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April 16, 2008

Photos of Daisy end up in the strangest places

As I've discussed before one of the most interesting aspects of having your own web site is reviewing the associated analytics. They tell you all sorts of yummy stuff about the people that visit your site and what they do. For example, according to our Google analytics, we've had visitors from 23 different countries in the past month. It also shows you folks love cable modems as it's the #1 connection speed. You also enjoy using IE, but we won't hold that against you either.

One of the more interesting data points captured is referrers. This little detail even let's me know who is "hot linking" to images on our site. Basically, what other sites are using images directly from Janney Family. Keeping that concept in mind, I thought I'd share three web sites where photos of our Daisy have appeared...note: anything goes on the links below so be prepared (aka view these at home and not at work and no porn - I promise :)

1. Trail Riders web forum (scroll down to see the pic of Dilly)

2. UMG League Forum (scroll down)

3. Zedge forums - Nike vs. Adidas (scroll down - my personal fav)

There are definitely a few others, but I haven't been able to track down the exact page. Or, maybe the pages simply don't exist anymore. *shrug*

Either way I thought people would be interested in seeing this little slice of insight into how online images get used (or abused) depending on your viewpoint.

Posted by paul at April 16, 2008 07:47 PM in Paul rant

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