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November 12, 2012

How to find the Janneys

Pardon me while I shake off the dust for this family blog...it's been a while since I last updated the world on the Janney's.

Daisy is now seven and a "take-no-prisoners" first-grader who is reading at a fourth-grade level and loves to write in her journal. Caleb is a "superhero in training" kindergartner who is starting to watch wrestling and still believes in good guys. We are still here in Wyoming, getting ready to celebrate the holidays together as a family with Rod, Connie and Jenna. Life is good, what can I say?

As for this blog, I clearly don't update it very often, so if you're interested in knowing more about what we're up to, you can always find us on facebook; to be honest, my status updates focus on Daisy and Caleb more than myself most of the time. Thanks as always for checking in with us, dear reader.

And who knows? Maybe I'll even follow-up with a Christmas post this year!

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February 26, 2009

No. Mine.

How many times can we get away with saying, "Hey, sorry no blog, we've been busy?" Well, it's true - we've been busy! When you have two kids under the age of four in the same house and they both want the same toys at the same time all of the time, plus a good dose of chocolate milk, goldfish and noodles, it's tough to sit down and write.

Right now, sharing is a big initiative for the Janney children. Daisy has it down, to a point; Caleb, not so much. Of course Daisy is the big sister, the head honcho in the realm of siblings, and understands 95% of what we say to her, so it's a bit easier to explain to her why it's Caleb's turn to play with mommy's one shoe (the one I can't find a match to now, thanks to my off spring). Caleb is a bit more direct and defiant. Should he have something on hand that his sister, or heck even his dad for that matter, would like, his immediate response is, "No. Mine."

For example, the other night, we took our beautiful, sweet, loving children to Target. They like to go and look at the toys, plus Paul always buys them ice cream from the snack shop. Normally, Caleb will "allow" me to assist him with his ice cream by holding the cup and giving him spoonfuls that he will put into his own mouth. He was having NONE of that, thank you very much. I managed to keep a hand under the cup, so we wouldn't lose it on the floor or in the cart, but Caleb was not open to any other assistance. He kept saying, "Mine," and not in a friendly tone.

Well, we're wandering around Target, Daisy on foot and Caleb sitting in the cart, both children scarfing down chocolate ice cream like there's no tomorrow and enjoying a multitude of toys and other distractions. I decided to hand Caleb a small, plastic dog ("doggie," he said) to play with for a bit, thinking that surely he would lose interest in it quickly as he usually does with most toys when we shop. However, when Paul attempted to put the "doggie" back (and clean all the chocolate ice cream off Caleb's face) Caleb quite loudly and quickly said, "NO!MINE!" and jerked the toy away from his dad.

Paul looked at me, I looked at him, and we both lost it. Okay, so I know that Parenting 101 says you should never laugh at a behavior you want to discourage, but man oh man, it was hysterical. Big dad Paul getting the smack down from his own son - it was just too much.

Eventually we were able to put the doggie back (I believe I left it in the shampoo aisle, sorry Target employees) and check out. Of course, by that time Daisy had found a book she wanted, and for some reason neither one of us made the connection that only Daisy had a new "something or other" from the store until we got in the car and the screaming began.
Who knew a little boy could scream so loud?

Daisy, being queen big sister, handed the book over to her screaming banshee of a brother (after I offered her free computer time in dad's office) and all was well. When we got home, Daisy ran off to her computer and Caleb sat with his sister's book for the rest of the evening, like it was some great prize. He won the battle, but the war goes on.

caleb pre-lunch crackers

Caleb enjoying a pre-lunch snack of crackers a few weeks ago.

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December 30, 2008

A WHOA kind of Christmas


That was the first word out of Caleb's mouth on Christmas morning as he raced into the living room and saw the pile of presents under his arch nemesis, the Christmas tree. In fact there were three of them, "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" Daisy followed suit, but was much more focused as she looked at the packages, discerning which might belong to her... I think she decided they all did.

Christmas Morning

Luckily, Santa had left two, gigantic coloring books unwrapped under the tree, so the children immediately zeroed in on them while mom and dad got their bearings and tried to get organized. The build up was just about over, weeks and weeks of Daisy talking about Santa, his sleigh, toys and presents and Caleb pulling on as many branches of the tree as he could manage. How many times did he try to unscrew the lights or pull off ornaments? Countless.

Caleb the Tree Destroyer

Finally, it was time to unwrap. And upwrap they did! Well, Daisy did at least, Caleb was more interested in playing with the goodies inside of the boxes than tearing apart the pretty paper. Lots of Thomas and Elmo under our tree, Santa was good to the kids this year - they must have been nicer than we first suspected.

Daisy Present

After all of the presents were unwrapped and played with sufficiently, we headed over to Papa and Nonnie's house for breakfast and MORE presents! Plus, the fabulous Aunt Jenna was in town visiting from New York City, so the entire family could be together. More presents, more unwrapping... there were even donuts and scrambled eggs thanks to Papa.

That evening, we all went back to Nonnie's house for Christmas dinner and Great Grandpa Gene and Great Grandma Fran joined us as well. When we got home, the kiddos were happy to play with their new toys and Paul and I both agreed that it had definitely been a whoa kind of Christmas.

Here's wishing you all a peaceful and happy New Year! See you in 2009...
-Sam :)

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June 10, 2008

Birthdays, Bananas and Belches

It will soon be birthday central 'round these here parts. Daisy turns three on July 3, and Caleb turns 1 on July 2 so we're throwing a par-tay on July 4 with cake, presents, a jumper castle thingie (hope there's no weight limit) and maybe even a pony.

Hey, this is Wyoming - there are people in the family who own ponies ya' know. Of course Paul is allergic to horses and most likely, his eyes would swell shut and he wouldn't be able to breathe if we have a pony, but aren't you supposed to make sacrifices for your children? ;)

We are inviting close to 50 people... thank goodness this bash will be held mostly outdoors. In addition, we've planned a small party each day for the Janney kids so they each will still get their own special day. I can't wait to see Caleb devour his first birthday cake. Daisy wasn't crazy about her first cake, we had to sort of encourage her to get in there and play... I think Caleb will be ready to rock and roll.

I can't believe how fast time flies.

Last night, I was laying with Daisy watching Elmo (how I have grown to dislike that furry, red muppet) and I started thinking about everything she went through in the beginning. As she sat and laughed with Elmo about sharing bananas with Dorothy the fish (apparently bananas are a large portion of a gold fishes' diet) I remembered back to that tiny, little baby in her isolette wearing "scuba gear," aka cpap. I thought about how she used to softly yawn, her big eyeballs in that sweet face and the day we finally brought her home, sitting on our couch in the living room and thinking, "holy crap, now what?"

What an AMAZING little girl we have, ladies and gentleman. Breath taking, spectacular and literally death-defying.

Just as I was tearing up a little thinking back, Daisy looked at me and belched. Not burped, belched. She had been sucking down a HUGE glass of "appa juice" through a straw and apparently she sucked down a bunch of air as well.

Life is funny like that I guess. Just when you're ready to cry about the hard stuff, your three year old belches in your face and you realize, it's all good.

Baby Daisy

Caleb is equally amazing and stupendous - I love my big boy. He's SO funny and sweet and honestly, everything you could want in a little boy. When I think about his beginning I am equally as moved, remembering how much he and I went through while he was in my belly. The endless stress tests, the bed rest, the blood work, that stinkin' orange jug, the heart burn, the vomiting, the swelling and the endless prayers said that please God, he not come early.

Baby Caleb

I think back and I smile because you know what, it's all worth it. Every last bit of it... worth it. Of course if you had asked me if it was worth it while I was throwing up every morning and I was crazy and pregnant I most likely would have kicked you, but really, it is.

I wasn't sure where this blog was going to go today - I am feeling very reflective and mushy as my childrens' birthdays come closer and my own birthday comes to pass next week. I'm going to be 35!!! Wow, when I was little I thought 30 seemed SOOOOOOOOOOOOO old.

Thanks for checking in with the Janney's!

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April 13, 2008

Greetings from Janneyville

Howdy dear reader! It has been a while since we updated, so I thought I'd sit down and fill the world in on Janneyville.

Everything keeps right on trucking.

Caleb continues to eat and grow and eat and grow and then eat some more. We're all going to end up with bad backs if he doesn't learn to walk soon - he has his nine-month-check-up this Tuesday, and my guess is that he'll weigh in around 25 lbs at least. Crawling will be upon us any day and honestly, I can see him walking soon after that if he maintains this mega growth and development.

Smiley Boy

Daisy. Wow. She is something else. Currently, her favorite make-believe game is to line up her little people (Grover, a farmer, Elmo, a pirate) on a tv tray, then knock them all off with a larger toy. As they little people fall they go, "Ahhhhhhhhhh!" Now, Paul and I aren't quite sure why Daisy feels the need to terrorize her little people, but I can say that she always picks them up and says, "okay, it's okay." So even though she tosses them to their demise, she picks them up and dusts them off after.

Smiley Girl

Paul seems to really be doing well with Paypal - he is our traveler. He braved a flight into Cheyenne during an extremely windy and nasty storm this time around; I know when he says it was scary that it was just that, scary. Luckily, he made it home safe and sound - although his carry-on waited a day to show up.

My job is great, I truly love what I'm doing. There is so much to learn, so much to know. So much to be done. Every day brings something new, which is great.

Thanks as always for checking in with the Janneys.

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March 24, 2008

Happy Bunny Day!

Easter was officially the first holiday where Daisy seemed to "get it." We colored eggs on Saturday night - she was AMAZING and didn't get any color on anything that wasn't egg-related. We both put "SesaStweet" stickers all over the eggs (man, I am starting to really dislike that little, red, furry monster) and then put them in the refrigerator to give to Nana and Pawpaw the next day.


Mr. Easter Bunny and I decided to hide plastic eggs filled with goodies this year instead of the real deal - I can just see myself finding a missing egg six months from now... yeeesh.

Easter morning Daisy spotted one plastic egg right away, but didn't seem to think anything of it. Then her dad started telling her to keep looking - she would squeal with delight every time she found an egg. Said egg would then make its way to a pile of other "found eggs." Once she and her daddy were done hunting, she proceeded to break into the eggs, scarfing down all the chocolate goodies inside.

