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January 12, 2006

Safe and sound in California

Just wanted to drop a quick note letting everyone know that Sam, Daisy and I have safely arrived in good 'ol San Jose, California. From a travel standpoint, the trip out west from Wisconsin was pretty uneventful with Daisy only getting worked up a few times from being in her car seat too long - she is going to be a great traveler just like her Auntie Jenna.

Between here and Wisco we spent the holidays in Wyoming w/ newly crowned Grandma and Grandpa Janney who had their fill of Miss Daisy. Having mom and dad babysit was a nice break for Sam and I as we took full advantage of their time making it out dinner, long drives and even the movies!

As for San Jose, it's interesting to say the least - a far cry from little 'ol Mineral Point that's for sure. So far we've found Safeway, Target a gas station and both of Daisy's new Dr., officies. I'd say we're batting a thousand so far! As for our new residence (temp., housing) it isn't a 100-year-old Victorian home, but it is a nice little slice of property that is more than decent for the time being. We welcomed the modern features with open arms to say the least. Most importantly, it included two parking spaces as well.

Enough for now ... I'm sure I'll post more when I have time.

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