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January 11, 2007

Our happy, healthy, ELMO Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas here in Wyoming.

Daisy was such a nice girl this year that Santa brought her not one but TWO Tickle Me Elmos! Even Aunt Jenna and I received a Tickle Me Elmo... safe to say it was definitely an Elmo kind of Christmas.

Elmo and Daisy

Daisy went to Christmas Eve mass for the first time this year and was simply a little angel. She whispered when she spoke, read her books and managed to get her exercise by walking back and forth between Grandma and her daddy. We were actually able to have a picture taken of us as a family:

Janney Family

Paul snapped a picture of the "Janney women" in front of the tree, even the littlest Janney:

Janney Fems

Christmas morning was chaos - it has always been that way but this year was even wilder. So many presents under the tree for Daisy, and of course she was most interested in the boxes, bows and paper. Later that morning we all ate cinnamon rolls and Paul and Grandpa put Daisy's new red wagon together while she napped.

I'm not sure Daisy got the whole Christmas thing this year, but next year she's going to be a complete maniac. We can hardly wait.

I hope you all had a wonderful, magical Christmas as well. Thanks as always for keeping up with the Janneys. -Sam

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