Caleb wasn't entirely sure what was going on, but he was pretty sure he didn't like his sister stealing from his basket...


Afterward, we all got cleaned up and went to church with Nana. Caleb got out of it this year, but like his dad said, "Enjoy it buddy, this is your one get-outta-church free card." Well, during mass, Nana noticed that there weren't enough folks to handle communion, so she hopped up to help out. DAISY FREAKED. Started crying, screaming, "Nana, nana, nana..."

I tried to make my way through all of the other good Catholics with my screaming two year old, some moved, some got moved. Eventually we made it outside where Daisy and I spent the rest of mass sitting in the truck reading a library book.

Finally, last night we had a big turkey dinner - I actually made a pretty awesome bird if I do say so myself. Of course Daisy preferred to eat gold fish and chocolate (we'll be lucky if she ever poops again) but at least Paul and Caleb enjoyed it. Bbass loved the sweet taters and seemed to enjoy the mashed taters although the texture was a bit strange.


All in all, it was a bunny-rific Easter!

I hope you and yours had just as much fun... minus the screaming in the midst of people visiting God.

Thanks as always for checking in with the Janneys!

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January 26, 2008

Caleb Jon Boy

I would like to spend some time talking about our son - Caleb Jon. Most of you have gotten to know a lot about Daisy, aka "White Lightning," so it's only fair that we share our amazing little boy, BBass, as well.

Caleb was born on July 2 - a day before his sister turned two. He weighed 7 1/2 pounds and was 20 1/2 oz long. As you can imagine, having had a preemie the first time around, he seemed HUGE. At first, he grunted a little while the nurses were cleaning him up and checking his vitals - but once they put him on my chest he calmed down and his breathing became normal.

He was then, and still is, an incredibly peaceful, happy little boy.


He'll be seven months old this coming week, and I can hardly believe it. At this time, he is 19 pounds and 28" long. He can almost sit up on his own and has started to give us an indication that he wants to crawl when we put him on his belly. Bbass loves to say "Da" and laughs so easily. Did I mention he already has two teeth?!


I'd like to share Caleb's first top ten favorites list with you - I hope you enjoy.

10. Biter Biscuits
Wow, can this boy make a mess with a biter biscuit! He can't seem to get enough of the gooey mess in his mouth fast enough - somehow I forgot how messy these things can be. We just put a bib on him, hand the biscuit over and keep our fingers out of the way... he does the rest.

9. Belly "Getters"
Paul is such a great "belly getter," and Caleb can't get enough of it. He almost seems to enjoy the anticipation of his dad getting him more than the actual getting of his belly. He squeals and giggles the whole time, and of course beats on his dad's head.

8. Sprout
It's official, BBass likes his Sprout just like his sister. Barney, Sesame Street and Thomas the Tank Engine all hold his attention. He is not a big Tubbie fan just yet, but I can already sense that it's coming. Tubbies have a way of sneaking into your home.

7. His Baba
Caleb likes a good bottle - preferrably six oz, warmed just a bit, thank you very much mom. Sometimes he'll even down seven ounces - this boy can eat!

6. Nonnie and PaPa
Nonnie and PawPaw keep both Daisy and Caleb during the day Monday through Friday, and boy oh boy, do they love their grandparents. Caleb is especially fond of his PaPa - they spend a lot of time napping together and watching the news. :)

5. Basketball, Football and Hockey
Do I even need to put this on the list since he is Paul's son? And Rod's grandson. He likes sports - he is a Janney man. ;)

4. Carrots, Peaches, Bananas, Sweet Potatoes, Squash...
And the kitchen sink! Did I mention this boy likes to eat? Man, solids are a good thing - we've moved up to Stage 2 already.

3. Magic Bankie
Caleb has a blue and white checked blanket that we call his "magic bankie" because no matter what or where, if you lay this particular bankie on him, he soon falls asleep. Sure, he may chew on it and grumble a bit, but eventually he gives in to the power of the bankie.

2. Mom and Dad
Okay, so you knew I'd put us on his list - c'mon, we're his folks!

1. Daisy
Paul and I have come to terms with the fact that Daisy is Caleb's favorite in this family, and in the world in general. He can't seem to get enough of her, somehow, some way, she always makes him laugh and smile. Luckily, she seems to really dig him too, so it works out nicely. She brings him toys, hugs him (a little "tight," but it's still sweet!), pats him and says, "don't cry," sings to him, shows him how to do stuff... she is the epitome of a great big sister. I know that down the road she'll probably get really sick of him, and he'll try to cut her hair off or something, but right now, they are the best of friends.

Happy Siblings

I hope you've enjoyed the BBass Top Ten list.

Thank you as always dear reader for checking in with the Janneys!

ox - Sam

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December 16, 2007

Christmas Countdown

We're in the homestretch now - only nine days 'til Christmas! I think Paul and I are more excited than the kiddies, although Daisy seems to understand that something cool is going on. I suppose if I could actually put some of her presents under the tree she MIGHT understand it even more, however, if I put any wrapped gifts under said tree they will not stay wrapped.

She is definitely in the de-construct and conquer stage of being two. Our poor tree is evidence of that.

Daisy Tree

We have been watching Christmas movies like crazy, drinking hot cocoa, shopping, singing carols (Dilly likes to sing Jingle Bells) and feeling fairly merry. Caleb is such a happy little boy, we call him, "Smiley Happy Boy." His other nickname is "Jumbo Janney" because ladies and gentlemen, he is HUGE. See, he's trying to eat a Care Bear! ;)

CJ Bear

Paul's new gig at home is going well - he seems to really be enjoying it. Of course I think he's enjoying letting his hair grow even more... he has a goal of a set time to let it grow, we'll see if he makes it. Hey, at least he clipped his toenails. ;)

I have been busy at work and at home; of course I am behind on most things Christmas related but if I was actually ahead of the game I would probably just confuse myself anyway. :)

All in all, everything is extremely "merry and bright" here in the Janney household. I hope you're Christmas season is treating you merrily, and as always, thank you for spending time with the Janneys.

Partners In Crime

Merry Christmas Early!

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November 23, 2007

It's the Great Turkey, Caleb Jon!

Yesterday was Caleb's first Thanksgiving. I'm not sure he got the whole gist of what was going on but he did really seem to enjoy hanging out with his family. Talk about a smiley boy!

This was Daisy's first Thanksgiving in Cheyenne; I started thinking that Daisy has actually spent each of her three Thanksgivings in different cities. Our little nomad. :)

We all got up around 7:30 (after Daisy slept the whole night in her own bed) and I made scrambled eggs and toast for everyone. Well, Caleb didn't get to partake of the morning "yum yum," but he did have a nice big ba-ba of his own. Afterwards, Daisy and I started making pies for dinner at Nonnie's house. We made pumpkin and pecan pie - we also made sweet potatoes and Great Grandma Eileen's Red and White Salad.

Daisy helped with the dishes (twice!) and then we got our nice digs on and it was "over the river and through the woods" to Connie and Rod's house. Check out these good lookin' kids.

Janney Kiddos

As usual, Thanksgiving at Connie's house was a true treat - Daisy wolfed down almost a whole can of black olives plus she and her Aunt Jenna ate a ton of homemade whipped cream. Afterwards we went out to Great Grandpa Gene and Great Grandma Fran's house to visit. Daisy managed to fall asleep while we were there and Caleb did a bunch of male bonding with Great Uncles Tom, DeLoyd and Jim.

He also visited with Great Aunts Lorraine and Mary.

We finally made it home with a sleepy Dilly and C-bass; both went to bed fairly early. Even this old mama went to bed early. :)

All in all it was a really nice Thanksgiving.

Thank you for checking in with the Janneys - we hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!

Gobble gobble!

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October 21, 2007

Tables, Ewoks and Blankeys... OH MY!

Greetings blog reader! I hope this blog finds you and yours doing well.

Life has been moving right along for the Janney family - it's snowed (twice!), both Daisy and Caleb have already had a cold (Caleb actually did really well for his first sniffles) and of course, lots of mischief and mayhem. Paul and I have both decided that Daisy deliberately tries to find ways in which to harm either herself or her brother - certainly she must know that standing on our large bed and bouncing around near the edge MIGHT cause her some injuries.

Such is the life of a two year old, yes?

Table Dilly

She truly is turning into a little girl - yesterday afternoon I put her hair in pony tails, Paul looked at me and said, "That's it. She's outta here." It's like several mommies told me when Daisy was first born, enjoy the time because it goes by fast. Of course I was in total sleep deprivation and feeling like I would never sleep again... time appeared to be dragging. But now, as she wanders around the house saying, "Mom, w'are you?" (mom, where are you) it seems that they were right.

Nonnie (Paul's mom) has been taking her to gymnastics twice a week and for the most part she enjoys it. In typical Janney style, she does not always like to do what the rest of the group is doing and forget about following all of the rules, but all in all, she's doing really well. :)

Blankey Dilly

Caleb continues to grow, and grow, and grow, and grow... I swear, sometimes I can pick him up in the morning and it feels like he's gained a pound. He'll be four months old on Nov 2 (I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!) and he's already wearing 6-9 month clothing. He weighed 15 pounds two weeks ago, I'm anticipating 16 pounds at his four-month check up. It's so different from the Dilly monster.

I think she was over a year old before she weighed 16 pounds.

He sleeps very well, only up once a night to eat and speaking of eating, boy oh boy, this lil guy can EAT. He's doing 6oz bottles for the most part and you can definitely tell when you pick him up.


Paul is doing okie dokie - he will have some big news to report soon, so stay tuned. :)

I am also doing really well; I continue to really enjoy my job, although I do miss the lil chickens.

Life is good. Windy, but good. Sorry we haven't been updating more often!

Thanks as always for checking in with us Janney folk!

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August 01, 2007

Kung Poop Master Meets Dragon Eater

Sounds like a really bad Kung Fu movie doesn't it?

It all started last Friday morning, while Paul was playing Kung Fu with Daisy. They were busy karate chopping each other like mad, Paul picked her up and started to swing her around me. He helped her karate chop me and suddenly he goes, "Sam, what's on your shoulder?"

