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November 01, 2008

Spooktacular Halloween photos

Halloween was great. Kids got lots of candy. Blah, blah, blah. Now the photos.

Daisy-Paul Janney Halloween 2008

Daisy Pumpkin Carving Halloween 2008

Daisy Witch Costume Halloween 2008

Caleb Dinosaur Costume Halloween 2008

Daisy Caleb Halloween 2008

Posted by paul at 08:05 AM

October 07, 2007

Sleepy town USA

We promised more posts, but with two kids, us working full-time and the Colorado Rockies going bananas...well, here is the end result.

caleb daisy sleeping

(Besides, photos are more fun then boring 'ol text.)

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July 14, 2007

The icky poop t-shirt

Courtesy of Daisy's auntie Jenna...I give you dear readers of Janney Family the "icky poop" t-shirt. Happy Saturday.

Daisy Janney icky poop

Posted by paul at 03:20 PM

July 05, 2007

Janney family update and photos

Sam and Caleb arrived home yesterday afternoon. Both are doing great and Caleb has already proven himself in true Janney fashion as an eating machine. Also, as promised, included are a few more photos of Caleb, mom, grandma and Daisy. Unlike the puppies, which we had to giveaway in Wisconsin when Daisy was born, Little Dilly did not try and attack the newborn or eyeball him like a chew toy (yeah, gross, but totally funny).

Speaking of our monster eater, she celebrated her second birthday on Tuesday and is officially now a two year old. We plan on having a more formal get together soon, as Tuesday was a bit of whirlwind although she did get her favorite lunch served to her including: Grape soda, cheese crumbles, Taco John's potato ole's and green beans. Please don't send social services a knocking :)

sam janney caleb janney newborn

daisy connie caleb and sam janney

caleb janney

daisy janney birthday

Posted by paul at 11:40 AM

October 05, 2006

A day at Monterey Bay

Fishes. The girl loves fishes...and jellyfish...and starfish...and more jellyfish. This was never more apparent then last weekend when we traveled to the coast and paid the world famous Monterey Bay Aquarium on Cannery Row a visit. We've been promising Miss Daisy a trip to a real aquarium ever since she caught site of a small one in a Dr's office earlier this year. She was fascinated to say the least. The trip to the MB aquarium was memorable and words don't really do the experience justice, but let's just say the kid was impressed with what 'ol mom and dad showed her last Saturday - more oohs and ahhs than the Fourth of July. Enjoy the pix.




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May 25, 2006

Daisy blooms outside

Hello! I just wanted to post some pictures taken of Daisy yesterday. I suppose like all flowers she blooms beautifully outside.

Smiling Daisy

Outside With Daisy

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April 14, 2006

San Francisco trip leaves mixed emotions plus free money!

Greetings Janney Family fanatics (aka Daisy-ites)! It's always great to take some time out of my busy week and drop a post that's a little out of the ordinary for this site. The topic today, our second visit to the city by the Bay - San Francisco.

Unlike our first trip to the "city," which ended up coming to an abrupt halt after 101 unexpectedly turned into the heart of downtown SF, we had a highly experienced traveler and knowledgeable city slicker at our side - Daisy's aunt, my sis, Jennifer Janney.

Having her join our motley party gave us the confidence boost to venture into the belly of the beast again. OK, it wasn't really the belly of the beast, just Fisherman's Wharf, but you'll see what I mean. What made the trip so memorable wasn't the incredible views of the Bay, including the Golden Gate bridge, the Wharf itself and copious amounts of clam chowder in a bread bowl, no, it was the fist fight that broke out in the middle of the street between two guys in their late-40s, early-50s. I'd have to say the latter took the brunt of the punishment, including having his glasses knocked off. For anyone out there who wears glasses, including myself, you know how embarrassing this can be. Needless to say, in true "city" fashion, the fist-a-cuffs came to abrupt halt after a parking attendant intervened and the younger of the two sped off in his hybrid.

