siblings, and understands 95% of what we say to her, so it's a bit easier to explain to her why it's Caleb's turn to play with mommy's one shoe (the one I can't find a match to now, thanks to my off spring). Caleb is a bit more direct and defiant. Should he have something on hand that his sister, or heck even his dad for that matter, would like, his immediate response is, "No. Mine."

For example, the other night, we took our beautiful, sweet, loving children to Target. They like to go and look at the toys, plus Paul always buys them ice cream from the snack shop. Normally, Caleb will "allow" me to assist him with his ice cream by holding the cup and giving him spoonfuls that he will put into his own mouth. He was having NONE of that, thank you very much. I managed to keep a hand under the cup, so we wouldn't lose it on the floor or in the cart, but Caleb was not open to any other assistance. He kept saying, "Mine," and not in a friendly tone.

Well, we're wandering around Target, Daisy on foot and Caleb sitting in the cart, both children scarfing down chocolate ice cream like there's no tomorrow and enjoying a multitude of toys and other distractions. I decided to hand Caleb a small, plastic dog ("doggie," he said) to play with for a bit, thinking that surely he would lose interest in it quickly as he usually does with most toys when we shop. However, when Paul attempted to put the "doggie" back (and clean all the chocolate ice cream off Caleb's face) Caleb quite loudly and quickly said, "NO!MINE!" and jerked the toy away from his dad.

Paul looked at me, I looked at him, and we both lost it. Okay, so I know that Parenting 101 says you should never laugh at a behavior you want to discourage, but man oh man, it was hysterical. Big dad Paul getting the smack down from his own son - it was just too much.

Eventually we were able to put the doggie back (I believe I left it in the shampoo aisle, sorry Target employees) and check out. Of course, by that time Daisy had found a book she wanted, and for some reason neither one of us made the connection that only Daisy had a new "something or other" from the store until we got in the car and the screaming began.
Who knew a little boy could scream so loud?

Daisy, being queen big sister, handed the book over to her screaming banshee of a brother (after I offered her free computer time in dad's office) and all was well. When we got home, Daisy ran off to her computer and Caleb sat with his sister's book for the rest of the evening, like it was some great prize. He won the battle, but the war goes on.

caleb pre-lunch crackers

Caleb enjoying a pre-lunch snack of crackers a few weeks ago.

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