Now this is gross, but I must share...

I look down and at first I thought it was pulpy orange juice. Oh no ladies and gentleman... it was poo. Daisy had worn a nightgown to bed and only had a diaper on. She had made a LARGE poo which proceeded to leak out of her diaper during their dual, hence ending up on my shoulder. We had to put her in the tub because the poo was EVERYWHERE. That's why she is now the Kung Poop Master.

Caleb is Dragon Eater - I can't seem to keep him full. He is eating 4-5 oz every 2-3 hours, and sometimes it's not enough. I called the nurse to ask if there is something I can do to help him stay full, and the first thing she said was, "Wow, that's a lot of formula."

NO KIDDING. Paul has decided that I'll need a second job to pay for all of the formula he eats.

She suggested putting rice cereal in his bottle... we'll see if that works. Who'd have thought I'd have a child that eats this much? I used to worry so much about Daisy who could have cared less about food.


Thanks as always for checking in with us, hope you're well!
- Sam

Family Photo

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June 27, 2007

July 2

There are many things you can plan in this world - vacations, dinners, holidays. Who'd have thought you could actually plan your child's entry into this world? :)

Paul took me to my doctor's appointment yesterday, and lo and behold, my doctor suggested inducing me on Monday, July 2. We will almost be 38 weeks along by then (37 is considered term), he is measuring quite big for his gestation already (over 7 1/2 pounds) and with my iffy blood pressure it just makes sense.

So ladies and gentleman, Paul, Daisy and I will be welcoming the newest Janney SOMEtime on Monday, July 2!

It will be a busy day, but Paul will do his best to keep everyone updated as to when our little... err... BIG bundle of joy makes his appearance.

Thank you for all your warm wishes and support during this time, we all truly appreciate it.

Take care of you and yours - Sam

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May 24, 2007

We're alive! :)

Hello everyone! I know our home page has been blank for a while, so sorry for that. We have been very busy with work and our little terror... er... sweety pie Daisy Eileen. Actually she's pretty wonderful, she is getting close to the terrible twos (and may be ahead of the game) but overall she brings such joy to everyone in her life.

She is doing really well with Nonnie and Papaw - they have a good time during the day while dad and I go to work. Daisy may soon start swimming lessons and gymnastics. Wild eh? Our little two-pound baby learning to swim???

The lil booger in my belly is doing really well, we are now 32 weeks along. He is healthy and I am hanging in there; have had some up's and down's with my blood pressure but honestly, as long as he's doing well that's all that really matters.

Paul is still our hero, working hard, taking care of his family and keeping us all smiling. I don't know how he keeps up with everything, but he does it and manages to make me laugh on a daily basis.

So all is well on the Janney front - we're just taking it day-by-day and enjoying our home here in Cheyenne.

Thanks as always for checking in with the Janneys.

PS: Daisy ate her first corn on the cobb this week - see pictures below.

Yummy Corn

Yummy Corn 2

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April 07, 2007

Happy Easter!

Tonight Daisy colored her first Easter eggs - she is such a joy.

Below you see Daisy with her first egg, then her experiment with orange and green. We put her eggs into a bowl and took a picture at the end, she's our little Picasso.

Wishing you all a very happy Easter!


Egg Color 1

Egg Color 2

Egg Color 3

Final Eggs

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February 14, 2007


That's Daisy's new favorite word, "wow!" Last night we ordered pizza (aww, the joys of being pregnant) and when I opened the box she goes, "wooooooooooow." She then proceeded to wolf down almost one whole piece of pizza on her own, the girls likes her pizza.


She's a walking maniac as well - there is something incredibly surreal about watching a little girl who weighed about as much as a large drink at McDonalds at birth walk down the hallway towards you. It's actually wonderful as well. She's to a point where she chases you if you run from her; when Paul comes home from work she chases him all over the house. It's sort of like a Benny Hill episode, big tall daddy running down the hall, little lanky girl chasing him - you can almost hear the music.

I have unfortunately had a fairly nasty cold for the past five days or so, I am hopeful that I am almost over it. Luckily besides my nose and sneezing/coughing like an old woman everything else with my bod is doing fine - lil booger bear continues to grow and chill out in his "house." I go in every two weeks for an ultrasound so they can measure my cervix, so far so good - we're over 18 weeks now!

Everything else 'round these here parts is pretty status quo, Paul works very hard at his new role and is handling new challenges well, of course. When I'm not sick I am also actually enjoying being back to work, although I do miss Wonder Daisy. She is doing great with grandma and grandpa - oh yes, and of course with Cosette their "doggie." She has doggie fever, but since her brother is on the way we're going to wait a while before we get a dog. Besides, once he arrives she'll be more interested in baby than in doggie.

She's so wonderful, she wows us. :)

Thanks as always for checking in with us dear friends and family, I hope you are all well. - Sam

Oreo Girl

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January 16, 2007

Another miracle on the way

Friends, Romans, countrymen (and women), lend us your ears. We have some exciting news to share that we've been keeping to ourselves for some time.

14 weeks in fact.

We are expecting our second child in July, the 16th to be exact.

As you can imagine, this has been exciting and a little scary after what we went through with Daisy. We have been tremendously blessed with Daisy, she is such a miracle - a shiny, lovely little spirit who talks like a magpie and is on the verge of walking all over the place any day now.

This second "bean" was not planned, we had talked about maybe having another in a year or so, but apparently this whole baby schedule thing is beyond our control. So far this pregnancy has been the opposite of what I went through with Daisy - while I was indeed sick with Daisy I never was extremely sick and wowza, this new kiddo is making me one sick puppy. During our drive out from California I threw up almost continuously for the first 200 miles, the poor Yukon still hasn't recovered.

We are hopeful that this time the little Janney bean will stay put the entire 40 weeks - of course, I look at it one day at a time. I am 14 weeks along today, everything looks really good so far and it seems that the "all day evil sickness" is starting to let up a bit. I went in for a special ultrasound today, one that shows if the baby has Down Syndrome. Everything looked great, the little booger is in there just hanging out, growing, making me eat all of the time.

Oh yeah, and they just happened to catch a shot of what might be a little "ooh hoo." Yes, you read that right, the odds are good that this bean is a boy.

OH BOY. ;)

And to think, our Daisy, the little preemie - is going to be a BIG sister!

I have attached some pictures of the newest Janney. I hope you enjoy!

Profile Side View

Ooh Hoo Could it be a boy?

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January 11, 2007

Our happy, healthy, ELMO Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas here in Wyoming.

Daisy was such a nice girl this year that Santa brought her not one but TWO Tickle Me Elmos! Even Aunt Jenna and I received a Tickle Me Elmo... safe to say it was definitely an Elmo kind of Christmas.

Elmo and Daisy

Daisy went to Christmas Eve mass for the first time this year and was simply a little angel. She whispered when she spoke, read her books and managed to get her exercise by walking back and forth between Grandma and her daddy. We were actually able to have a picture taken of us as a family:

Janney Family

Paul snapped a picture of the "Janney women" in front of the tree, even the littlest Janney:

Janney Fems

Christmas morning was chaos - it has always been that way but this year was even wilder. So many presents under the tree for Daisy, and of course she was most interested in the boxes, bows and paper. Later that morning we all ate cinnamon rolls and Paul and Grandpa put Daisy's new red wagon together while she napped.

I'm not sure Daisy got the whole Christmas thing this year, but next year she's going to be a complete maniac. We can hardly wait.

I hope you all had a wonderful, magical Christmas as well. Thanks as always for keeping up with the Janneys. -Sam

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November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are preparing for our great Thanksgiving feast tomorrow. I've got the pumpkin pie in the oven, the turkey is thawing in the fridge and Daisy has moved into one of the drawers in my kitchen.

Literally, INTO the drawer. Please see pictures below. ;)

We have so much to be thankful for this year, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for friends, family and one heck of a tasty pumpkin pie.

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

Daisy Drawer 1

Daisy Drawer 2

Daisy Drawer 3

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November 11, 2006

Give us land, lots of land

We have big news to share and YIPPEE, we can finally share it with Daisy's adoring public.

Next month we are moving back to Wyoming! Yes, you read it here first (HA HA Enquirer, beat ya' to it!), the nomadic side of the Janney family is getting ready to settle down in Paul's hometown, Cheyenne, Wyo. We are all so excited, especially Daisy because now she'll have plenty of time to play with Grandma and Grandpa Janney - oh yeah, and her crazy Aunt Jenna.

Paul and I will both begin work at Sierra Trading Post, he as their Sr. Web Designer and me as a Media/Retail Marketing Specialist. Since I will be going back to work Daisy will be spending her weekdays with her grandparents. It will be a big change for Daisy and I, honestly I think it will be harder on me than on her, BUT it will be so good for our family.

Last month we flew out to Cheyenne to 1) celebrate Halloween, 2) celebrate our 7th anniversary and 3) find a house. Luckily all three went very well! We will be closing on our new house on December 4 - it's a brand new home in a neighborhood called Western Hills. It has three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a great kitchen, formal dining, open floor plan and best of all... a fenced back yard fit for a princess.

This is our new house:

Home Sweet Home

The movers come and pack us on December 14, load us on the 15th and then we hit the road for Cheyenne on the 16. We will be camping out at Grandpa and Grandma's for a week or so while our "stuff" gets moved across country, hopefully we'll start moving in by the end of December.

We told Daisy about the big move earlier in the week during her nightly fudge bar consumption. At first she was shocked when we told her the good news, but as you can see she was quite happy when it sunk in.



Of course that crazy grin could be a sugar high resulting from her fudge bar but I'd like to think she's smiling because she realizes that our new house has a big fenced back yard and she might have a"doggie" someday soon. Who knows? :)

Well that's the big news on our family's home front for now - thank you for checking in with us dear reader.

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November 01, 2006

Halloween night with our alley cat

We just got back from WYO - it was such a great time!

Halloween was a blast, Daisy went as an alley cat and was able to trick-or-treat in Nana and Grampa's neighborhood. She fell asleep on my chest when we visited with some neighbors, but overall she had a great time and actually collected treats from 10 houses. Well, daddy and I really collected the actual treats, but her sweet smile and wiggly tail won them all over.

