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October 12, 2005

Rising to the top on Google the SEO way

First off, if you're looking for news on little Miss Daisy Janney you've come to the wrong post. This rant is completely dedicated to everyone's favorite topic - SEO. What is SEO you ask? Search Engine Optimiazation is what that be, or at least stand for. While the topic itself isn't all that interesting, the end results can be.

I think I've addressed this geek issue before on past posts - PD (pre Daisy), but I figured it was high time to revist and see where things stand. The reason SEO is important for a web site is that in applying some basic mark-up techniques, you can increase your ranking on Google. The latest example of this applied technique can be found when you do a search for "janney family" on Google. On the first page of results you'll notice janneyfamily.com comes up in the first few records (first or second), which is exactly what you when executing SEO for your own site. Most published studies show that users very rarely venture past the first page or two of results on Google, so you want to try and hit as close to #1 as possible. There is an alternative to SEO and capturing top-page billing and that is by paying for advertising space.

SEO Tips:

- Buy a targeted domain name (ex. sports.com for sports).*
- Name directories and files relevant to the page content (/sports/)
- Use page titles that are relevant to the page content (Sports)
- Create a relevant meta description
- Craft and create content that is relevant to the topic being discussed
- When creating content use rich keywords that people would search on
- Cross-link content on your site (site map anyone?)
- Keep content in visible page area. i.e. Don't suppress under pulldowns
- Use clean, standardized mark-up
- Utilize heading tags for what they were intended for <h1><h2><h3>
- Keep your content fresh and up to date. No one likes a stale site
- Check/track the amount of spidering Google has done to your site
- Get listed in the open source dmoz.org search index
- Have quality referral links coming into your site

*Of course finding, and even affording, a quality domain name is hard to come by these days - especially in the dotCOM space. An alternative would be to see if .net or .tv is available as these are usually cheaper and easier to obtain.

Lastly, there are also a number of do nots as well, but that discussion is better suited for a future post.

Hope this helps! btw, Daisy is over 8lbs now :)

Posted by paul at October 12, 2005 07:29 PM in Paul rant

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