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April 22, 2005

Paul's shoe fetish

As Sam can attest to, I've really been into shoes (kickz) lately - no not in that way either - geez Jennifer! Over the past two years or so I've constantly been complaining to Sam about the lack of unique styles that are available to men in a sneaker. For example, you always see great designs and unique features on women's sneakers, but guys tend to get the shaft when it comes to anything other than a basic swoosh.

Well, in my world, that has changed big time. I've latched onto my latest collection craze with a mad fury - sneaker collecting. These aren't you're everyday shoes either. Some of the "holy grails" have limited production runs of 25 or less and can exceed 1k on the secondary market. Most of the time, these shoes are produced for special events or anniversaries - NBA All-Star game, Charity Events, Adidas 35th, or contests even. Getting your hands on a pair can be as difficult as hunting down an elusive liger (props to ND).

I've only recently started my own collection, with the help of Jennifer in Denver, I've acquired three pairs from the Adidas 35th anniversary series (Boston, New York and Roc-a-fella), the latest LeBron style and more recently, picked up the Adidas 1 smart shoe which comes embedded with a microchip aimed at meeting your needs based on walking/jogging habits and terrain. This is a pair I'll definitely give a work out too, unless I sell them first on eBay.

Posted by paul at April 22, 2005 06:48 PM in Paul rant

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