Here is a picture from last night - please excuse the cruddy quality but Paul took it with his cell phone.

Halloween Daisy

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October 20, 2006

Snot and boogies be gone!

Daisy still has the sniffles. Her nose is plugged, she sneezes here and there, she has a little cough... man oh man, colds are NASTY! I think the fact that she got two shots at the very beginning of this cold have made it harder for her to overcome it. Two weeks ago she got her flu shot (thank goodness) and her MMR which is a hard shot for a baby who's feeling 100%. Plus, it IS her very first one ever - she was 15 months old before she got one cold! I think she's on the mend, slowly but surely.

Here are shots of her pre-sneeze and post-sneeze. :)


Daisy Girl

Even though she's not been 100% she has been crawling all over the house, playing, talking, reading her books. If she didn't have a snotty nose you wouldn't know the difference in her. One of her new favorite things is to stand up holding on to the dishwasher while I do dishes. I am not sure where this fascination with dishes comes from... must be a Wilson or Janney trait. ;) I keep telling her to wait until she's a little older, than she can do all the dishes she wants!

I am hoping that she is 100% before our trip out to Cheyenne next weekend - I'd hate to think that her ears were bugging her on the plane. This trip has snuck up on us so quickly!

Thank you as always for checking in with us - please say a little prayer for Daisy's boogies and snot to be gone and for safe travels for us next weekend.


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September 21, 2006

September 21

Today is an extremely important day for my family. It is first of all the day my sweet, wonderful husband was born 32 years ago. Secondly it is Daisy's original due date. I remember when we went to the doctor to do blood work after I got my positive test at home. The nurse said, "Oh yes, you are definitely pregnant. I'd say about seven weeks. That puts your due date at around..." As she looked at the "preggo wheel" I smiled at Paul, and somehow he already knew. She said, "September 21." Paul beamed and I said, "That's his birthday!"

Hee Haw Daddy!

We were so excited that the baby would be born on or around his birthday. Of course in my mind I was thinking, "yikes, can I handle two of them?" But really it seemed so special, so unlikely... this baby was meant to be.

You can imagine our shock when she tried to come on MY birthday in June. We joked (as we often do when we're scared or worried) that Daisy got the birthdays mixed up and thought she was due on MINE instead of Paul's. Luckily, our fireball decided to wait a bit longer and chose July 3 to make her entrance.

Even more special about this day is that Daisy is truly a one-year-old. She reminded us of this fact by waking up at 4am this morning intent on playing with my face and telling us all about the world in general in her Daisy babble. Paul said he swore she said, "I am one. I am one. I am one." Not sure if she's building complete sentences just yet, but who knows?


In a strange turn of events, Daisy's being early has actually allowed us to celebrate her birth on her dad's birthday. You see, if she had gone to term who knows what day she would have been born - this way we can always assume it would have been the 21st, Paul's b-day. Daddy and daughter can always share something special about today.

They are thick as thieves, these two. I love watching them play on the floor at night, or listening to her as she cackles loudly at whatever antics her daddy is pulling. Last night we were watching "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," she simply laid with him on the couch, watching the movie and eating Cheerios. She was so content, so relaxed... so happy.

Paul and Daisy will always have a special bond, even beyond father and daughter. I think that's the greatest birthday gift ever.

Daddys Girl

Happy Birthday Paul, we love you.
Sam and Daisy

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September 10, 2006

Daisy the incredible toddler

In the NICU I knew my daughter was going to be independent. Firey. Headstrong. Stubborn. I was thrilled about it, used to whisper to her "atta girl" when the nurses told me she kept pulling her "sunglasses" off and wires out. I would secretly smile inside when I'd show up at the NICU and the nurses would seem worn out, they'd ask me "did she move around that much in your belly?"

Aww yes, my firestarter. My fighter.

So you think I'd be prepared for Daisy the incredible toddler yes?

Not even close.

Crabby Girl

Perhaps I was in denial, thinking that my sweet turnip, my lovely flower, would always do as I wished, because -I- am her mommy. HA! If she could make full sentences just yet she would say, "Silly mommy, DUH! Now get outta my way, I need to change the channel back to Dragon Tales."

There are so many things that are wonderful and yet... making me crazy. Wonderful because I love to see her grow, develop, be her amazing self. But making me nuts.

Crazy. Certifiable. Going bananas. You get the picture.

For instance...

Daisy has started to boycott sleep.

Not sure why, you'd think that sleeping for as long as you like, every day of your life, would be a (thanks Martha) "good thing." Someone to rock you, feed you, change you, kiss your head and sing to you... again, a "good thing." Warm jammies, nice nightlight, comfy crib... yet again, a "good thing."

Where do I sign up?

But noooooooooooooooooooooooo. Not the amazing, incredible toddler Daisy. She would rather stay up late crawling all over the place, wake up at 3am trying to crawl, wake up at 5am trying to crawl - finally getting mom to drag her tired hiney out of bed... so she can crawl.

Okay, so yes, I worried, complained, cried, prayed that she would crawl, that she would move. And in my heart I am so incredibly thankful, so grateful, so proud of my turnip... but my dry, gritty eyes, my sleepy brain... they're not so sure about this whole mobility thing.

Not even bringing her to bed with me is working these days, used to she wouldn't try to get up, she would just curl up next to me and drift off to sweet slumber. Yesterday morning I felt her sort of moving about, next thing I know she's sitting up, hitting me on the butt, like get up mama. In fact, with every "bap" she was saying "mama mama mama mama."

There is definitely some "independence switch" that has been flipped since she figured out she doesn't need me to move her around. You can sense her thinking, "hmmmm, this is all about me. I can do what I want, when I want. And really, that mommy person with the crazy hair can't do a whole lot to stop me. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Another wonderful challenge is feeding.

Bottles are going to the wayside, yet she won't take a cup. She pushes away spoonfuls of baby food and yet she won't eat a ton of table food. She makes the funniest face when I try to give her a bite to eat, she pushes the spoon away and looks like she's smelled something terrible. The nose squishes, the lips turn downward. Again, if she could talk she would say, "Silly mommy. Where's my Cheerios and cheese sticks?"

I think I'm going to wake up one day and she'll have changed into a Cheerio or a butter cracker, for the most part that's about all she wants to eat. Well, except for frozen yogurt and mandarin oranges. She spits out veggies, most fruit, meat and in addition is only eating maybe 16-20 oz of formula a day. With all of this crawling, pulling to stand and rolling around you'd think she'd be hungrier... right?

And finally, there is our fireplace. The evil, ominous fireplace. The thing they warn you about the most (besides the stairs) when your baby starts to move around.

No matter what I do, Daisy finds a way to the fireplace. I'm getting a ton of exercise, up and up I bounce, picking her up, moving her away from the fireplace. I realized this morning that I am truly getting a bit exhausted as I TRIED TO REASON with her about the fireplace. There I was, holding her in my lap, explaining the pros and cons of being near the fireplace. She kept laughing, pulling her NUK out of her mouth, and bapping me on the nose with it.

Cranky Playard

You know though, even as I sit here whining about these things, I smile. I can't help it! I am whipped, a bit frustrated and of course concerned that she isn't eating or sleeping enough - or that she'll figure out how to open the fireplace before I get to her because I'll have passed out from lack of sleep, but in my heart I am so happy. My goodness, if you had told me last summer that I'd be able to complain about these typical things that babies do, not sure I'd have believed you.

No matter how tired I get, I know that there are many scarier things that could keep me up at night. I'll take a fiery, sweet, funny little girl hitting me on the butt over that any time.

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September 06, 2006

September 6, the day Daisy came home

A year ago today we got the phone call we had been waiting 65 days to receive.

Well actually, I happened to call in during rounds and our favorite nurse Judy was there. When she answered and told me they were doing rounds I quickly said I'd call back later because I knew she wouldn't be able to talk. She said, "Oh no, hold on a sec. I think the doctor would like to talk to you."

My heart started to beat REALLY fast - was this it? Were they sending her home? Or had something bad happened? Ever the typical POP (parent of a preemie), waiting for the other shoe to drop.

He got on the phone and said, "Mrs. Janney? We're sending her home today. She's been here long enough and well, we're tired of having to watch her all the time." I CRIED! I CHEERED! I SCREAMED! If I had been there in front of the doctor I would have tackle-hugged him to the ground.

Our sweet, little baby girl was finally going to come home.

I thanked God, her guardian angel, the doctors, the nurses... heck, I think I thanked the mailman that day. I was so completely and utterly grateful.

We spent 65 days watching her learn to breathe, eat, grow and maintain her temperature in a hospital 45 miles away from our home. I sat by her isolette and rubbed her back on a day when she kept having spells and they suspected sepsis (although they never told me that until after she was discharged). Paul tried to hold and feed her when she would desat... we smiled and laughed when I was able to give her the first tub bath.

What felt like the longest time in our lives was finally coming to an end. Our daughter, OUR BABY, was coming home.

That day is etched in my mind, it seemed so surreal. When we got there Judy had packed up all of her things and had her "homecoming" outfit that I had picked out weeks before laid out for me to put her in. I cried and hugged Judy at least four-five times that day before we left, not only had she taken care of Daisy, she had taken care of Paul and I as well.

I remember going down in the elevator with her, fearful that someone would sneeze or sniffle. Walking through the lobby, finally a parent with a baby in a carseat. Getting into the truck and riding in the back with her on the hour long drive home. Paul kept looking at me in the rearview mirror as I watched Daisy's face to make sure she was breathing. He said he had never been so careful driving in his entire life.

When we got home I sat down on the couch with her - she was fast asleep. I whispered to her that this was her home. Paul smiled, looked a little nervous and said, "Sam, there's a baby in our house."

Our family was finally whole.

Today is Daisy's anniversary of coming home safe and sound to us, it is a day of celebration for us, and of triumph for her.

Peek a boo Pauly

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September 02, 2006

A cool movie of Daisy on the go

We present for your viewing enjoyment a video Paul captured this morning of the fabulous "Wonder Daisy" crawling across the floor.