Wow. I felt kinda bad for the older guy, and given that today is Good Friday, I'll just have to keep my fighting style advice for him to myself. If nothing else it was definitely a trip we'll never forget. Here's a pic of Aunt Jennifer, Samantha and Daisy at Fisherman's Wharf.

jennifer sam and daisy janney in SF

Ok, ok, I'll get to the free money part of the post now. Yesterday I ducked out of work early and on my way home along the I-680 northern corridor I noticed a larger number of police heading onto the southbound route. Furthermore, once I was on 680 it appeared that 5-10 vehicles were parked in the middle of the freeway. Once home, I learned what had occurred about 15-minutes prior to my arrival on 680, was that a high-speed chase of bank robbers had just blown through there. The robbers, in there haste to make a quick getaway; decided they would also dispose of any incriminating evidence, namely, the cash. So here it was the start of rush hour and free money was floating around the highway. Forget about watching Cops this week, I think I've met my quota already.

Time to the end this post on a more positive note. Enjoy some more pics of Daisy J! You can tell she's getting her mom's taste for luxury handbags and purses. Fuggaboutit!

coach diaper bag baby

Daisy whats up?

Posted by paul at 02:22 PM

February 22, 2006

Daisy sporting her new baby Nike's

Like father like daughter. Over the weekend, I couldn't resist picking up Daisy's first pair of kix at the Nike Outlet in the Milpitas Great Mall. These particular shoes are a size 2, a little big, but that allows for some needed growing room. Speaking of growing room, Daisy blew past 13lbs and is a lengthy 25-inches now. Her new Dr., her third one in two months, even commented that she is really starting to catch up with her full-term brethen. Give 'em hell Daisy. Enjoy the pic.

Daisy and Nike shoes

Posted by paul at 08:41 PM

February 18, 2006

The Janney's hit Santana Row

Today was a big day for Miss Daisy as she finally got her first taste of shopping with a trip to San Jose's Santana Row. First and foremost, this is an outdoor shopping district and secondly, we walked it early Saturday morning and only window shopped - no in-store fun was had. Sam used our cell phone to snap a quick pic of me 'n Daisy so everyone could enjoy a momento of this historic occasion.

Daisy and Paul Janney Santana Row

Posted by paul at 03:05 PM

February 15, 2006

Living the life of Daisy

Do you find yourself wondering what a day in the life of Daisy and Sam is like? If so then THIS is the blog for you!

As Daisy continues to grow each day becomes a bit more interesting with this "Stay at Home Mom" gig. Most days we are up and at 'em by 7 a.m., she eats at least 5 ouces of formula then we're off to take a nap... the both of us! I really don't sleep, but I lay with her and relax while she snoozes like an old man.

Daisy and Sam Before

Daisy and Sam After

As Daisy continues to grow each day becomes a bit more interesting with this "Stay at Home Mom" gig. Most days we are up and at 'em by 7 a.m., she eats at least 5 ouces of formula then we're off to take a nap... the both of us! I really don't sleep, but I lay with her and relax while she snoozes like an old man.

After the diva decides to wake up, usually around 8:45 or so, we venture to the living room for some teletubbies and breakfast for mom. Daisy sits on the couch reading her Elmo or Peek a Boo book while I eat my Rice Krispies. Of course she spends a lot of time eyeballing my cereal and I remind her that she's not quite ready for this type of rice cereal just yet.

Around 9:30 I make her some rice cereal and add a little sweet potatoe to it, she will then eat about a tablespoon or so (while wearing another tablespoon on her face) and then she'll scarf down another 5 ounce bottle of formula. Once she has eaten we break out the baby gym and she exercises, hitting her blocks which makes the star play a song... over and over again. She also spends a great deal of time making raspberries at me and drooling everywhere.

(I won't mention the dozen or so times I change her diaper during the day, or what evils may lay within those diapers, just know we go through a LOT of diapers these days.)

