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April 14, 2006

San Francisco trip leaves mixed emotions plus free money!

Greetings Janney Family fanatics (aka Daisy-ites)! It's always great to take some time out of my busy week and drop a post that's a little out of the ordinary for this site. The topic today, our second visit to the city by the Bay - San Francisco.

Unlike our first trip to the "city," which ended up coming to an abrupt halt after 101 unexpectedly turned into the heart of downtown SF, we had a highly experienced traveler and knowledgeable city slicker at our side - Daisy's aunt, my sis, Jennifer Janney.

Having her join our motley party gave us the confidence boost to venture into the belly of the beast again. OK, it wasn't really the belly of the beast, just Fisherman's Wharf, but you'll see what I mean. What made the trip so memorable wasn't the incredible views of the Bay, including the Golden Gate bridge, the Wharf itself and copious amounts of clam chowder in a bread bowl, no, it was the fist fight that broke out in the middle of the street between two guys in their late-40s, early-50s. I'd have to say the latter took the brunt of the punishment, including having his glasses knocked off. For anyone out there who wears glasses, including myself, you know how embarrassing this can be. Needless to say, in true "city" fashion, the fist-a-cuffs came to abrupt halt after a parking attendant intervened and the younger of the two sped off in his hybrid.

Wow. I felt kinda bad for the older guy, and given that today is Good Friday, I'll just have to keep my fighting style advice for him to myself. If nothing else it was definitely a trip we'll never forget. Here's a pic of Aunt Jennifer, Samantha and Daisy at Fisherman's Wharf.

jennifer sam and daisy janney in SF

Ok, ok, I'll get to the free money part of the post now. Yesterday I ducked out of work early and on my way home along the I-680 northern corridor I noticed a larger number of police heading onto the southbound route. Furthermore, once I was on 680 it appeared that 5-10 vehicles were parked in the middle of the freeway. Once home, I learned what had occurred about 15-minutes prior to my arrival on 680, was that a high-speed chase of bank robbers had just blown through there. The robbers, in there haste to make a quick getaway; decided they would also dispose of any incriminating evidence, namely, the cash. So here it was the start of rush hour and free money was floating around the highway. Forget about watching Cops this week, I think I've met my quota already.

Time to the end this post on a more positive note. Enjoy some more pics of Daisy J! You can tell she's getting her mom's taste for luxury handbags and purses. Fuggaboutit!

coach diaper bag baby

Daisy whats up?

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