(Trouble above? Download the video of Daisy crawling, wmv 3.42MB)

After you've watched the movie please take a moment to visit "Share Your Story" and sign a petition that would help the March of Dimes receive a "doodle" on the Google web site on Prematurity Awareness Day, November 14. It would give exposure of MOD and prematurity to millions of visitors that day.

Thank you for checking in with the Janneys!
Sam :)

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August 27, 2006

Couch potato no more

I don't know if you've ever seen the Huggies commercial where this HUGE super baby crawls, pulls up and effortlessly walks around. I used to resent this child... yes, I know that's terrible, but I DID. He makes it all look so easy- while he's strutting around this voice in the background talks about how his "couch potato days are over, he thinks he'll get a yoga instructor and just get ripped."

Now I watch my daughter CRAWLING around my living room and think to myself, "ha ha, HER couch potato days are over too!" Sure, she's still not motoring quickly, but she is easily twice as fast as she was and going three and four times as far.

Stripe Dress 1

Today she got to a TV tray before me and pulled the whole thing over. I picked her up, said "no no, no tray" and set her down in the middle of the rug. She looked at me and started to BAWL. You'd have thought I was pulling her finger nails out one at a time. She sort of gestured towards the tray and I said, "Dilly (we call her Dilly sometimes), sweety, the tray is too big for you to play with just yet. Let's play with your table."

Eventually I was able to distract her with a book, her table, the "Moon Moon Moon" song by Laurie Berkner (me singing, not Laurie) and a little dance that she likes. Paul looked at me and said, "Wow, she is acting like a little kid."

We've also decided that she may have a future in hardcore wrestling. She will stand at her table, do this weird flip in mid-air and fall on the ground. I panic, run to her, check her and she just laughs. She also bonked her head a good three times today crawling into things, falling over things... I swear, she has these little red marks on her head. In my opinion she is proud of these marks, they make her "hardcore."

Daisy's couch potato days are over. :)

Super Daisy

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August 18, 2006

My little girl

This morning while Daisy and I were rolling around on the floor like maniacs, playing with her toys and watching Angelina Ballerina (I hate that mouse) I caught a glimpse of the little girl that Daisy is going to be. There was just something about the way she was sitting, looking at me. She's amazing. Simply, completely and totally amazing. Just when I think I've figured out this whole mommy thing, a knowing glance from my daughter makes me realize there is SO much more to know.

Daisy our Little Girl

As fall gets closer (wow, I can't believe how fast the summer is going by) I start to think about the years ahead, and how she'll be going to school one day soon. My sweet little two-pounder is going to be in school in about two years... TWO YEARS. We'll be going out to get her a backpack (I'll want pink, she'll want orange), she'll get her bangs trimmed because I know they're going to be unruly like mine, and I'll cry. She'll be ready, I know it. I won't be.

Each day it's like she's less preemie and more little girl. Somehow she sort of bypassed the whole baby thing - she's always seemed wiser to me, like she knows more than we think she does. I look up now and there is my little girl making faces at me and playing with her elephant. One day I'll look up and there she'll be, graduating high school, going off to college, getting hitched and eventually making me a grandmother. YIKES. Too much to think about for a Friday.

Cherish the time, it goes by fast.


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August 03, 2006

Big money

A good friend pointed out that I had not followed up on Paul's mentioning of our Powerball winnings. So, drum roll please....

WE WON $3! Whoohoo! We matched the power ball number, and that's it. Hey, we made two bucks on the deal, right?

Rod will be sending it in for us so he can hang the check on his bulletin board with the other 30 or so checks he's won over the last 10 years.

I can't post witout putting up a picture of Daisy, check out her FIVE chompers!

Chomping Daisy

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August 01, 2006

Ball games, parades, baptisms and family family family!

We are home safe and sound in California where luckily the heat has broken. We missed the "death heat" out here that claimed 139 lives. It was warm in Wyoming but not nearly the extreme heat out here.

Our trip was great! Traveling by plane is always eventful...

On the trip out we were delayed for two hours, so for our first experience in an airport we spent four hours wringing our hands because every where we looked someone was sneezing, coughing or blowing their nose. I was so jumpy, and of course Daisy was cranky because we had to stay in one place for such a long period of time. She also decided not to eat a whole lot that day, so there we were, in a cruddy airport with a screaming baby who wouldn't eat and yet we hung in there! We only toyed with going home and forgetting the whole trip once or twice - yes, we actually considered it and were definitely going to bail if the plane was any later.

Happy Girl

Luckily it wasn't and we boarded fairly quickly. I was worried that Daisy would freak out during take off, but all she did was look at me like "What the heck?" and when I said "wheeeee!" she smiled and went back to looking out the window. On the trip home we didn't get a window so she got a little bored, but overall she loved the plane rides. No fits, no fuss, no muss. She is a great traveler, much better than me.

While in Wyoming she met SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many people! Of course when all 3 great aunts came in to meet her and were oohing and awwwwing a bit loudly she sort of got nervous, but for the most part she was my little social butterfly.

On Saturday we took Daisy to her first parade - she loved the bands. The Frontier Days parade is full of horsies and cowboys, she loved it. Paul put her on his shoulders so she could see everything, she made all kinds of noise when the bands would march by.

Sunday was a family reunion and birthday party for Paul's grandma - we made an appearance at this event but only stayed for a bit.

Monday we took her to a luncheon with the "ladies" in the family, there were about 25 in attendance. Everyone had to comment on how "substantial" Daisy felt and how "you'd never know she was so early." I just smiled and nodded and thanked them, she IS substantial these days.

Tuesday we took her to watch the Thunderbirds practice - they are a troop of amazing pilots that fly plans like daredevils. We had great seats out in the middle of nowhere and just watched the planes fly overhead. Daisy wasn't overly impressed, but her daddy had a great time. Afterwards we took her to her first Chinese buffet where she feasted on soft-serve and pudding (only after she ate her sweet potatoes and peas though). We also went to Super WalMart and picked up some toys for granny's house.

Wednesday Paul and I went to the Rockies game down in Denver, and only freaked out a little that we had left Daisy for the afternoon. We couldn't have left her with anyone better, and still we worry. Of course she didn't eat very well that day, seems I am the only one who can get a bottle in her, but for the most part she did great.

Thursday there was some business we had to take care of - I can't mention anything just yet but if said business could work out we would all be VERY happy!!! I will update if this comes to pass.

Friday was Daisy's baptism. What an amazing day. Fr. Kevin, the coolest, sweetest most awesome priest in the world (and the man who married us in '99) made the trip to Cheyenne to baptise her. We actually had the baptism in the house Paul grew up in. I cried, Daisy didn't, even when he put the cool water on her head. There were about 13 ppl who came, including her Godfather Brian - she had so much fun with him! We hate croissant sandwiches and ambrosia and celebrated our sweet miracle. Funny how when they offered the baptism in the hospital it felt like such a sad thing, and yet there we were, with our 18 lb little miracle, celebrating it instead.

Daisy Baptism

Saturday we went to ANOTHER parade and then just hung out with family relaxing because we knew Sunday would be a long day.

It was such a great trip, not only was it a nice vacation but I learned a few things:

1. Babies will NOT starve themselves.
2. Daisy is a lot tougher than I give her credit for.
3. I've got to let people help when it comes to Daisy - I can't be the only one to watch her in this world.
4. Just because someone sneezes behind you doesn't mean your kid is going to get sick.
5. It's okay to take a deep breath, smile and relax. Daisy's made it.

Sorry for the novel - if you're still with me you're a trooper. Thanks as always for keeping up with the Janney's!

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July 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Daisy Doodle!

It has come to pass, the infant formerly known as Daisy Eileen is now a soon-to-be toddling one-year-old. My daughter, my little two and a half pound baby is now an 18lb little girl. What a difference a year makes.

Look Who's 1

She woke up at 6 this morning after sleeping through most of the night so I brought her to bed with us in hopes that she might sleep a bit longer. She curled up on her side and slept next to me until 7 when she decided to punch daddy in the nose. So Daisy and I got up, I quietly sang "Happy Birthday" to her as I changed her diaper, then she ate her bottle. Soon after daddy came downstairs and it was time to decorate! Now believe it or not, I get a little snippy sometimes when I'm working, but Paul hung in there and we created an extremely "girlie girl" b-day room fit for a queen.

Afterwards we all got cleaned up and headed to the park. She played in the swings and daddy took her down the slide a couple of times. We sat in the grass under beautiful blue skies and then Paul gave her a horsie ride around the park.

Dad Daisy Slide

We came home (taking the long way so we could get a ride in) and Daisy snoozed a bit. When she woke up we decided it was present time! She wasn't too sure about tearing into the presents, but with some help from mom and dad she managed just fine. She made out like a bandit! Clothes, toys, DVD's, books... she definitely cleaned up.

Present Time

Paul put her new learning table together then we all sat on the couch to watch some baseball and relax. Daisy soon fell asleep and Paul and I decided we wanted Indian food for dinner. When Paul came home with the food Daisy woke up and was SO crabby, wow! I kept wondering where my happy baby had gone.

It took some time to get her to calm down and start smiling again, but after her solids at dinner she was in a much better mood. She ate well so it was time to bring out the cake! Originally I was going to make the cake, but the more I read about babies not really eating said cake I decided to buy a small one from the bakery. We weren't going to eat any so we decided to let her at it! At first she wasn't sure about the cake either, slowly but surely she started to pick at it, then eventually she tore into it like crazy!


It was EVERYWHERE, and she was having a ball. We gave her a little frosting, which seemed to be okay, and she even fed herself a big ol' hand full of cake - which made her gag and she spit up a bit. After she was done decimating the cake I whisked her away to the bath tub where she and I played with her fishies and cleaned the cake out from between her fingers, from behind her ears... it was such fun.

Now she is sitting with daddy, playing quietly with her new toys watching more baseball. SHEW! What a day! What a wonderful day. I am so proud of my little one-year-old. She has come so far, I can't wait to see where we are headed next.

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June 23, 2006

Preemie Antics at the Grocery Store

It's hot here in California.


When you look outside you can see heat steaming off the sidewalks. Even the bugs look like they are sweating. I tell ya, it's smokin'.