She'll eat lunch around 12 then we watch an hour of "I Love Lucy," during which time she usually will drift off and sleep for about an hour. She has lots of horsie rides on my lap and her tummy gets gobbled up quite a bit during the afternoon, in the middle of bottles and diaper changes. Daddy comes home around 5:30 and Daisy is in for even more playing with him.

During the evening she spends a lot of time with daddy, which gives me a bit of a break. Then bedtime comes along and we spend time holding and rocking the princess until she is ready for bed. She drifts to sleep in her crib and dreams sweet baby dreams which in my opinion include giant bottles, ponies and being able to drive the Yukon.

Just a typical day in the life of Daisy doodle. :)

Posted by sam at 06:18 PM

February 06, 2006

Daisy takes up reading

Mom snapped the following pic of Daisy 'reading' her book the other day, while she sat up on the couch. She's able to stay put for a good 5-10 mins., between the seat cushions and seems to have a blast doing so. She's already reading more than dad.

Daisy reading book

Posted by paul at 07:37 PM

January 27, 2006

Bottles and Nuk Nuks

On Tuesday I braved California traffic (for a whopping 4 miles) to take Daisy to her six-month check-up. Yes, she is SIX MONTHS OLD. Seems like only yesterday I was sitting next to her Isolette watching her tiny little hands grip my pinky finger, and yet here she is, a 12 pound, 25 inch miracle sitting in her bumbo playing with daddy and her worm.

At her check-up she was, as I said, 12 pounds and 25 inches long. The doc was very pleased with her progress and said that since she has been eating between 28-32+ ounces consistently each day we could start her on solids! So we've been giving her a little cereal and although she's not crazy about it, as with everything else, she comes through like a trooper. Next we will try veggies, probably starting with sweet potatos or carrots.

She also had more shots - that makes four in the last week and a half with her first flu shot and synagis last week. I still think I cry more than she does when they poke her, however my tears aren't quite as dramatic. If it was acceptable for a grown woman to cry like Daisy does I could probably give her a run for her money.

As I come to the end of this blog she is now sitting in one of her favorite places, her daddy's lap, doing one of her favorite things, eating. ;) I am so proud of our not-so-little flower, she's getting to be so big! What they say is true, they grow up fast, next thing I know she'll be asking to borrow the keys to the truck and I'll be missing these days of bottles and nuk nuks.

Daisy Janney Bumbo

Posted by sam at 08:21 PM

December 17, 2005

Our West Coast Chopper thug

Here's a photo op we had to take advantage of - I think it also illustrates how stir crazy both Sam and I are. When do we leave? Anyway, enjoy the pic of thug baby r's us.


Posted by paul at 01:19 PM

December 13, 2005

Dad and daughter strike a pose

Nothing much to say about this post, other than enjoy the photo of me and Little-D.

daisy and paul janney

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December 07, 2005

Daisy takes the Jumperoo for a spin

Back in March, at my one and only baby shower, one of Paul's eight aunts and uncles (the Hupps) gave "the baby" a Jumperoo. Not sure if you have seen these things, but they are the Cadillac of baby jump seats. Crazy seat, with lights, music, toys to play with - we're talking baby luxury. At the time I was so excited to get it, and I remember thinking "this is going into the basement for at least a year."

Well yesterday as I was going through things for the move, I came across the ol' Jumperoo and started reading the box. Apparently there is no real age requirement for said Jumperoo, just that the child must have head control to use it. I thought to myself, "Hey, Daisy has good head control, what the heck!"

So I dragged this contraption up from the basement and started putting it together - bless Fisher Price because they make everything easy to assemble. Daisy sat in her car seat watching me like I was a freak, but she definitely had interest in all of the bright and shiny things I was "playing" with.