So to avoid the truly hot weather later this afternoon Daisy and I decided (yes, we sat down and actually talked this over) to get our errands done early. We ran to the bank and then headed over to our favorite grocery store. It's our favorite because it has great produce (you should SEE the watermelons!), a wonderful butcher, open airy aisles and they empty your cart AND bag for you. It's awesome.

We were in the meat section and Daisy was busy chewing on the seat belt of her floppy when a little old lady came down the way. She stopped and smiled at Daisy who in turn smiled right back. Then this little old lady started to dance around, this sort of polka move and and of course Daisy laughed and started to do her baby bounce dance. But then this sweet old lady made a mistake, she sort of zoomed in like an airplane and got in Daisy's face. WHACK. Daisy whacked her right on the nose.

I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing hysterically. She seemed shocked, and of course I started to apologize but then she laughed and said that everyone, even babies, has personal space. By this time Daisy had gone back to chewing on her belt and the sweet old lady was forgotten.

As we continued to wander the store and buy things I probably didn't need (but that 20 pack of paper towel was on SALE!!!) people, especially women, kept stopping to talk to me about my beautiful baby, my gorgeous baby. I smiled and nodded, saying thank you and trying to keep them away from the cart as much as I could without being too rude.

Finally we got to the checkout, and the cashier asked me how old Daisy is. I pondered for just a moment as to whether or not to tell her the long version, or the short. Well, since I bought everything in the store I decided to go for the long version, I said, "Actually she'll be 1 in a little over a week."

Here's the rest of the conversation:

Cashier: "Wow, she's actually pretty small eh?"

Me: (smiling) "Yep, she's come a long way. She was a little early."

Cashier: "Oh yeah, how early?"

Me: "About three months."

Cashier (gasping): "That's more than a little early. How much did she weigh?"

Me: "2 and a half pounds."

Cashier: "And what does she weigh now?"

Me: "About 17 1/2."

Cashier: "She's AMAZING."

Me: (beaming, smiling, proud mama) "I know."

Cashier: "My first daughter was born 7 weeks early. She was only 4 lbs and spent a month in the hospital. She just graduated tops in her college class and is brilliant."

Me: "That's awesome. Congrats!"

I had a moment with this cashier - we bonded over prematurity. It happens in the strangest places sometimes. As terrible and scary as prematurity is, it sure brings out the best in people, their strength, their compassion and their love.

Dressed Up Daisy

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June 12, 2006

What a crab!

I have often heard that Daisy is always smiley in her pictures, that she doesn't take a bad picture - AHA! She does on a Monday morning. I present three pictures of our grub-bub for your enjoyment, she doesn't appear to be a morning person in any of them.

She looks like she smelled something funky in the last shot...




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May 30, 2006

Daisy's baby blues are A-OK

When Daisy was in the NICU, about a month before she came home she was seen by a Pediatric Opthamologist who specializes in the conditions that can affect a premature babies eyes. Two things they look for are the eyes crossing or early on-set near sightedness. In August Daisy had neither of these, in fact the doctor was wowed by her baby blues and said they were mature and just to follow up in the coming year.

So this morning Daisy and I made the wild trek through Califnornia traffic to San Ramon to visit with a specialist who is the main doctor in the East Bay to look at and treat children with the eye problems Daisy could be affected with. After a short exam, with no dilation (whoohoo) he said that everything looks great and that the extent of her eye care will be done at her ped's office from now on! Yay! As nice as he was it was very exciting to know that we never have to see him again. :)

We have truly been blessed on this journey, she is doing so well. Thank you for all your warm thoughts and wishes for our little girl.

Daisy Rest

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May 09, 2006

Adventurer Daisy

The weather here has been beautiful and I have been struggling with keeping her inside, especially now that we've been given the green light to introduce her to the world. So today I put her in a FABULOUS short outfit (her first time in shorts), a pair of sandals (first time in sandals) and we headed to the park!

When we got there NO one was around, so it was perfect. I whipped out my handy dandy disinfectant wipes and scrubbed the baby swing down inside and out. In fact when we first arrived I thought the swing was grey, turns out it was a light blue, it was just really funky dirty.

As I was cleaning the swing other mommies and kiddos started to show up, but by now I was determined that she would get a chance to swing. Luckily these kiddos were older and wanted to climb on the jungle gym instead of swing, so I didn't have too much to worry about. Daisy of course couldn't get enough of them, she kept watching and looking at me like "look mama, big ones!"

After going through several wipes I figured the swing was as clean as it was going to get and I put Miss Doodle in. At first she wasn't too hip on it, but then I started to push her just a little. I held on to the swing because although it was little, she was littler. She smiled and started to dig it, which was definitely worth the 5 minutes I spent scrubbing the swing.

We were able to stay about 20 minutes before the other kids came too close for my comfort and of course even though she had sunblock on I worried about her fair skin. Overall it was a great first visit to the park.

When we got home she had a bottle and then we changed her out of the fabulous short outfit into her home/play clothes. She played with her sandals for a while and just now passed out on the couch for her afternoon nap.

What a special day with my special girl. Life is good. :)

Daisy Park 1

Daisy Park 2

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April 28, 2006

What's Up Doc?

Daisy has a new pediatrician who is simply WONDERFUL. It has been a long road finding someone we feel comfortable with who understands how to communicate with parents of premature children, but I believe that we have found him.

We visited his office on Tuesday for a well-baby-check and immunizations. We also thought she would have a final synagis shot, but since the RSV season is truly over here in California it was decided that she would not need a shot for April. Whoohoo! What this means for Daisy is that starting in May she will have three months without ANY pokes! This is the first time in her life that she's been able to go a month without at least one shot. :)

Pouty Daisy

She weighed in at 15 1/2 pounds and is 27" long! She grew a half an inch in two weeks! And ladies and gentleman, we are officially ON the "normal" growth chart. Her height, even for a 9-month-old is at the 40% and her weight is at the 20%! We are through the roof on the preemie growth chart.

He was very respectful of her space, sitting on the other side of the room so she could get used to him before he examined her. She was allowed to sit in my lap for the entire examination, which Daisy and I both really liked. During this exam he did make note of something no other doctor has seen and that is her thigh creases on the backs of her legs are uneven.

We were scheduled for an xray to make sure her hips were even, which was a little scary for us but ultimately a great thing because if something was wrong we'd need to catch it early. I'll end the suspense here though folks, we went for xrays on Wednesday and her doctor called me within two hours of taking the xrays to tell us that her hips are perfectly normal. :) Shew!

They did a blood test to check her iron levels. This also made us a bit nervous since it was anemia in the NICU that gave her so much trouble. Again, this wonderful office took the blood and had the results for us within a few minutes - she has PLENTY of iron. The nurse said she has "enough and then some." WHOOHOO!

Here's the biggest news of all... he has given us the green light to introduce Daisy to the public. HELLO WORLD! Part of me is very excited to include her in "real" life, to not be confined to our home any longer (we have been under "lockdown" since Daisy came home on Sept 6 last year), but the other part of me is terrified to expose her to "real" life. We are going to take it slow, perhaps take her to a restaurant that isn't busy, to the mall early in the day, to the store early in the day. We'll get there.

What a journey so far! And to think, we're just getting started. :)

Daisy Loves Blocks

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April 22, 2006

8 Seconds with Daisy

Daisy's newest, most favoritest toy these days is her dad. Namely her dad's shoulders. Paul has become her very own prized pony. He will hoist her up on his shoulders and bounce around the house, making horsie noises and romping about just like your standard rodeo horse. Of course I doubt many cowboys/girls squeal and giggle in delight like she does while they are riding THEIR horsies.

I snapped this shot of Daisy this morning while she was riding her termpermental stag, hee haw cowgirl!

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April 16, 2006

Happy Easter from the Janney's!

Easter Daisy

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April 07, 2006

Exceptional 6-month update

Some facts about our developmental appointment today...

According to our new developmental pediatrician, who rocks, Daisy's cognitive, neurological and vocal abilities are exceptional.

Daisy was able to do things that most 8/9-month-old children have just started doing, like picking a peg out of a peg board and banging small blocks together.

The doctor commented on how nicely Daisy's head was shaped, and she also thought that Daisy's CLD was nonexistent!

They actually had a growth chart for preemies, which I have never seen, and if Daisy was in a room full of other babies born at her gestation and weight she would be taller than 90% of them, heavier than 55% of them and her head would be bigger than 75% of them. Our kiddo is BIG for a preemie.

Our doc is not sure the state of California will allow Daisy to be enrolled in the birth-3 program here because she really has no delay, but she would like a PT to monitor her for a while. She noted a bit of stiffness in her legs (nothing to be concerned about) and a hesitancy to sit on her own, again, normal. She basically said the same thing they said in Wisco, they just want to make sure she continues to develop so strongly.

Daisy officially does not have CP.

There were some things Daisy wouldn't do with the doctor because quote the doc, "she's just too observant, I can't trick her."

She estimated that her developmental age, with all things considered, is more along the lines of a 7 month old than a 6 month old. SHE'S CATCHING UP!

My goodness we are blessed.

Giggle Box Daisy

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March 28, 2006

Daisy's Top 10

10) Carrots
Yes, they are orange and slimey but "mmm-mmm good." We've tried green beans, sweet peas, sweet potatoes and squash and the number one veggie is a carrot! She seems to like peaches and pears, but HATES bananas.

9) Shrieking
Loud, long, high-pitched and pointless. Good for all occassions, especially when mommy and daddy are trying to watch a movie or pay attention to anything BUT Daisy.

8) Kill Bill Vol 1
Just kidding, sort of. For some reason we always catch this movie at a certain scene which fortunately isn't violent and she is mesmerized by it. Of course, it could be that HBO only plays about 5 movies each month and this is one of the five for March - who knows.

7) Car Rides
Any car ride, except to the doctor's office, is fun for the little chicken. She has started to sing to herself in the back seat, and what a lovely voice she has.

6) Wormie
She loves this toy. It crinkles, makes squeaky noises and is easy to throw around and lift above her head, even one-handed!

Take THAT Wormie

5) Destroying Napkins
For some reason our sweet little baby has an issue with napkins. Any time she can get a hold of one it's history - so this has to be one of her favorite things.

4) Chewing on Everything and Anything
Books, toys, furniture, bedding, mom's arms, hands, knuckles - if she can get it in her mouth she's going to chew on it by gum! Get it, gum? She is of course teething so this may drop out of the top ten in a few months - we shall see.

3) PBS
Teletubbies, Sesame Street, Caillou (the whiniest cartoon I've ever seen), Angelina Ballerina, Sagwa, Kipper... wow, there are a lot of shows on PBS and she really seems to enjoy them all. I think the tubbies are her favorite because they sort of look like crazy little babies in wild outfits plus they eat that custard stuff which looks a lot like her rice cereal.

2) Clothes
I think this comes from the Janney women on Paul's side of the family. She is already picking out what she wants to wear, and once we start getting her dressed she must touch it all and smiles like crazy. What a little fashion-forward diva she is.

1) Her Mommy and Daddy
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Okay, so I had to put this at number 1 because hey, we're her parents and I know she likes us better than carrots.

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March 21, 2006

Reflections of a Daisy

Today is Daisy's six month "developmental" birthday. It is the day Daisy would have turned six months old had she not decided to enter this world a bit early.

Our daughter really has two birthdays we celebrate. One is the day she was actually born, the other is the day she was scheduled to be born. So often when people ask me how old she is I have to debate in my mind which age to give them. Most of the time I say she's six months old but on the rare ocassions I say that she's almost nine months old I spend a great deal of time explaining prematurity to the person who asked. Probably more info than they want, but it's important that we tell people that this does happen, it's not just something you see on "Babies Special Delivery."

I was just as guilty before Daisy came along, I skipped the entire section on prematurity in all of my pregnancy books. I was taking really good care of myself, seeing my doc regularly, watching what I ate, exercising moderately, getting rest... of course it wouldn't happen to ME. It only happens to mothers who don't take care of themselves...

Ignorance can be bliss.

However, looking back I wouldn't change a single thing about how Daisy came into this world. We have been incredibly blessed, although I am not sure incredibly is a big enough word to truly describe how blessed we are. Each day when I wake up I thank God and every single guardian angel I believe she has for her sweet smile, her big blue eyes and for that fact that she is HERE.

My mother told me recently that she felt like I had quite literally pulled Daisy into this world, and had fought to keep her here. I hadn't really thought about that, but it is a fight, and these little babies are the best fighters around. They make the parents seem like amateurs.

She will be nine months old on April 3... nine months. She's been home with us from the hospital for six months and two weeks - she came home the day after labor day. Awwww, what a TERRIFYING time that was, and yet we made it. She made it.

Right now this little miracle is sitting in my lap playing with the strings on my sweatshirt, making noises and watching me type. If she was just a bit longer I think she would be blogging with me. Then again, every time I write, she is with me. And when you read this, when you share her story, she is with you.

I am truly blessed.

And to Daisy, I am so proud of you munchkin. Happy "six months" turnip.


Then and Now

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March 12, 2006

Weekends with Paul and Daisy

Have I mentioned how much I love my little family these days? I have? Well, let me say it again...


Currently my 14+ pound daughter is sitting in my lap and Paul is watching a basketball documentary (in HD of course) and everything feels very cozy and comfortable. Paul hung up a lot of our pictures over the weekend and it's beginning to feel more and more like home. Who'd have thought that any place in California would ever feel like home to me, but this house truly does.

As I look out of one of the many windows in this place I see pink trees, loads of bushes and green grass and even though it's only March somehow this feels okay to me. I know Daisy and Paul are enjoying it, yesterday we went for a stroller ride downtown and even though it was windy and nippy, the sun was out and it was a great outing for the whole family. For once Daisy and one of us wasn't sitting in the car waiting for the other.

It's strange to think that our days of isolation are soon coming to an end and we'll be able to take Daisy out and about. Look out world! It's not going to know what hit it.

Life is good. :)

Pretty Daisy Girl

Daisy Janney styling in her sweater

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February 28, 2006

New digs for the Janney's

The time has finally come for us to move into our new home in Pleasanton, CA - can I get a whoohoo? Don't get me wrong, they have taken very good care of us here in San Jose but I am SO READY to live in a place where I can find parking when I go to the grocery store.

The new "Janney Manor" is in a super neighborhood that is within walking distance of the old downtown. Basically Pleasanton feels like our old town on steroids. It will be a great place to raise our little turnip.

Speaking of Miss Daisy, she is SUCH a chitty chatty little girl! Paul and I will often sit and laugh at her as she rambles on to her worm, horsie or star because it sounds like she is telling them about her day and they'd better listen. She has also started eating more solids; peaches are okay, bananas are evil and she loves squash. It's the one baby food that she eats more of than she wears.

We are all doing well and getting very excited about the big move. We're extra excited because Grandma Connie is coming out to help with the move and to spend some time with Daisy. :)

In closing, if you would like our new address in Pleasanton just click the "Contact Us" link at the end of this post and I'll make sure you get it.

Thank you dear reader for caring enough to read about our life in California. Hope you're doing well!

Daisy Boston Hat

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February 15, 2006

Living the life of Daisy

Do you find yourself wondering what a day in the life of Daisy and Sam is like? If so then THIS is the blog for you!

As Daisy continues to grow each day becomes a bit more interesting with this "Stay at Home Mom" gig. Most days we are up and at 'em by 7 a.m., she eats at least 5 ouces of formula then we're off to take a nap... the both of us! I really don't sleep, but I lay with her and relax while she snoozes like an old man.

Daisy and Sam Before

Daisy and Sam After

As Daisy continues to grow each day becomes a bit more interesting with this "Stay at Home Mom" gig. Most days we are up and at 'em by 7 a.m., she eats at least 5 ouces of formula then we're off to take a nap... the both of us! I really don't sleep, but I lay with her and relax while she snoozes like an old man.

After the diva decides to wake up, usually around 8:45 or so, we venture to the living room for some teletubbies and breakfast for mom. Daisy sits on the couch reading her Elmo or Peek a Boo book while I eat my Rice Krispies. Of course she spends a lot of time eyeballing my cereal and I remind her that she's not quite ready for this type of rice cereal just yet.

Around 9:30 I make her some rice cereal and add a little sweet potatoe to it, she will then eat about a tablespoon or so (while wearing another tablespoon on her face) and then she'll scarf down another 5 ounce bottle of formula. Once she has eaten we break out the baby gym and she exercises, hitting her blocks which makes the star play a song... over and over again. She also spends a great deal of time making raspberries at me and drooling everywhere.

(I won't mention the dozen or so times I change her diaper during the day, or what evils may lay within those diapers, just know we go through a LOT of diapers these days.)

She'll eat lunch around 12 then we watch an hour of "I Love Lucy," during which time she usually will drift off and sleep for about an hour. She has lots of horsie rides on my lap and her tummy gets gobbled up quite a bit during the afternoon, in the middle of bottles and diaper changes. Daddy comes home around 5:30 and Daisy is in for even more playing with him.

During the evening she spends a lot of time with daddy, which gives me a bit of a break. Then bedtime comes along and we spend time holding and rocking the princess until she is ready for bed. She drifts to sleep in her crib and dreams sweet baby dreams which in my opinion include giant bottles, ponies and being able to drive the Yukon.

Just a typical day in the life of Daisy doodle. :)

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February 08, 2006

What I've learned

Today as I was sitting in the bath tub making my hair into horns so my kid would laugh and coo at me while she sat in her swing, I realized that in the last 7 months I have learned quite a bit about being a mom. I have a LOT to learn, but I can't believe the things I know now that 8 months ago I had no clue about.

I learned...

That I would do anything for this little girl. If the neonatologist had come into my room after Daisy was born and told me that she would be fine, breathe on her own, have no complications and could go home in two days if only I'd cut my right arm off, I'd have volunteered.

Daisy Janney rag head

That there is no sweeter sound than a baby cooing and giggling at you for no apparent reason.

That even on the most tired of days one smile and twinkle from Daisy and I wake right up.

That the amount of sleep you get as a parent is irrelevant.

That even when Daisy sleeps through the night I do not because I'm worried that for one reason or another she's not up. Isn't she hungry? Wet? Doesn't she need her mom?

That there is comfort in knowing Daisy has a great dad, and ultimately will end up as Daddy's Little Girl.

That the best sleep I ever have is when I know daddy is up with our little girl, that she is being well taken care of.

That no matter how many doctors and nurses tell me that although shots are painful they're good for her I STILL and probably always will cry when they poke her.

That there is nothing harder to watch then big tears travel down Daisy's cheek, and not being able to make her feel better instantly. Better yet, keep her from ever having to cry.

Most of all I have learned that there is no harder job in this world, and that there is no greater reward than knowing deep down that her daddy and I brought her into this life and that we will hold her hand as she travels through it.

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January 27, 2006

Bottles and Nuk Nuks

On Tuesday I braved California traffic (for a whopping 4 miles) to take Daisy to her six-month check-up. Yes, she is SIX MONTHS OLD. Seems like only yesterday I was sitting next to her Isolette watching her tiny little hands grip my pinky finger, and yet here she is, a 12 pound, 25 inch miracle sitting in her bumbo playing with daddy and her worm.

At her check-up she was, as I said, 12 pounds and 25 inches long. The doc was very pleased with her progress and said that since she has been eating between 28-32+ ounces consistently each day we could start her on solids! So we've been giving her a little cereal and although she's not crazy about it, as with everything else, she comes through like a trooper. Next we will try veggies, probably starting with sweet potatos or carrots.

She also had more shots - that makes four in the last week and a half with her first flu shot and synagis last week. I still think I cry more than she does when they poke her, however my tears aren't quite as dramatic. If it was acceptable for a grown woman to cry like Daisy does I could probably give her a run for her money.

As I come to the end of this blog she is now sitting in one of her favorite places, her daddy's lap, doing one of her favorite things, eating. ;) I am so proud of our not-so-little flower, she's getting to be so big! What they say is true, they grow up fast, next thing I know she'll be asking to borrow the keys to the truck and I'll be missing these days of bottles and nuk nuks.

Daisy Janney Bumbo

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December 12, 2005

Attack of the 11 pound baby!