Then came the moment of truth, would she be able to sit in the Jumperoo. I started to slide her into the cute little orange, kangaroo covered chair and at first she looked COMPLETELY and TOTALLy panicked. And of course, she's not quite heavy enough to really bring the seat down low enough for her to push off and literally jump alone. It was so funny, her little legs hanging out of the bottom of the seat.

So I helped her bounce, and turned on all of the bells and whistles - she was hysterical. After a while she was sort of moving her body back and forth even when I wasn't bouncing her, trying to make it go. Dad took a couple pictures of her while she was in it last night, and I've posted my favorite.

HiYO Daisy Away

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December 05, 2005

Sitting up and taking notice

Sam and I felt the site had been lacking in a new Daisy photo so here you go! This was taken last Friday when mom propped up little-D to see what she thought of relaxing on the couch like an adult. Survey says? She liked it!

daisy janney sitting

Posted by paul at 09:43 PM

November 23, 2005

Good news and bad news about the site

First the bad news, I somehow blew away the photos folder from the web site. This, on top of having to rebuild the hard drive, was really the icing on the cake. Sam and I only have what's left on Shutterfly now for photos from the past 6 months - very depressing.

The good news is we can always take more pictures! Also, on the geek side of things, in conjuntion with our intern at work, I was able to get cruft free URLs working for the site. There are some practical applications for doing this, but I won't bore anyone to tears. Lastly, I converted the site from SHTML to PHP! Anyway, happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the first of many new pics to come of baby Daisy and the rest of the family.


Posted by paul at 08:27 PM

November 17, 2005

Happy as a Daisy

Sam happened to snap this photo yesterday of Miss Daisy grinnin' away and we just had to share it.


We also received more good news on her health the other day as well, as she was semi-graduated from her birth-to-3 class already. Both her Social Worker and Physical Therapist thought she was right were she needed to be for her adjusted age of two months. Needless to say we were, and still are, some mighty proud parents. You go Daisy.

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November 06, 2005

Halloween at Janney manor + Daisy photo

It's been awhile since either Sam or I have posted, so there a few things to catch up on.

First off, Halloween and what went down at our infamous corner home. Good stuff...

Ma 'n Pa Janney made the trek from out west for the weekend, which freed us up to decorate in the same fashion we've become known for the last 3 years - pumpkin tree, strobes and of course a lot of tombstones and pumpkins in the yard. The new addition to the display was a full-size skeleton hanging from the front porch. I was a little worried about smaller kids would react, but I don't think they even noticed. It's funny, but most of the kids react to the strobes more than anything else. In fact, every year it seems like, one or two of them swear to Sam that we have ghosts on our second floor.

After it was all said and done we had gone through almost 20 bags of candy and close to 250 trick'er treat'rs! It was the most successful night we've had since moving to Mineral Point. It also helps we live on a high-traffic corner.

Now for your Daisy fix...

As for Little-D Janney, she continues to chug along the road of life and grow, grow, grow. We'll have an official weight and height on Tuesday following her home-health nurse visit. Other than that, she's started to react to both Sam and I on a regular basis by tracking us visually and letting out little smiles here and there. Her feedings have also gone well as every now and then she chugs down 90cc's (3 ounces). She's also cut us some slack at night, but sleeping anywhere from 5-6 hours at a time. I know mom is very thankful for that. Enjoy the latest pic of Daisy doing what she does best!

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October 26, 2005

Preemie princess and her puppy

Since Harmon, our Parson Rusell Terrier, came home he has proven to be quite the little helper with Miss Daisy. When he wiggled his little tail in the door last Sunday we were happy to see that he was well behaved, little did we know that he would soon prove to be the "mother dog." He tends to Daisy quite a bit, guarding her, sleeping next to her, even giving her sweet puppy kisses. If he could change diapers and make bottles he could be our nanny! Daisy seems fascinated with him, especially his nose because we have to cotinually stop her from sucking on it. What a treat for our "Little D," to find a best friend this early in life.