It's finally happened - our sweet, little, premature baby is officially in the double digits with her weight, almost 11 pounds today! Ann, our public health nurse, came by for a weight/height check and it's official, 10 pounds 13 ounces, only 3 ounces from the big 1-1. She's also 23" long with a head circumference of 16"! Grow Daisy grow!

Who'd have ever thought that our 2 pound, 15 1/2 long spider monkey would grow into the gigantic baby I currently have sitting in my lap watching me type. Since July she's gained almost 10 pounds and has grown 8 inches - her head has almost doubled in size. Simply amazing. She's holding her head up, tracking toys, having baby conversations with her dad and I, we both keep waiting for her to pick up the car keys and go for a joy ride.

Daisy is such a sweet reminder of all that I am thankful for, she is the best gift Santa could have ever put under the tree.

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November 27, 2005

Girlie giggles

When we first brought Daisy home and she didn't want to sleep at night I scoffed when folks told me to cherish this time because they grow up so quickly. I thought to myself that time was going by so slowly, especially at 2 in the morning when my eyes burned from lack of sleep. Little did I know how right everyone was - she is growing up so fast!

Daisy decided to dazzle us last night and produced her very first giggle! I was very flattered because she giggled while I was making faces at her - I wonder what that says about my mug?

She has also started to grab at toys and she loves to play with the strings on daddy's sweatshirts. While she sits in her swing she likes to stare at the fishies above which Paul has named Jennifer, Lorraine, Samantha and Christine. We're amazed by just how aware of her surroundings she has become.

Her nights are really going well, she sleeps from 10-3, gets up for some chow then back to sleep, usually until 6-7. Daddy was able to get her to sleep in big time on Thanksgiving, until 8!

It's been such a wonderful journey and each day brings even more firsts for our little girl. Time is flying by, I wonder how I can get it to slow down a little.

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November 22, 2005

So thankful for...

In roughly 48 hours I will be working feverishly on our Thanksgiving meal, just the three of us this year. I love saying that, the THREE of us. Granted, Daisy can't have any of my sweet potatoes or punkin pie, but she can sit at the table with us and give thanks in her own way (which will probably be cooing at the ceiling fan and passing gas).

In roughly 48 hours I will be working feverishly on our Thanksgiving meal, just the three of us this year. I love saying that, the THREE of us. Granted, Daisy can't have any of my sweet potatoes or punkin pie, but she can sit at the table with us and give thanks in her own way (which will probably be cooing at the ceiling fan and passing gas).

I am simply blown away by the blessings that have been bestowed upon me this year, what I think of as the hardest year of my life. Hardest and yet most rewarding:

My daughter is a smiley, healthy, happy (for the most part), pink-cheeked, blue-eyed baby doll who grins when she sees me first thing in the morning, and coos at her dad when he comes home from work. She is our miracle, a shining example of what life really means. What an accomplishment, to bring a little spirit into this world, to share MY life with her.

If there was a superhero called SuperDad & Husband it would be my Paul. My partner in crime, my shoulder to cry on, the love of my life. This year especially he has proven what an amazing person he is, hugging me when I found out we were pregnant, going to all of my doc's appts with me, getting me to the hospital, making all of the hard phone calls, sitting with me watching bad TV, helping me through labor when no doctor or nurse was available, being first to see our daughter and doing all of this with such strength, such unbeilievable resolve. I often tell Daisy how lucky she is to have the daddy she does.

And where would I be without YOU my dear friends, my support, my family. I wish I could pull up a chair for each and every one of you (as long as you were healthy, heehee!) and serve you some punkin pie and homemade whipped cream. Then I could take you by the hand and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for everything you've meant to me, and my family. Of course, we'd expect you all to stay and watch the Broncos after dessert, but that's another story.

I am just brimming with love and happiness today, feeling like there may be more hurdles for us along this path called life, but knowing deep down that there is nothing that can't be accomplished, there is nothing that can hold us back but ourselves.

(Wow, that was deep. I should write something about Daisy's gas really quick - WHAT A HOOT! She sounds like an old truck driver who's been eating at greasy spoons his whole life. )

Anyway,there actually is a point to all of this rambling and it is this - Thanksgiving 2005 means more to me than all of the other Thanksgivings put together because not only do I get to share it with my daughter for the first time, but I truly know what it means to be thankful.

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November 15, 2005

Being Aware of Prematurity

A year ago I didn't even know that Prematurity Awareness Day existed and now here I sit, with my precious baby girl resting in my lap making goos, gaas and oogahs at me with her sweet little mouth. I look into her big blue eyes and I can say that I have witnessed a miracle.

I remember when my biggest worry was how many calories I would eat that day and whether or not my new pants in the smaller size would fit. It was all about me. My problems, my worries, what -I- would be doing today, tomorrow, next week. How certain events would effect my life, and what I wanted to accomplish. It was all about me me me.

Then I got pregnant, and at first it was still all about me because I was sick, and swollen, and emotional. The baby growing inside of me was more of a side effect of being pregnant, not the reality of my growing belly and ankles, my constant craving for blueberries or the tears that would flow each and every time a sappy long song came on the radio.

However, reality came crashing in on me when my water broke at 26 1/2 weeks - when I woke up covered in fluid that I could only hope was a bladder infection gone terribly wrong. And then seeing the worry in the nurses' faces as I entered the emergency room, the concern of the doctors as they told me I would spend the rest of my pregnancy in the hospital and that they hoped that I wouldn't go into labor in the next 12 hours. THAT my friends and family was reality.

Suddenly it was all about this little life inside of me, making sure she had a chance to live, giving her every opportunity to shine like the sweet spirit she is. Lots of crocheting, Gameshow Network (bless Richard Dawson!), phone calls and long talks with Paul and loads of tears got me through two weeks, and then here she was, this PERFECT, wonderous being and she was part me, part daddy and part miracle.

She has taught me so much about life, love and myself. I am truly blessed to be where I am in this life, and would trade it for NOTHING. I am so proud of my daughter and can't wait to tell the world about prematurity, remind them that not all mothers get to hold their babies right after they are born, and bring to light that the fight goes on each and every day.

We are blessed, each and every parent of a premature baby. Something a kind woman on the March of Dimes board said to me the day I first posted on their blog has resonated with me, that God chooses the parents of preemies very carefully.

Thank you for sharing in our little girl's life.

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November 08, 2005

Going Pink! Prematurity Awareness Day, November 15

Thanks to the March of Dimes, November 15th has been designated Prematurity Awareness Day.

November 15th will be a day that we both hold very near and dear to our hearts because we owe so much to the March of Dimes and the research they have conducted, which has played a huge part in the saving of our daughter Daisy's life. Like many of you, we were ignorant of the facts of prematurity, that 1 in every 8 births is due to prematurity and of those born early, roughly 80% survive.

In honor of Prematurity Awareness Day, we have turned the background of the Janney family Web site pink and placed a banner in the lower right-side nav to honor the pink and blue. Feel free to click on the banner, or links in this post, to learn more about Prematurity Awareness Day and what you can do on Nov. 15 to raise public awareness.

This is our way of thanking the March of Dimes for their endless quest to help save the lives of these tiny babies, and for teaching us what love, medicine and hope can accomplish.


     11.08.05 / Daisy Janney / born 07.03.05 / 2lbs-8oz / Samantha Janney

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March 30, 2005

Janney Fam is on VACATION!

Howdy-do from the equality state, W-Y-O! Paul and I arrived safely Saturday evening after flying out of Milwaukee, which was actually quite painless except for finding parking in the strange circular garage -but hey, we did it. Now if we can just remember the color, number and letter we're parked in. :)

Easter Sunday was sunny and gorgeous, we went to breakfast with Paul's grandparents then on to church. Jenna and Connie were kind enough to throw me a baby shower that afternoon - it was great! We received many nice things for the baby - gotta love that JUMPEROO!- plus I had a chance to visit with relatives I don't see that often. They served yummy orange sherbet punch and angel food cake with the MOST beautiful strawberries I think I've ever seen.

Monday the high here was 68; we were able to play softball with Jenna and be outside for most of the day. Being in Wisco we had forgotten that A) the sun does shine and B) it doesn't have to snow every other day of the week.

Tuesday we headed down to Denver for the day, and did some shopping. We went to Park Meadows, where Paul found a pair of tennies he's been looking for for ages, then we cruised our old Littleton 'hood. We drove down Broadway and looked at the many many many car lots (who knew there were this many cars for sale in the world), then headed to Cherry Creek where I found the most perfect bag for baby. Afterwards we met the fabulous Miss Jenna at her apt and the three of us had dinner at the Saucy Noodle which was AWESOME! Great food, wonderful service with a "Lady and the Tramp" atmosphere. If you're ever in the Denver area I highly recommend this lil hole in the wall with great marinara.

Today is Wednesday and we are just starting to get around. That's the beauty of being on vacation, being able to take your time to get around. :) We're going to try and visit more family today and just enjoy being out west. We will update you lovely readers when we return to Wisco.

As always, thank you for reading our Janney family blog. OH, by the way, we are officially 15 weeks along today - only 25 more to go until Janney Bean will be here! YAY!

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February 16, 2005

Bananas, chocolate milk and yogurt

I am sitting at my desk eating my second "small meal" of the day and thinking to myself, "Self, you should start entering your blog because Paul has worked so hard to get it put together PLUS he'll keep nagging you until you start." So with banana in hand I begin my first entry.

Writing a blog is not an easy thing because technically it is free thinking and what if I write something that I think is pretty clever and cool for now, but in say two months I read back through the archives and feel like a total moron for what I wrote. I suppose that's the risk you take when you're a blogger.

Today has been fairly uneventful - I rewrote a phone script, made Paul a bagel, have avoided the nausea for the most part (man, Eggos rule) and was able to get my new haircut to cooperate. So, uneventful, but a good day thus far. I am hoping that I'll be able to get a little walk in this afternoon - if not, maybe Paul and I can take Harmon for a walk this evening. Wow, I hope if you're reading this blog that you're not totally bored hearing about my daily life. Not always the most exciting but stick around, the next few months should be riveting to say the least.

Well, I am done eating my nana, so I suppose I should wrap this up. Plus I want to see how my new post looks on the site! Ciao.

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