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October 22, 2005

Happy one month adjusted b-day

Yesterday, Oct. 21, Daisy celebrated her one month age adjusted birthday as her original due date was Sept. 21. Daisy spent this momentous occasion by eating, sleeping, crying and farting - basically, doing all the things a full term baby is expected to do. Her only connection to her preemie start that day was she received her first synagis shot. Boy was she excited. Honestly, I think it was harder on mom then little 'ol Daisy :) Happy ONE MONTH Daisy and enjoy the pics!

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June 12, 2005

The rojo baby wagon and summer flowers

Yes, Paul and Sam have been slacking again on updates to the 'ol site. But, this week was a busy one with both of us finally recovering from a serious case of the flu. Sam was eventually diagnosed with bronchitis (yes, I spelled that right the first time), while I hacked and sputtered my way through the week as well. Neither one of us are 100% still, but we were able to find time to get a new "baby-safe" vehicle, which was a major task we wanted to wrap-up. The end result of a 3-month search was a used red Saturn - pictured below.

And it's been so far so good as this vehicle has been a great buy and met our expectations from a comfort and power standpoint. It was bittersweet for both Sam and I having to part with the Acura RSX, but we knew it wasn't going to be baby friendly and was pretty rough on my old man back. The VUE on the other hand, meets all of our baby requirements including latches in the center seat for added safety and easy access to those inevitable runny 'Janney' noses. Nothing like being a two SUV family! You can see the blank tank in the garage.

I also wanted to share an image from one of our gardens. Below is a pic from one of the many Japanese bushes along the side of our house. These popped a few days ago and really sprang to life this week from all the rain and humidity. Enjoy.

Posted by paul at 12:26 PM

June 04, 2005

Memorial Day Photos

Just a poor man's update this week. I've been a little under the weather *cough* lately, so new posts and/or site updates are few and far between. Over the holiday, I finally got around to using the digital camera for something other than Ebay auctions or photos of the dogs, family photos. Here are some pics I snapped over the Memorial Day weekend - which saw beautiful weather! In fact, we finally topped 70 and had no wind. Of course this prompted mass hysteria including Rod and I cooking out for Connie and Sam. Crazy. Enjoy the pics.

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May 14, 2005

POW - Sam rocks her Nike Air Force 1s

How to get more oohs and ahhs than the 4th of July...

A pair of sweetheart shoes for my sweetheart. Besides MY shoe fetish, Sam has one as well, which is a nice compliment to her purse and handbag obsession. Here are Sam's feet, along with our evil dog, showing off her latest kicks - the Nike Air Force 1 Valentine edition from Feb. 14, 2005. On Saturday alone, she received 3-4 complements on these bad boyz from complete strangers. Up next on her list are the Easter pair from earlier this year. Hey, at least it's not a crack habit.

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March 22, 2005

POW - Sam and her baby tee

knocked up: This is what happens when you combine the creative forces of myself, Sam and the unborn Bean - a pink t-shirt that only a mother could love. This clever, somewhat off-color creation is courtesy of a design Sam and I put together and had printed up by the fine folks at cafepress (what a service). Anyway, Sam wanted something that announced to the world she was with child, but was somewhat unique, and in-line with her sense of humor and voila! The outcome is shown above. Not shown is the back of the shirt where we had the due date printed. Who knows what will be in store for Auntie Jenna and the first-time grandparents as the possibilities are endless.

design background: The font used is Walt Disney Script (nice, eh?), while the animal is from a font family called Garanimals.

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March 19, 2005

Picture of the Week (POW)

About the Picture of the Week Feature:

Yes, it's another JanneyFamily.com enhancement to keep readers coming back for more - the POW! As best Sam and I can, we'll be posting an image a week about whatever strikes our fancy. This week it is an exciting pic of my PC-hardware setup found in the dungeon of our house. I purchased the Dell system a few weeks ago after my old PC blew a fuse - literally.

Trust me, the POW feature can only improve from here on out so stay tuned.

Posted by paul at 07:34 PM